The Mummy- My Version.

Summary- Everyone else is doing it, so i thought I'd do my own version of the first Mummy film, only with a eight year old Samantha in it joining them. For this story, just ignore my other stories to save confusion. In this story, Sam's mother died when Sam was two years old, leaving Jonathan and Evy to raise her. That's why she's in the Mummy film-story now.

Author's Notes- Only Samantha is what I own. I do not own any other characters, but I would like to own Jonathan and Rick. Please tell me if I've nicked or used anybody else's ideas and if this story seems weird with Samantha in it because of my other stories. In this story, Sam's mother died when Sam was two years old, leaving Jonathan and Evy to raise her. That's why she's in the Mummy film-story now. And Ardeth is not Sam's step-brother.

Also I'm starting the story from straight where we meet Evy and Jonathan for the fisrt time in the film.

P.S. I'm using the mummy film script off internet to help me with this story.


Chapter 1- Meeting the Carnahans and the Key.

Cairo, Egypt. 1923.

Inside the museum of Antiquities of Cario, A young woman was pearched on top of a very unstable looking ladder propped up againest a bookcase surrounded by many other bookcases. She was wearing a boring, long biege coloured dress with her brown hair in a bun and eyeglasses set firmly on her nose, enlarging her light blue eyes. Evelyn Carnahan was currently restacking books from under her arm to their proper selves in the library.

"Tuthmosis? What are you doing here?" She asked to no-one inparticular in her British accent. She looks over her shoulder to find the bookcase containing books beginning with 'T' and ending with books beginning with 'O'. Evy reaches over to place the book back, but the gap between the bookcases was a bit too far. So the ladder pulls away from the bookcase and she's left there doing a stilt walking act, there she loses her balance and the ladder slams into the bookcase she was working with before. That bookcase slams into the next one, which slams into the next one, until every bookcase was on the floor, books and papers covering the floor.

"Oops" Was all she could say to the mess she accidently made, as she took her glasses off. A noise behind her caused her to turn around, and Evy found the Curator looking at her with a look of fury and disbelief on his face.

"Look at this. Sons of the Messiah! Give me frogs, flies, locusts. Anything but you! Compared to you, the other plagues were a joy" He spluttered out in anger.

"I'm so sorry. It was an accident" She replied, picking up some of the books and papers of the floor.

"When Ramesses destroyed Syria, it was an accident. You are a catastrophe! Why do I put up with you?" He said, a bit more calmly. Evy turned to face him again, trying to contain her anger.

"You put up with me, because I can read and write ancient Egyptian, decipher hieroglyphs and hieratic, and I'm the only person within a thousand miles who knows how to properly code and catalogue this library, that's why".

"I put up with you because your mother and father were our finest patrons, Allah rest their souls. Now I don't care how you do it, how long it take. Straighten up this mess!" He yelled at her, then walked off. There was a banging noise coming from the Ancient Eygptain section which caused her to turn around.

She walked towards the entrance of the section and gathered a flaming torch in her hands. The rom was full of ancient artifacts from Eygpt, in cases, on the walls, everywhere.

"Abdul? Mohammed? Bob?" She called out to thin air. Another noise came from a sarcophagus that was open. Letting her curiosity take over, Evy leaned over the sarcophagus to have a luck-

-Then a rotting mummy sits up suddenly and screeches at her. Evy drops the torch and starts screaming, then stops when she could hear a man and young child laughing loudly. The man sits up next to the mummy and the young girl of eight stands up next to him. The man had short, curly sandy-brown hair and sapphire blue eyes, wearing a biege suit. The young girl looked excatly like her father sitting next to her, except she had dark brown, bushy hair.

"Good one, dad. she fell for it excatly as you said she would" She laughed out. Evy had the look of anger on her face, but looked more at her brother then her niece.

"Jonathan, you, you-" She was nearly exploding with anger.

"Drunkard? Fool? Rat-bastard? Please call me something original" He smiled as he picked up his daughter and helped her out of the sarcophagus.

"Language in front of your daughter, Jonathan" she yelled at him, resulting in a grin from Samantha. "Don't worry, aunty Evy. I've heard many of those words from growing up around here, so I don't mind dad saying them" Which resulted in a laugh from her father and a shocked expression on Evy's face.

"Anyway, Jonathan. Have you no respect for the dead?" She pulls a cigarette out of the mummy's mouth. "Right now, I'd rather like to join them".

