Our keeper can save anything
He never leaves a single ring
He didn't let the Quaffle in
Weasley is our king

Our history has a new chapter
That's why Cannons all sing
The cup is going to our shelf
Weasley is our king

Ron and his mates are singing badly but with heart celebrating their victory at the Quidditch Championship. Ron is grinning at me, even as he's in middle of the pitch surrounded by hugs and pats for each goal he'd saved.

Ron played fabulous. One thing that I have learned as his girlfriend is dealing with his passion about Quidditch. I confess, I've seen all the games I could.

Ron is so happy that his eyes are sparkling. His hair is ruffled and sweaty. Although his face show signs of exhaustion, his tall and broad shouldered figure is straight, showing how good his Quidditch gear suits his muscles.

Merlin, how I love him.

He runs to me lifting my feet from the floor in a soft and intense hug. Then he kisses me passionately.

"Congratulations, love. You made it," I whisper

Ron kisses my right hand, stroking the smudges of ink at my fingers. "You give me luck. I'm wondered if you saw each time I saved a goal or were you reading the book you brought instead."

Caught again.

"It was only a few pages, the game lasted 8 hours!" I say as an excuse.

Ron holds me by my waist whispering in my ear. "I know, only teasing you"

I snuggle in his arms.

So good.

Ron winked "Do we celebrate at my house or yours?"

I can't avoid smirking "At mine. I can't handle your Cannon posters showing Score banners every time we snog in your room."