Chapter 3: Just Not Meant to Be

Around her, displayed, were armors, samurai swords, kimono's and hakamas, mostly from the Meiji Era. Ancient artifacts surrounded her, and boy was she loving the experience. She had to do a thesis and she had barely started. She took pictures and wrote information about each artifact on her notepad.

"Geez! This will take a while." Sakura said as she walked around, stopping at every artifact which did not fail to take her breath away.

Meanwhile, on the other side of town, a boy stood in front of the doors of the courtroom.

"Okay, now for that thesis, I have to interview 3 judges and 5 lawyers. Here I go." Sasuke said as he entered the courtroom.

Sakura finished 2 hours later and headed for the coffee bean, her laptop in hand. She grabbed a chair and started writing her thesis, which was due 2 weeks from now. Coincidentally, Sasuke decided to go to the very same coffee shop. He looked for a seat, but found that every seat was taken. He then saw, a very familiar pink haired lady sitting by herself he approached her.

"Hey Sakura." Sasuke said.

She looked back and saw her Uchiha friend.

"Sasuke, what brings you here?" Sakura asked, as she took a sip from her coffee.

Sasuke was looking at her laptop then glanced back at her.

"Same reason why you're here." Sasuke said as he pointed at her laptop.


"Mind if I sit with you?" Sasuke asked.

"Wh.." Sakura was about to ask, but then she saw that all seats were taken except the chair in front of her.

"Ohh...sure." Sakura said as she motioned him to sit down.

"Thanks." Sasuke said as he sat down, and took out his laptop.

"So…what's your thesis about?" Sakura asked.

"Lawyers and Judges, you?" Sasuke asked bluntly.

"The Kojiki, and the I think the Nihongi too." Sakura said as she sighed.

"So that's why you seemed stressed out." Sasuke said as he smirked.

"Yeah…I'm not even halfway through." Sakura said as she looked at him. "How about you, are you done?"

"Not yet, but almost." Sasuke said.

"Ohh…hey, maybe you're thirsty, I could call a waiter for you." Sakura said as she smiled.

"Hmm..why not. Thanks." Sasuke said as he started typing.

Sakura slightly raised her hand to call a waiter. He approached them and took out a pad paper. "What can I get you two?" he asked.

"Black Coffee for me, Sasuke?" Sakura asked.

"Black Coffee as well, thank you." Sasuke said as the waiter bowed and walked towards the counter.

It was silent after their drinks arrived, both busy with their thesis. It was awkward, how they both sat so close to each other. Both of them in one table, face-to-face, for them it was a simple get together, for others it seemed like a date. Sakura's hand trembled; she felt her heart beat faster than usual.

'Damn…why am I still feeling this way about him…my heart is beating so fast.' Sakura thought as she gently placed her hand on top of her chest.

On the other hand, Sasuke kept taping his foot on the floor.

'This is awkward…sitting in one table with her, brings back the memories…when we were still dating.' Sasuke thought as he took a glance at Sakura.

An Hour later, Sasuke felt the table move a little. He looked at Sakura and saw that she was packing her laptop in her bag.

"You're leaving?" Sasuke asked.

"Yeah, It's getting dark. Well, see you." Sakura said as she turned away but before she left, she said in an audible voice. "Goodnight Sasuke."

Her voice was quiet, but Sasuke heard it.

"Goodnight Sakura."

"Waaa!! I'm gonna be late for class!" Sakura said as she ran towards the bathroom.

Her class that morning was History, and her teacher was a person you do not want to mess with. She had Anger Management, she was nasty, but oddly, she was kind towards Sakura.

Sakura was now dressed, and was running towards her car, and drove off.

"Please don't let me be late, Please." Sakura said as she turned left.

Minutes later, she was running towards her classroom. She hurriedly opened the door.

"Sorry I'm late!" Sakura said, her hair in disarray.

"Nice of you to join us Ms. Haruno." Ms. Minami said as she smiled.

"Gomen." Sakura said as she walked in and headed for her seat.

The day went smoothly, and she was on her way home. Suddenly, someone called out to her. "Sakura-chan!"

