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Batman new it was not going to be the best thing but he allowed Foxy to enter Dick's room to see if the formula worked, after all if it wasn't for her they would have had more trouble getting it. Going to Dick and allowing himself to see for the first time the tubes entering Dick to keep him alive.

"Alfred, how is he?" Foxy asked her face for once conveying her feelings—sadness

"Not well, his heart stopped several times they were barely able to revive him." Alfred replied not surprised that Foxy was allowed in the Manor.

"Do you think it will work?" Batgirl asked Batman who filled a hypo syringe.

"Hope so otherwise I have no idea on what we need to do." Batman replied it was a tense moment when he injected Dick with the pink stuff through the IV there was no change in Dick when a small voice from the shadows sounded.

"It may take awhile before the meds kick in, it was left to the ninth hour." Britt replied

"How long have you been there?" Batman asked

"Not long Batman. I came when I heard about Dick…" Britt answered.

"Do you know what substance could have caused his deterioration?" Batman asked

"From what I could see of his injuries and the incoherent words, I'd say the main cause would be the psychological trauma and brainwashing. Under the conditions that Joker no doubt put him under and from what Mr. Pennyworth descreetly told me about his behaviour before he slipped into the coma, it sounded like Joker planted a few Trojan horses into Dick, the feelings of hurt, anger, unworthy that many children feel towards their parents but add the pain of the cuts and liquids he would have started to believe that Mr. Wayne wouldn't have cared about Dick and he would have believed it. From what I have learnt about him he based his life on making himself worthy of Mr. Wayne and never felt that he lived up to his standards and so he would think there was nothing to live for. That gave Joker the idea of setting you, Batman, the task of seeing those around you. He hoped that for you to see the strengths in people maybe you could show Mr. Wayne them." Britt replied Batman and everyone else could see that Britt was uncomfortable in talking about this but continued after many prompts by all.

"That's insightful, but how could Joker know I would do that?" Batman asked "I mean, if the task was set up for Bruce—"

"From the computer files I cracked Joker noticed you and Batman have similar traits so if one of you found the cure he would tell the other." Foxy replied.

"They have a point you know." Batgirl added

"So what traits did I see in everyone?" Batman asked

"Well you new I would stay by Master Richards side and report his condition to Mr. Wayne at all times." Alfred piped up

"You new I would help—though took you long enough to ask or at least tell me." Batgirl added.

"You new that while you and Batgirl kept Joker and Harley busy I would have been able to hack into Joker's computer and receive the correct formula oh and that you swallowed your pride and asked me for help." Foxy submitted.

"Sounds like Joker wanted you to know you have a team of three and a half players." Britt said

"I am not part of his team!" Foxy replied

"You're the half." Batman and Britt replied at once

"Good." Foxy said nodding her head.

"If you all don't stop arguing I will personally through you out the nearest window when the world stops spinning." Dick threatened with out warning Batgirl hugged Dick.

"Foxy I uh—what I mean is I would really like to—" Batman faulted

"Think the word your looking for is 'Thank you' if it is then your welcome. Seems like Joker didn't only open the eyes of Bruce but also yourself."

"Where is Mr. Wayne?" Britt asked looking around the room.

"Important business meeting in Australia." Alfred replied

"Fair enough…suppose I better let him know." Batgirl answered before Britt could say anything else.

"If you need my help with anything, let me know." Foxy said shaking Bruce's hand then walking out.


It took three weeks for Dick to fully recover physically from the cuts that he was given by Joker and Harley the improvement by Bruce was more than anyone could believe he was a new man always seeking more opionions and wasn't as absorbed in himself even had time to talk to Dick. It took several more months but he was able to find a balance between work, patrolling and family life but it was working for him and Dick. But the best thing about it all was Brittany and Foxy didn't know the secret identity of Batman, Robin and Batgirl.


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