"Well, I wish you do it sooner then later, before you ruin my career like you did to yours. And you're drunk in front of your own daughter as well. Now get out" She slaps him across the face and helps him out the sarcophagus. He stumbles, bleches and stands up again. Jonathan was definatly drunk. "Aunty Evy, I'm usesd to him like this as well. I help him with his hangovers when you're at work".

"My dear, sweet, baby sister. I'll have you know that my career is on a high note" Samantha looked at him with a 'Yeah, right' look.

"High note. Ha! Oh look, I'm really not in the mood now. I've made a bit of a mess in the library and I've been rejected by the Bembridge Scholars again. They say I haven't got that much experience in the field"

Jonathan walked over to her and placed his forehead on her's "You'll always have me, Old mum" "And me" came the girl standing next to them. Sam walked over to the siblings and gave them both a hug. Jonathan and Evy have looked after Samantha since her mother died when Sam was two. Her mother left Sam in Jonathan's care before she died and the siblings have taken care of her since.

"Besides, I have just the thing to cheer you up" He ran back to the sarcophagus and starts lifting up the limbs until he finds what he was looking for.

"Oh no, not another worthless trinket, Jonathan, if I have bring one more piece of junk to the Curator to try and sell for you..." She was stopped there because of the ancient, silver puzzle box was shoved under her nose. Again her curiousity got the better of her.

"Where did you get this?" She took it out of his hands and turned it round in her own, looking at every detail on it.

"On a dig, down in Thebes" He looked over to his daughter and saw the 'Yeah, right' look on her face again. Sam knew excatly where he got it, but she promised to her father that she wouldn't tell Evy because she'll have his head.

"My whole life I've never found anything, Evy, please tell me I've found something" She pressed a button on the side of the box and it unfolded itself to make a key and to reveal a ancient papyrus.

"Jonathan". "Yes?" "I think you found something" Evy unfolded the papyrus to reveal a ancient map.


Inside the curator's office, Evy and Jonathan were standing either side of the curator and Samantha was sitting on the desk, swinging her legs.

"See the cartouche there, it's the official royal seal of Seti the First, I'm sure of it" Evy said, excited. "Perhaps" Was the only thing the curator said.

"Two questions. Who was Seti the first and was he rich?" Jonathan asked, Samantha rolling her eyes.

"He was the wealthiest Pharoh of the Old kingdom" She told him. "Good, that's good. I like this fellow, like him very much".

"I thought you would, dad" Sam said, earning Jonathan to ruffle her hair.

Evy points to a corner of the map "I've already dated it, this map is almost four thousand years old. And the hieratics over here... It's Hamunaptra".

The curator has a nervous look on his face, but it soon disappears "Don't be ridiculous, we are scholars, not treasure hunters. Hamunaptra is a myth".

Jonathan looks over to Evy "Are we talking about THE Hamunaptra?" He asks.

"Yes, The City of The Dead. Where the early Pharaohs were said to have hidden the wealth of Egypt" She answered him.

"Yes, in a big underground treasure chamber" The curator laughed at that "Oh, come on, every knows the story..."

He was cut off by his daughter "I'm eight and even I know that story. The entire necropolis was rigged to sink into the sand. On Pharaoh's command, a flick of the switch! And the whole place could disappear beneath the dunes". Jonathan and Evy looked down at her proudly. They both taught her about her Eygptian heritage when her Eygptian mother died. Well, Evy taught her nearly everything she knows now, Jonathan taught her cards and pickpocketing.

"As the Americans would say: it's all fairy tales and hokum" The curator held the map to a candle and it set on fire. He droped it to the floor where Evy and Jon patted it out.

"You burned it! You burned off the part with the lost city!" Jon said, sad and angry at the same time. Samantha gave the curator a suspicious look.

"It's for the best, I'm sure. Many men have wasted their lives in the foolish pursuit of Hamunaptra, no one has ever found it, most have never returned" The curator said in a matter of factly sence.

"Righ then. Jonathan, Samantha, looks like we're going to find the city ourselves. Come on" Jonathan walked behind his sister out of the office. The curator reached over to where they left the key, only to have it bing snatched by Samantha, who ran out of the room after her father and aunt.


Right. I'm so sorry if this is really confusing, this story I mean. If it is, please tell me. from chugirl2526.