A Break in the Story

Okay people. I'm thinking of ending this story right here. BUT WAIT!!! The story will continue! I just think that these three chapters are a good story, and I think it's better left alone now. But in less than a week I'll have the new story that shows what happens next up and running. It's gonna be called

Broken Memories: Shatter, the final few chapters of the full 2 story thingy. Hokay? So anyway, sorry for the wait hope you read the next installment.

But now a brief thank you to my reviewers who have followed this story form the beginning:

Jesus.Lives - for being the 1st to review my story

frozenheat - for sticking with this story and giving great reviews

stuckatschool - thanks for your inputs on my little Kataang drabble. lol

Mcwheeler12 - Oh, yes... the story WILL go on

A Great and Terrible Beauty - for those things you said...y-know...at that place...at that time...(Thanx!)

TTAvatarfan - I hope this next part will meet your fluff expectations as well!

And also RockPrincess18, Avatarwolf, littlehermy, kataangfan22, Aangsfan, Godthatsucks, Kataangruler, and all you anonymous ninjas! You guys kept this story going (seriously)