It's 3 p.m. Do you know where your weiner is? (I grew up watching too much Beavis and Butthead).

From Jet's P.O.V (although third person still), set when he comes back after the episode...

(cough... spoiler... cough)

where the gang finds Jet.

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His eyes twitched open in the dark.

And all of a sudden floods of memories came back.

Katara. The Avatar. The flame.

Ba Sing Se.

He was in Ba Sing Se.

He realized this after he did not hear the chirping of the birds, or since it was night, the wooshing of the large trees in the wind.

Jet remembered the prison.

What he didn't remember though was when it all went wrong. Or even what went wrong.

Just that Aang had wanted to "deprogram" him. He remembered Sokka being very reluctant at first but eventually came around.

He remembered the stench of death.

Now his eyes, that had shot wide open, were adjusting to his surroundings.

He was on a blanket on the floor. It was some kind of cheap residence.

At the noises outside, he could tell it was the lower regions of Ba Sing Se.

The room door was open, larger than a crack of light was streaming in... an indentation of the light... shadows, played on the wall in front of him like a old film reel.

The slight movement in the next room and the shadow of a straight shouldered young man with an arm around a smaller figure.

He focused on the detail although his eyes were still blurry. There was a bow at the man's side. His arm held the figure to him tightly, and they both seemed to be still... as if they were intently listening for something.

The shadows shifted. Melting into one another. The lines between the two figures were no longer clear.

The boy, with a hat which pointed at the top, now had an extra shadow added to his defined face. And it was apparent the two were kissing.

What was even more apparent was the way Jet clenched his eyes shut in pain, when his body involuntarily shook from the pain of the deprogramming.

He recognized the couple in the shadows. But he wasn't glad to be back. When all he had was memories, that he could barely retrieve and the people watching over him had seen him get put away in this state.

Jet's body moving made a creak in the floor boards. The shadows broke apart and a bow was loaded, as the door was slowly pushed all the way open.

As his old friends stood in the doorway, Longshot putting down the bow with one hand and with the other snaking a protective arm around Smellerbee; Jet didn't know if he was in a place of friends or enemies.


Jet? Paranoid? Much?

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