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Chapter 23! PHASE FOUR

Vlad snapped his phone shut in time to see Spectra hit in the head by a tree branch. Freakshow stood, eyes narrowed and enraged. "Dannie will be MINE!"

With a cry, he charged Bertrand and stabbed him with the branch. The shape shifter became a bee, buzzing around Freakshow's head before stinging him ear. Turning into a lion, he roared and raised his paw. His claws extended, lengthening in a way that was abnormal for a lion. Freakshow screamed as the paw was brought down, tearing his coat and shirt.

Vlad helped Spectra to stand, watching as Bertrand got them some time. "What do we do?" Spectra asked, eyes turning to Vlad.

"Nothing," the ghost said. Red eyes locked with green, "We just have to wait."

"For what?" Spectra wanted to ask, but Bertrand had been knocked down by now. The butlerwas tossed next to the pair, Freakshow making his way to them. "V-Vlad!!"

"Come on..."

"Your wish is my command."

Purple smoke rose from beneath Freakshow's feet and the form of a well-developed woman appeared. A red eye opened and red-painted lips stretched in a smile. "Say good bye, Freakshow!" Green hands lifted and glowed, ectoplasm reaching for and grabbing Freakshow. The man cried in pain, eyes widening as he saw a small, palm sized, red stone appeared in front of the man.

"I wish... the red stone was gone--"

Slowly, the stone faded, turning into dust that was carried by the wind. Freakshow gasped, reaching for the stone. His eyes widened farther as his hand slipped through the remaining ashes. His fist clenched and his teeth clacked together in frustration.

"No... "

"--and Freakshow was with Walker."

Shocked red eyes dilated, looking around in desperation. A portal to the Ghost Zone opened, forming a suction that grasped Freakshow instantly. "NOOOOOOOO!!" he cried as the portal sucked him in.

Lydia, who was still out cold, was sucked in with him. Desiree snapped her fingers and the portal was sealed. She smirked, "Well, what do you know? I can make my own portals."

"Only for a wish though, am I right?" Vlad asked, helping Spectra and Bertrand stand. Desiree shrugged, congratulating herself anyway. "Good job, all of you."

Spectra smirked, petting Bertrand who was currently a cheetah, and shared a flattered and tryumphant look with Desiree. "Come on, one more wish," the genie said with a grin.

Spectra and Vlad looked at each other, "We wish we were with Dan."

"So you have wished it... So it shall be." Green smoke whirled around them and then vanished into the evening.

Danny patted Dan's forehead with a cool rag for the hundredth time. The people around him kept their distance, knowing he was greatly upset. Danny sighed, letting the rag rest on the pale boy's heated head. "Barely a week back, and you're already knock out... Not to mention the serious mental breakdown," he joked weakly. Baby blue eyes remained trained on the other, watching as eyes fluttered and breaths quickened.

"... Danny?"

Said boy blinked, sitting up straighter. He leaned over the pale teen, watching bright green eyes, almost neon, open and stare back in a daze. A grin made itself present on his face as Dan coughed lightly and repeated his name. "Yeah, it's me."

Dan caught sight of his grin and returned it, reaching up and petting Danny's head. "Good... Morning?"

Danny laughed, "School's long over, Dan."

Green eyes blinked, "Oh..."

"Vladdy!" Jack yelled, running to his friend. Dan and Danny turned, watching Spectra step out of the way with a little help from Bertrand. "Are you okay? Where have you been? Dan's back!"

"And awake," Danny added, helping his twin stand.

"How are you feeling?" Vlad asked, walking over. He had to be sure he did not float over, since he had been a ghost until now.

"..." Dan paused, a frown tugging down his lips. "I'm... hungry."

There was a pregnant pause before Vlad chuckled, "He is fine. Let us return home."

"Alright!" Ember grinned, jumping on her guitar. "Dan, come on! I'll give you a ride!"

The teen grinned at her, taking Danny's hand in his and tugging, "Let's go!" The black haired boy nodded back with a smile, following his twin. As Vlad and the Fenton's boarded Kyle's helicopter, Dan and Danny were already on their way to Fenton Works.

"So it's over?" Jazz asked Vlad.

The man shook his head as he sat down next to Kyle, "I doubt it. All else fails, Dan still has plenty to worry about; even if he is staying in Amity."

"Staying?" Jazz, Maddie, and Jack parroted.

"Yes, after all, I have no reason to take Dan from Daniel now." Vlad shrugged, "He accepted that Dan is a ghost."

"..." Jack nudged Maddie. Annoyed purple eyes met hopeful blue. Maddie sighed, "Fine. Uh... Vlad?" The billionaire looked at her in confusion. "How would you... like to stay with us?"

Vlad blinked, surprised that it was Maddie asking this. 'Well, well, well... Who would have thought... Jack must have done the puppy thing...' He cringed as he remembered that face. 'Well, I probably should. Maddie still does not like homosexuality, so... Dan might have some problems with that. And the girl, Samantha Whatever. She is also a problem.' "Very well, but..." He paused, wondering how he would do his job.

"I'll spot you," Kyle said, landing the helicopter on the roof of Fenton Works. "Just try and get that... portal back up so you can travel... We'll get Wulf to... uh, make one of our own." Kyle and Vlad shared a look, silently confirming that the Masters Portal was still working.

"Thank you, Ky."


The expanded family sat comfortably in the living room, watching an old 3-D horror film. Dan raised an eye brow, "This is a scary volcano?"

Danny sighed, "I know..." He watched Jack cower into the couch, clutching both Maddie and Vlad. "They think it's scary."

"Correction, your dad thinks it's scary." Dan laughed as Danny elbowed him. "Aww, is Cute Wittle Danny embawased?"

"I told you not to call me cute!" Danny whispered with a pout.

"And I told you I'm your older brother. I have the right to call you anything I want." Dan countered. He grinned and ruffled Danny's midnight hair, "Just be glad I don't call you Daniel."

Danny just snorted.

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