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Power Rangers Mystic Force: Story of the Dragon Warrior

Chapter One: A Blast From the Past

Udonna wandered around RootCore thinking to herself. The past has always come back to haunt her. Especially the Great Battle that claimed the lives of so many of her friends.


"You shouldn't have to go. You can protect them from here." A young Udonna said to her friend, Sapphira.

"You know I have to. The Mystic Wizards need support from the air. I'm the one to do it." Sapphira said. "I need to do it."

"Be safe then my friend." Udonna said as she hugged Sapphira. Sapphira hugged Udonna Back and left her side. She got onto her white dragon. The dragon spread its wings. Sapphira took one last look at Udonna as the dragon took off. That was the last time she saw her friend.

(End Flashback)

Udonna sighed. "What happened to you, Sapphira?" Udonna asked herself.

Daggeron and the rangers come into RootCore and noticed that Udonna was deep in thought. Daggeron walked over to his friend. He laced a gentle hand on her shoulder.

"Udonna?" He asked

Udonna broke out of her thoughts and looked at Daggeron. "I'm sorry. I'm just reminiscing."

"Are you alright?"

"Yes, Daggeron, I'm fine." Udonna said as she rubbed her forehead.

"Alright." Daggeron said

Nick and Maddy were talking. Nick looked over at Udonna. He was worried about their mentor. Maddy placed a hand on his shoulder.

"She has been under a lot of stress." She said.

"I understand that, but without her snow staff, she feels useless." Nick said.

Maddy nodded. "She'll be okay." She assured him.

Nick just nodded his head. He was still worried about Udonna though.

(Deep in the Forest)

Meanwhile, deep in the forest behind a waterfall, a lone magician is in a deep slumber. Awaiting for someone to wake her.

(Back at RootCore)

Udonna still was thinking about Sapphira. "Sapphira..." She said as she closed her eyes.

(In the cave)

There was a small movement coming from the magician's fingers Udonna... Was sent back to Udonna.

Udonna was shocked to get a response back. A faint one, but a response none the less. Sapphira... You can hear me?

Yes... I can. Udonna you have to hurry.

Udonna sat back to see if the others could see her. and she concentrated. Where are you?

In some sort of cave. I don't know. Have you seen Misty, my white dragon? I need to know if she's okay.

I have not seen her for years, my friend. Not since your last fight. Udonna got up and looked around. We will find you. Daggeron and the Rangers will find you. She said.

Daggeron... Alive... Please hurry Sapphira said as she was slowly disconnecting.

Udonna stood up and walked over to Daggeron. "Daggeron." She said.

Daggeron looked over at Udonna. "What is it?"

"Sapphira... She's alive."

"Alive? Where is she?"

"She's in a cave of some sort. But it sounded like she was losing strength fast."

"Come on Rangers, lets go." Daggeron said.

"What's going on?" Maddy said as she looked over at Nick and followed. Nick and the other rangers also followed.

"What's going on?" Vida said.

"Someone's in trouble if we we don't get to her first..." Daggeron said.

"This should be interesting," Xander commented.

Daggeron turned and looked at the rangers. "This person we are going to rescue is a powerful magician. She helped us in the battle against the Darkness. She's losing her life." He said as he continued to find their way.

Chip just thought of something. "So this powerful magician is a close friend of yours?" He asked

Daggeron looked at Chip and then at the other rangers, "She is not only a friend of mine, was a student of mine."

Maddy looked at Nick as they on their way. So do we know exactly where she is?" Maddy said as she was close to Daggeron at the moment.

"No. That's why we need to be on our toes." Daggeron said as he looked for a place to go.

"Right." Xander said. He looked at the others as they continued through the forest.

(Back at RootCore)

Udonna was trying her best to figure out where Sapphira could be. Then she realized that there was a cave near a river. Just then Sapphira had contacted Udonna. Check behind the waterfall. There is a cave behind the waterfall. Udonna smiles and contacts the rangers.

Nick hears his morpher go off. "Yes, Udonna?" he said. He listened to what Udonna had to say. "Right." Nick said as he looked at the other rangers. "Udonna said we should look by the river, near a waterfall."

"Well then, lets go." Daggeron said as he headed towards the river.

(Few minutes later)

The rangers made it to the river's edge. Nick split from the group and went to the waterfall. He noticed a cave behind it. "Guys over here." He called out.

Daggeron came over and smiled. "Good work, Nick. I think this is the cave," He said as he entered the cave carefully.

Nick nodded and looked over at the others. "Come on." He said as he followed Daggeron inside the cave. Vida looked at Xander and then to Maddy and Chip. She sighed as she followed Nick inside.

(Inside the cave)

Sapphira was on the far end of the came. She was trying her best to call out to anyone who could hear her. "Someone help..." She called out the best she could.

Maddy turned her head, "Did you guys hear that?"

"Hear what?" Xander asked coming closer to Maddy.

The voice called out again. "There it is again," Maddy said. She started to walk to where the voice was heard. Nick was already ahead of them. He followed the sound to the source. Nick saw what looked like Sleeping Beauty.

"Over here!" Nick called out as he made his way over to the still form. The light was was shining from above.

Maddy and the rest of the team came over. Maddy noticed the chains that held her down. "There has got to be a way to get these off f her." Maddy said as she tugged at the chains.

Daggeron was already morphed into the Solaris Knight. He took out his laser lamp and aimed. "Step back." He told the other rangers.

The rangers backed away. Daggeron fired at the chain closest to him. One of the links broke as soon as the blast hit it and the chains fell away.

Sapphira starts to cough a bit. She slowly opens her eyes and looked at the people around her. "Daggeron?" she calls out as she slowly starts to get up.

Daggeron demorphs and kneels next to her. "I'm right here Sapphira." He said holding her hand.

"I can't believe your alive." Sapphira said

"I know. Can you stand? We need to get out of here."

"I think so." Sapphira said as she slowly started to stand. Sapphira looked down at the ground and got off the stone bed. Her legs were still not used to holding her weight. Daggeron and Nick quickly grab Sapphira's waist. Daggeron placed on of her arms around his shoulder as the rangers left the cave and headed back to RootCore.

(Back at RootCore)

Udonna was pacing back and forth waiting for word. Claire was working on some of her spells when the rangers came in with Sapphira.

"Udonna." Daggeron said as he with the help of Nick, brought in Sapphira.

"Place her over here." Udonna said pointing to a bed out of the way.

Daggeron sat her down on the bed.

"Thank you." Sapphira said. "All of you."

"What did they do to you?" Udonna asked as she looked at her with worry.

"They tried to get me to talk, but I wouldn't. They put me under a spell and placed me in that cave." Sapphira said as she was still worried about her dragon.

Udonna saw the worried look on her friend's face. "Just rest and once you gain your strength back, we will get you cleaned up and we'll find your dragon."

Sapphira knew that she was safe again and nodded. She soon was asleep. Udonna sighed and left her friend alone. She wondered what the Underworld had in store for her.