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Eight weeks later, Gibbs stands in the cemetery, in front of Shannon and Kelly's graves. Sasha stands a few feet behind him.

Gibbs looks down at the tombstones and he smiles as he speaks to his little girl.

"Kelly, I love you honey and I really miss you. But now I see your smiling face all the time and I just wanted you to know that I'm okay." Gibbs says and he is sure that he hears his daughter giggle back in acknowledgement. He places a bunch of soft pink roses on her grave and touches his fingers to his lips as he blows a kiss to her.

Then he looks at his first wife's tombstone and he says, "Shannon, I know now that everything that has happened was meant to happen. I'm just glad that we got to spend 10 wonderful years together. I will always cherish those memories. I think that I'm finally ready to move on. I've met this amazing woman, who's helped me to find closure. I've fallen in love with her." Gibbs says as he can't believe that this is really happening. He places a bunch of white roses on Shannon's grave as he remembers how much she loved white roses. Then he blows a kiss to her and says, "I'll visit you again soon." He can almost hear Shannon say, Be happy, my love.

Gibbs turns around and walks back towards Sasha. She extends her hand to him and he takes it squeezing it lightly. He kisses her on her cheek and she can see the peace and contentment on his face. He's going to be just fine now. Sasha thinks as she internally acknowledges how much she loves him.


Sasha suggests that they go over to NCIS head quarters because she would like to see the rest of his team. Both she and Gibbs have been on sick leave since being shot. They have spent a lot of that time together, with Sasha staying over at his place 4 out of 7 nights a week. When they arrive at NCIS, they decide to go to Abby's lab first.

As they enter the lab, the whole team is gathered there and they yell, "Surprise!!!"

The lab is decorated with banners and balloons and one of the tables is covered with gifts. Stacey and Jason are also there. As Gibbs takes all of this in, Abby wheels a huge cake out on a trolley. When she stops in front of him, she shouts, "Happy Birthday, Gibbs!"

She gives him a tight hug and kiss on his cheek and then the rest of his team comes up and wishes his well. Gibbs is touched by the scene in front of him and he realizes how lucky he is. He has a great team who is more like family to him and now he has a really special lady in his life as well. Sasha turns in his arms and smiles as she says, "Happy birthday, Jethro," and then she proceeds to give him a very deep and passionate kiss. The rest of the team hoop and hollers at them and when they break apart, Gibbs tries to glare at them, but instead ends up laughing with them.

As the morning progresses Stacey notices that Sasha hasn't eaten anything and she is looking decidedly pale. Sasha has been suffering with nausea and dizziness ever since sustaining the concussion. Stacey follows Sasha out of the lab towards the rest room and asks her, "Sash, are you nauseous again?"

"Yes. I don't understand why it hasn't cleared up yet. And on top of that I'm feeling woozy. But don't tell Gibbs. I don't want him to worry." Sasha says as she takes a deep breath trying to get the nausea under control.

"I'll get Dr Mallard. Maybe he can figure out what's going on." Stacey says. Ducky responds immediately by taking Stacey and Sasha down to autopsy.


Gibbs enjoys being with his team and he notices how Tony and Kate keep looking at each other. He also notices them, holding hands when they think that no one is watching. Gibbs calls both of them aside.

"If you two are serious about your feelings, then you should pursue them and see where it leads. But that means that one of you needs to leave my team. That's the only way that this is going to work." Gibbs says and then he walks away.

Tony and Kate are surprised at having received Gibbs' blessings so easily. They had already decided that Kate would join Pachhi's team so that they could remain a couple.

As Gibbs walks around he notices that Sasha is not in the lab. After a few minutes he decides to go and look for her. He knows that she is still suffering, from the side effects of being concussed twice in one week, even though she tries to hide that from him.


Once they are down in autopsy, Ducky examines Sasha and asks her a few questions and then he has an idea.

"Sasha, will you allow me to do a scan?" Ducky asks just as Gibbs rushes into the room.

"A brain scan! What's going on?" Gibbs exclaims with worry written all over his face as he comes up to Sasha's side.

"Jethro, calm down." Ducky says as he calls Stacey aside and tells her what to do.

Stacey smiles and then goes to Sasha and unbuttons her pants and pushes it down to her hips. She also pushes her blouse a bit up to reveal her stomach.