She looked back and saw a man. She felt the corners of her lips tug she was smiling.


Naruto stopped in front of her, catching his breath.

"" Naruto said as he slouched, his hands on his knees for support.

"I missed you too. You know you shouldn't have ran, who knows you might trip and fall flat on your face." Sakura said as she giggled.

Naruto pouted, then suddenly Sakura gave him a friendly hug.

"I was kidding...your still as gullible as before..." Sakura said as she smiled.

"Well...that's me!" Naruto said as he laughed.

They broke apart and started chatting about their lives, how was the other doing, what course did he/she take...blah blah...the usual get together conversation.

"So've seen Sasuke?" Naruto asked.

"Uhh...yeah..." Sakura said awkwardly.

Naruto felt the tension; he decided to avoid the subject.

"Umm...well you know Sakura-chan! Hinata-chan's my girlfriend!" Naruto said as he smiled cheekily.

"Really?! That is good for you! Take care of her, or you'll get a taste of my fist." Sakura said as she playfully raised her fist in the air.

"Well Naruto, I have to go. Bye! Nice meeting you again though." Sakura said,

"Same here...bye! take care." Naruto said as he ran off to who knows where. :D

Sakura continued her walk and it led her to a secluded area full of cherry blossoms and other flowers.

She placed her things near the base of the tree. She then wandered the vast field. She was wearing her blue floral skirt and a plain white top. She started twirling and dancing by herself. (Play Aoi Hitomi by Maaya Sakamoto)

She was dancing, butterflies flying away. Then there was a gust of wind, the petals of the cherry blossom fluttered around her. She then started humming a song.

She started to remember the days when she was in Europe.


"Auntie, I'm here." Sakura said as her auntie walked towards her and hugged her.

"Oh Sakura, it's been so long." She said.

Sakura smiled and hugged her back.

They were walking towards the house of her auntie, when suddenly her auntie spoke

"Are you sure you want to stay here? Japan has always been your home." Misaki said, her aunt.

Sakura was silent, she remembered what had happened in Japan before she decided to go. She looked at her Aunt with determined yet gentle eyes.

"I have never been sure in my entire life."

Sakura was walking towards her art class when she passed by a classroom; she peeked through the glass window on the door and saw girls dancing ballet. It was entrancing how they moved so gracefully, the way their arms stretched out like the wings of a swan. She was so captivated by it, she decided to take ballet lessons, but she did not forget her passion for art.

She danced so gracefully that many people adored her, not only for her talent in dancing but for her beautiful art as well.

"Auntie, I have decided to go back to Japan and continue my studies there." Sakura said as she held her aunt hands.

"Do as you wish my child. As long as you are happy." She said as she smiled.

"but I will never forget you auntie, thank you for everything." She said as they hugged each other.


She kept dancing, swaying her arms and twirling. She kept her eyes closed as she danced. She had not noticed the man leaning on the tree she had placed her things on. He had this sad and lonely expression on his face

"Now she dances..." he said to himself.

"...if I had realized my feelings for her earlier, I would be there, dancing with her." He said as he slowly closed his eyes, imagining the world he dreamt of having with her.

He opened his eyes, seeing that Sakura had stopped dancing. He saw her hug herself, holding on to her elbows, her arms placed near her stomach. He felt worried, why had she stopped dancing? Was she hurt? Did something happen? Those were the questions that stayed floating in his mind, but sadly, he could only hope that she was okay for he could not hold her close, comfort her, caress her, whisper to her soothing words. He had then realized how far away she was from him, almost impossible to reach, and on that moment, he told himself.

"I guess forever is impossible and from the beginning maybe I already knew that it would never work out." Sasuke said as he walked away.

As Sasuke disappeared into the trees, Sakura looked back, feeling as if someone was just watching her. It was familiar and somewhere in her heart she knew who it was.

"Sasuke..." she whispered to the wind.

She suddenly felt a pang in her heart, she does not know why but somehow it took away a part of herself. As if she had just let that something slip away from her hands...maybe forever.

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