Author: PaulMcCartney1

Disclaimer: I don't own any of these wonderful characters, unfortunately , I'm only doing this for fun J

Summary: J.D has a really bad day.

Author Notes: This is my very first fanfic, so please, any constructive criticism, or any comments to let me know how its going would be great. Also, I've just started watching this show, so if the characters are really off or something, I'm sorry, hopefully it wont be too bad! I promise it will get better!

Anything in between / is J.D fantasy scene, and its J.D pov

My Bad Day

Did you ever wake up feeling so good that you knew it was going to be a good day?

/ J.D walks down the hall in the hospital, every doctor he passes bows to him along the way. Dr. Cox approaches him, " J.D, how is it that you are always right?" "Well Coxy, not everyone can be like me" Dr. Cox nods and walks away, hear bowed/

Yup, today was going to be a good day.

I decided to get into the bathroom quickly, before Turk and Carla could get a chance to heat it up. Another daydream begins to role in my head, but I decide to cut myself off before it gets out of hand.

- 1 hour later-

Turk, Carla and I were just sitting down to breakfast, we're so close, just like a family.



"Were you daydreaming again?"

"Me? I never daydream!" I say incredulously.

/All the daydreams J.D has had recently start playing in his head/


"yeah?" I snap out of it.

"you were doing it again!"

"do you have a problem with that?"

"It is just a little weird" Carla interjected

"Well….if you hate my daydreams so much…why don't you….not marry them?"

Turk and Carla just start at me.

I sniff the air, uh-oh, Carla's pancakes, time to make my getaway.

"well you know what? I don't have to sit here and take this.." I say sarcastically "..I'll just go stop by the Deli"

It wasn't that I didn't like eating with them or anything, its just that I cant stand Carla's pancakes, not that I would ever tell either of them that.

"ok, just don't be late Bambi, Cox is on today and he'll have all of our heads"

"no problemo, see ya later mah peeps"

I knew my absence from breakfast would be painful for Carla and Turk

"Good call making your pancakes this morning baby" Turk said as he began kissing Carla.

"mm hmm" she looked at her watch, "ok, we've got 30 minutes, lets go"

"oh yeah!" Turk cheered, as he followed Carla into the bedroom.

-The Deli-

War! What is it good for, absolutely nothing .. Someone tapped me on the shoulder and I took out my headphones "excuse me, you're in the way". Looking behind my I saw several people giving me rather nasty looks. "oh sorry" I apologized. Moving along the counter I picked out an egg and cheese sandwich, that should be enough to quench my manly hunger.

/J.D walks along the counter eating everything in sight, people look on in amazement and awe, cheering him on, and admiring his "manly" hunger/

Moving over to the register I got in line and overheard the exchange taking place in front of me.

"That'll be $12.25 sir"

"Right" the man reached into his coat and pulled out…a gun?

"Everyone down on the ground now!" he pointed the gun in my face and immediately I went to the floor

So much for my good day.

-I promise the other chapters will be longer and more interesting, this was just one to kinda get it all started-