A/N: This is a one shot character death.I had to make some last minute adjustments. Enjoy. This is my FIRST FANFICTION!

Sly lrooked around in the place. He stood in the streets of Monaconia, a town on an island.

"The precious diamond is around here somewhere?" Sly said. He heard a loud noise behind him.

"What the Fu-" Sly said as he was grabbed by someone behind him. It was Murray.

"Hi Sly. it rhymes." Murray said.

"Yes." Sly said. "Sly rhymes with Hi."

"Guh-what?" Murray said. "It is Benltey!" Murray said.Bentley waved to Sly and Murray from a helicopter above.

"NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Sly said. "It is the policia!" He was right. The police were speeding towards them in their car.

"G'what?" Murray said. They were really scared.

"We have you now, SLy Cooper and Murray." Carmelita said. Sly kissed Camelita."Not now,ringtail." Carmelita said.She wiped Sly's slobber off her face."FIRE!" she yelled. The police took out their trusty machine guns and they aimed at murray.

Bentley (Slightly irritated): "Only one of you can fit on this helocopter, and its SLY! "cause Murray's too much of a fat-ass."

"Sly! Run I-ARHGH!" Murray said as he was pelted with bullets. He was dead. THe red blood flew everwhere.Murray's guts were all over the place.His blood flowd into the middle of the street. The police got in their cars and ran over his carcass. Causing more blood to be squeezed out.

"EW! Gross!" Benltey said."BLOOOOOOOOD!"

"Oh my god! They killed Murray!" You bastards!" Sly said.

"Sly! Get on!" Bentley said. The helicopter dropped a rope and Sly climbed up.

"Okay!" Sly said. They flew away.

"I'll get you Sly Cooper and Bentley, even if I have to do something to do it." Carmelita said.

"That was sad. Murray got killed." Sly said.

"My pain will never be killed." Bentley said.