DC X-over with a Single Marvel Character thrown in for good measure.

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Xander watched as his wife slept peacefully for possibly the first time in her entire life. Ten years they had been married, joined both in matrimony and spirit by Willows husband Doctor Stephan Strange.

He had known her destiny the entire time, known it before they had even met and despite the warnings of all his friends, the threats from all of hers, the screaming of that small sliver of rationality buried deep after years of fighting the nightmares of the world, he had quickly fallen in love with her.

It had taken him three years to convince her he didn't care about the prophecies and destinies that had claim to her future. Setting down the magical dreamcatcher Willow had created to keep prophetic nightmares at bay, Xander left their room and quietly walked down the stairs, stopping from time to time to stare at one of the pictures hanging on the wall.

His wedding day, Giles, Riley, and Oz had shown up at his door the night before and made sure he was escorted at all times to prevent a replay of his previous wedding day.

The birth of Buffy Wayne's first child, the marriage of Willow and Doctor Strange, the victory party after the destruction of the First Evil, the funeral march for Superman and a printed article reporting his return.

More and more littered the walls of their home as Xander descended to the bottom and turned to the three guests. The three most powerful individuals in their fields.

Willow Rosenberg-Strange. Chosen leader of the unified Wicca covens of Earth and his personal friend for as long as the two could remember. Doctor Stephen Vincent Strange. Sorcerer Supreme, Master of the Mystic Arts and chosen mystical defender of Earth and Zatanna Zatara, the wonderful wizerarding woman of the West and mystical champion for the Justice League of America.

"It's time." Strange stated simply drawing the attention of the other two as Xander simply nodded in confirmation.

Stepping forward, Willow pulled her oldest friend into a hug. "You're sure it has to be you that does this?" she asked as she tried to hold back tears.

Nodding as he returned the hug, Xander looked at Willow's husband as he bowed his head in understanding. "Yeah, Will, you, Stevie Wonder over there and Miss Top Hat are all too important to lose, me… I'm just Xander."

Smacking him on the chest as she took a step back willow glared up at him. "There is nothing 'Just' about you Alexander Harris." She said before accepting that he was going away.

Taking a moment to center themselves, the three masters of magic started to draw a spell circle on the floor.


Raven smiled as she woke from the first pleasant night's sleep she could remember. Stretching she frowned slightly at the lack of warmth beside her. /Xander never wakes up before me./ she thought as she looked over at the undisturbed portion her husband's side of the bed. Letting her senses drift outward in search of him, she felt a slight tingle of magic before she touched his mind.

In others she could feel emotions, get vague images or sometimes hear snips of what they were saying. With Xander she could be completely immersed in him, allowing her to see, smell, taste, hear and feel everything he did. With a cry of rage the Half-Demoness' soul-self surrounded her and teleported her downstairs.


The spell was done, the portal open and the only thing keeping Xander from walking through it was the chocking smell of brimstone and intense heat emanating from the dimensional doorway.

Taking a breath Xander stepped towards the doorway. He stopped at the threshold as he felt a new gaze on him. Turning he locked eyes with her before smiling sadly "Sorry Rae, you're too important for this to be your fate." He whispered before turning and stepping through the portal.

Behind him the super heroine screamed in pain as a large part of her soul was ripped away.


Xander stared around the heat blasted world before his attention was drawn to the towering form of an antlered red Demon where he sat on the crumbled remains of a skyscraper.

Swallowing his fear at the monster, Xander shrugged and headed in its direction. "Time to meet my father-in-law." He muttered.