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Daniel Fenton stared at his parents in shock. Had he just heard right? Maddie and Jack Fenton smiled hopefully at their son as the boy tried to take in everything they were telling him.

Danny blinked, blinked again, and then took a deep breath. "Say that again." he softly demanded.

"Danny, sweetie, you remember your twin brother right? The one who got into an accident ten years ago (AN-Danny's 15, nearing 16) when Uncle Vlad came for a visit? Then he left with Vlad?" Maddie said, trying to ensure her son was remembering the whole situation. Danny nodded. He remembered, he couldn't forget. He didn't even know why his twin wanted to leave, and with Vlad Masters of all people! "Well, Vlad thought it would be a good idea to have you two be together again. So your twin's coming to stay with us for the rest of the year! Isn't that great?"

Danny paused, thinking about it. "No, it's not!" he yelled, not pleased at all.

"But, Danny... You've always wanted to see Dan." Maddie said worry and sadness coating her voice.

"Yeah, well... that was when I didn't realise that twins are suppost to stay together. But he left! He's not a twin! And definitely not mine! If he wants to come back, fine! But I want nothing to do with him!" Danny replied, glaring at the floor because he could never bring himself to glare at his parents. He could glare at his twin when he got here.

Maddie frowned, stepping forward. "But Danny..."

The black haired boy shook his head. "I want nothing to do with him, Mom."

"But who's going to take him to school?"

"He can get there himself."

"Danny, Dan doesn't know Amity. He'll be lost an-"

"That's his own fault for leaving." Danny said firmly, turning around and went to his room. When he was in and closed the door, he sighed in aggravation. So, Dan Masters (AN-Vlad ended up adopting him, though he was glad to do so) was coming back... His twin. Danny walked over to his bed and sat on it. He barely remembered the boy he use to love. Why did he stop loving him again? Oh yes, Dan abandoned him. Left him to be with Vlady. Danny shivered; he'd never liked that man, but Dan seemed to like him and had always tried to get his attention.

Though that was never hard, Vlad liked the older twin and would smile happily when ever the child would run up to him calling his name, 'Vad!', in his childish way. Most of the time he spent was with the man, and Danny had hated it. When the accident happened... he'd been so scared for his 5 year old brother. Jazz (7) had been freaking out and yelling at Maddie and Jack to do something.

In the end, Vlad was the one to get everything working; got Dan to the hospital, paid for it all, and brought Dan back to Fenton Works the next evening when the boy was better... but he'd changed. Dan's once black hair had turned silver-white, and his normally icy blue eyes had turned eerie glowing neon green... When Danny saw him, he screamed and ran.

He stayed in he room most of the time, locking the door so no one could get in. But he and Dan shared 'his' room, so the boy had to stay somewhere else. Maddie and Jack had offered to let him stay with them, but Dan had latched onto Vlad's leg indicating his want to stay with the man. And Vlad, since Dan had become like a son to him, gladly let the boy stay with him in the guestroom.

When Vlad was leaving a month later... Dan had cried and screamed, throwing things around and yelling he wanted Vlad to stay. When Vlad himself managed to calm the boy down, he explained he had some things he had to get back to in his Mansion. Dan had argued with him and eventually, the two, Maddie, and Jack came to the agreement that Dan would go to Wisconsin with Vlad.

Then they left, Dan hadn't even said 'bye'...

Danny sighed and stood up. It was Saturday, 7:04 PM. He normally didn't go to bed this early, but this whole thing was wearing him out. Dan would be coming over at noon tomorrow... he had to tell him friends. He quickly sat at his desk and turned on the computer, waiting for it to start up. When it did, he opened his MSN Messenger and looked at the 'online' list.

CircusGothica (pic of a depressed clown)

TechnoGeeks (pic of a PDA)

Jazz (pic of her)

Danny clicked CircusGothica and TechnoGeeks, combining them and said, Hello.

CircusGothica: Hey Danny

TechnoGeeks: hey

HoplesslyLost(this is Danny): hey guys, ur not gonna believe this!

CircusGothica: what happened?

TechnoGeeks: u ok man?

HoplesslyLost: yeah yeah, I'm fine

HoplesslyLost: but do u guys remember I told you I had a twin?

TechnoGeeks: yeah

CircusGothica: u also told us he left to Wisconsin

CircusGothica: with some.. guy u hate

HoplesslyLost: right, well

HoplesslyLost: he's coming back

CircusGothica: he is?

TechnoGeeks: omg

TechnoGeeks: u mean we get to meet him?

TechnoGeeks: that's awesome!

HoplesslyLost: maybe, but...

HoplesslyLost: u guys kno I don't like him

CircusGothica: well yeah we kno

TechnoGeeks: but it's ur twin, man

HoplesslyLost: who cares?

HoplesslyLost: he left

HoplesslyLost: he doesn't care, y should I?

CircusGothica: good point

TechnoGeeks: hey, my parents hav to run something on the comp

TechnoGeeks: see ya

CircusGothica: bye tucker

HoplesslyLost: k, bye tuck

TechnoGeeks has logged off

CircusGothica: so wha u gonna do?

HoplesslyLost: easy, ditch

CircusGothica: danny that's mean

HoplesslyLost: so?

CircusGothica: -glares- danny

CircusGothica: at least giv him a chance

CircusGothica: besides, I wanna meet him 2

HoplesslyLost: -rolls eyes- fine, he comes at noon 2morrow

HoplesslyLost: I'll bring him with me when we go to the park

HoplesslyLost: see ya then

CircusGothica: k great

Danny sighed and closed off the window, then shut down the comp. He couldn't use his friends as an excuse... shit. The alarm clock read 7:38 PM.