a/n: I've had a couple requests for an epilogue and to post the originally written but removed death scene. I'm never one to turn down requests.

So, I'm sure the biggest question was why was everything that happened from Chapter 7 - 10 (first half) all in Chase's mind while he lingered in a coma?

Chase had a lot to work out in his mind after what he saw in the after life. It shook him up dramatically. Chase is a deeply private person, so the coma was a great way to enable him to deal with it privately over a long period of time. Sure, it was within his own mind, but everything he saw was real to him and will stick with him the rest of his life. It really didn't matter if others were there to see it as well.

Plus, wasn't him waking up from a long coma a great plot twist? I thought so anyway. :)

Chapter 10 was also a plot device to show a whole "reality vs. perception" scenario that the show actually started in Three Stories. I felt like exploring that more. House wasn't sure what he saw was real. I felt Chase would take an after life experience and would think it was very real. I liked exploring the opposites.

As for Chapters 1-6, if anyone saw the original St. Elsewhere episode, it was very tame and watered down compared to what I ended up writing. I went overly dramatic (especially with Chase's constant pain and fatigue) and did a much more "in your face" approach to the religious ramifications. I took many liberties here. The hell scene wasn't even close to the original and all of it was my own fabrication. House as God and the Devil? There was not one person who had both roles in the original. I just thought that would be very funny. The final part in chapter 6 where Chase was dying while his parents tearfully watched in between the surgery scenes; that did not happen in the original episode either. As I said before, I went overly dramatic.

I'm still waiting for a Catholic to come along and tell me how so wrong I was with my assumptions in this story. I found what I wrote was credible for non-Catholics like myself, so that is something. As long as wikipedia is correct, hopefully my story is correct.

Once again and this is true for all my work, thank you so much for the comments and taking time to read my stories. I strive to be unique but believable and present ideas/plots that make us think. This style definitely doesn't work for everyone so I thank all those that have taken interest in my stories.

Without further delay, below is the "author's cut" death scene. It's a tear jerker.


Chase started digging through his closet, trying to find the photo album that reflected his memories of late. His chest still hurt quite a bit so digging through all those items became that much harder.

He had been home for a week now, but somehow he woke up this morning compelled to find it. Finally, he spotted the album buried in the back. He dusted it off while he made his way over to the bed.

The memories were thick and overwhelming at first. The book was devoted to pictures of holidays in Queensland. With each turn of the page he saw the smiles and happy faces, the playfulness and joy that had filled his early childhood. The pictures paled in comparison to actually being in the landscape of the rolling meadows, but the faces captured more than made up for the lacking background.

As Chase continued to leaf through the photos, his sadness as well as his joy grew more powerful. How did life progress from this to its current state? The fact that he knew why it what increased his sadness. People do wear down. He could only learn from his parent's mistakes now instead of repeating them.

"Good morning, Robert."

Chase looked up startled to see Andie. She looked angelic as usual with her gorgeous long flowing white dress, her golden locks and pure bright blue eyes, but today she had a brighter aura that followed her.

"What are you doing here?" Chase asked.

"Today's the day."

"Really? Today?" Chase had been waiting for so long, he never thought this day would get here. He was glad, but at the same time was rather frightened. "Am I ready?"

She smiled sweetly and joyfully. "Yes, you are ready. It's finally over. You have suffered long enough."

"Okay," Chase stood up and took Andie's hand. "Let's go."

They quickly found themselves standing in the back of a hospital room. Looking forward they could see Cameron sitting next to a comatose patient on life support. He was hooked to a respirator that was keeping him alive.

Cameron sat there with tears flowing down her cheeks. She had been there all night because she knew what was going to happen. She needed one more moment, one more chance for hope. There was still time. If she was religious she would be praying for a miracle right now. Instead, she just sat and cried.

She felt a hand on her shoulder. "No House, I'm not ready."

"I know, but he is."

Foreman stood over her showing his face of complete sorrow. "I'm sorry Cam." He slid past her respectfully over to the respirator, waiting for instruction. A solemn Cuddy entered as well, followed by Wilson. He took his place next to Cameron, ready to provide the emotional support that she would desperately need.

House took his spot at the foot of the bed, towering again over his wounded duckling. He got to avoid this twice, but there was no getting by it this time. The DNR told him so.

House knew he couldn't waste anymore time. He glanced at Cuddy, then Wilson with his deeply pained blue eyes. Cameron wouldn't even look at him as she kept her distraught face buried in her hands. House looked over at Foreman and gave him the nod.

Foreman took a deep breath and turned the dial to off on the respirator. Monitors started beeping wildly as everyone stood still holding their own private vigils. Within a minute or two everyone's heart sunk when the long monotone sound of the flat line arrived.

Foreman reached over wearing a devastated look on his face and turned the monitors off, leaving only the sound of total stunned silence amongst those in the room.

House paused for a few seconds as he couldn't get the words out. He kept staring at Chase's now lifeless body in front of him. Finally, he pulled himself together and glanced at the clock. "Time of death, 9:52 am."

Cameron broke out in deep sobs as Wilson held onto her. "Get her out of here," House instructed his best friend. Wilson helped her up and guided her out the room; the entire time she couldn't take her eyes off of her departed colleague. When she was out in the hallway and beyond the sight of the scene, she collapsed into Wilson's arms and completely broke down.

Cuddy had tears streaming down her face. "I'm sorry House," she said softly putting her hand on his shoulder. She quietly left to give him a moment alone.

Foreman and House shared a glance of complete heartbreak. Foreman put his head down and quickly walked out.

House walked over to Chase, unhooked the respirator and removed the breathing tube. He continued to stare at the young Aussie that he loved to torment. In the end, Chase got the better of him.

"What a waste." House grabbed onto his cane and turned away.

Chase and Andie kept their places in the back of the room, both sets of eyes on House as he walked out with tears welling up in his eyes.

"Goodbye House." Chase said with overwhelming gratitude to his mentor.

He now wore a white suit, white shirt, and pale blue tie. He and Andie shared a sad smile, grabbed hands and started walking into a stream of light. Everything then faded to white.