"What are you doing?" Sasha asks becoming more concerned by the second.

"Just following Dr Mallard's orders." Stacey smiles.

"One of you better tell me what's going on here!" Gibbs warns as Sasha stares up at him and holds onto his hand. Ducky walks back in with the ultrasound machine and says, "Patience, Jethro."

Then he applies a bit of gel onto Sasha's stomach and places the arm of the ultrasound unit on her stomach.

Sasha and Gibbs stare at the image that appears on the ultrasound screen as they hear a rapid beating sound. Then they look at each other as they comprehend what the image and sound are.

"Congratulations!" Ducky says with a huge smile and Stacey laughs unable to contain her joy.

Gibbs and Sasha stare at the screen and then at each other.

"A baby!" he exclaims with a dazed expression on his face.

"Gibbs, I don't know how this happened!" Sasha is stunned and afraid that Gibbs is not ready for this. She doesn't even know if she's ready to this.

"From the measurements and weight I would say that you are at least 9 weeks along." Ducky says.

"At the cabin! It happened at the cabin." Gibbs whispers to Sasha with a twinkle in his eye.

"Wait a minute, what's this?" Ducky asks as he moves the arm of the unit again.

"Oh my!" Ducky exclaims.

"What is it?" Gibbs practically shouts panicking that something is wrong. Just then the rest of the team walks in.

"Gibbs, how can you walk out on your own party? Oh my God, Ducky is Sasha pregnant?" Abby shrieks as she identifies the rapid beating sound.

"Actually Abigail, Sasha and Gibbs are having twins!" Ducky grins as the whole room goes silent. Tony's eyes go exceedingly wide while Kate stares on in shock. McGee, Abby and Jason laugh and holler in joy.

Sasha is so amazed, delighted, terrified and shocked. She doesn't say anything but just stares at the screen as a second shape is revealed. I'm pregnant with Jethro's baby… Babies.

Gibbs also watches the screen thrilled and fascinated at the thought of becoming a father again. Kelly's words echo in his head, I'll be with you soon, daddy."

"Would you like to know the sex of your babies?" Ducky asks Gibbs and Sasha.

"You can tell that already!" Gibbs asks in surprise and Ducky nods his head.

"Jethro?" Sasha hesitantly asks.

"I do, if you want to." Gibbs replies as he looks down at Sasha. Sasha nods her head to Ducky indicating that he should tell them. He smiles as he points to the screen and says, "This is your little boy and this here is your little girl. You are having a pigeon pair." Ducky says with laughter in his voice.

Gibbs looks at Sasha and squeezes her hand as he leans down to her.

"Twins! A pigeon pair! You weren't kidding when you said that you would make everything better, were you?" Gibbs smiles as he places his hand on Sasha's stomach and then he kisses her deeply. Gibbs' reaction astounds and pleases Sasha and she finally gives into the tears of joy that she's been holding back.

"I'm pregnant! I'm going to be a mom and you're going to be a wonderful dad." She beams as she runs her fingers through Gibbs' hair and returns his kisses. Everyone laughs and claps around them.

"Sasha Martins you are an amazing woman and I love you! God, sometimes it scares me when I think of how much I love you!" Gibbs whispers into her ear, no longer afraid of revealing his feelings.

"Oh Jethro, I love you too. I've loved you since the minute I met you!" Sasha replies as she sits up and Gibbs sweeps her into his arms and kisses her repeatedly to the cheers of every one around them.


A month later Sasha and Gibbs got married in an intimate and private ceremony. And approximately 6 months later Sasha gave birth to two healthy, attractive babies at Bethesda Hospital.

As Gibbs looks down at his beautiful red haired, green eyed daughter, Kelsey, and his cute dark haired, blue eyed son, Shane, he can't believe just how lucky he is, to have received this second chance at a wonderful life. Then he looks at Sasha and she looks radiant and beautiful even though she's just come through 14 hours of labour.

"I love you, Mrs. Sasha Gibbs!" Jethro says as he holds his daughter and watches his wife feeding their son. Sasha looks up and pulls Gibbs close. She kisses him deeply as both babies sleep and then she says, "And I love you, Jethro."

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