Painkiller Part N9ne

A/N: I thought I'd stop after 6 chapters but I replayed Sly 3:Honor Among Thieves and it is a piece of shit game with a piece of shit ending so naturally, I was pissed off. I decided. Hey! I can kill Sly off really gory now:D

"Hey Sly." Murray said.

"Hey Murray." Sly said.

"You should go rob the museum by yourslef, I'm too tired and sick."Murray said.He started to cough.

"I will dothat for you big guy."

Sly wnet into the cooper van and drove to the museum. Unfortunaley for him, you guessed it, Carmelita and a bunch of policia were waiting for him.

"SHIT! POLICIA!" Sly said.

"You're under arrest." Carmelita yelled. After she said that, the cops took out their trusty machine guns and pelted Sly with bullets. The bullets all hit him in the legs.

"AHHHHHHH!' Sly screamed as he cluthced his legs in pain.

"I said 'arrest him', not fire. You retards." Carmelita siad to the officers.

"You mean beat him up?" the dopey officer said as he started to beat sly with his billy club(Nite stick). Sly started to bleed. The other officers took out chainsaws and ripped off Sly's stupid clown shoes(his feet). Sly started to crawl back to the cooper van. he hoisted himself in and fell down since his feet were ripped off by a chainsaw. One of the officers took out a rocket propelled grenade and fired at the van. It exploded in a firey explosion. Sly fell to the ground. Miracoulously, he was still alive.

"Stop shooting him you retards!" Carmelita yelled. The officer looked at her and started to throw grenades at Sly. He blew up and pieces of him were everywhere.

The end