The Notebook

Part Two

Dedicated to red-headed psychopaths wanted and Blue Feather for giving me the idea for this squeal.

They hey to know. After careful observations, Sasuke would write and write in his notebook, but never allow anyone to read from it. It was obvious it was a love shrine for someone, but if they looked at the notebook when Sasuke wasn't looking—he'd kill them. Without remorse.

He usually even brought it with him when he went to recess, but today, he left it in the classroom. The girls whispered of their plan to each other, and Naruto overheard. He turned to said girls with a devious smirk and said, "If you don't let me come with you, I'll tell Sasuke."

And that was how Naruto came to be involved in the plot as well. The girls shrugged it off as him just wanting to torture their 'poor Sasuke', but they decided (all knowing it was their name in the notebook) that they would make it better for Sasuke.

So, the three girls and Naruto snuck into the classroom during recess. No one would miss any of them, and Iruka was at some teacher's meeting during today's recess. Going through Sasuke's notebook would be an easy thing. After Naruto quickly checked the hallways (he was scouting for the girls), they quickly ran up to their classroom.

After a few minutes of looking through Sasuke's stuff (Sasuke wasn't dumb enough to leave it out in the open, like Naruto), Naruto finally found it in a hidden pocket of Sasuke's bookbag. Naruto smirked evilly as he quickly flipped through the book, finally stopping on a page in the middle.

'I wonder what's with the whiskers… Heh, they make him look cute… Naruto Uzumaki… he's obnoxious, but…' Naruto mouthed to himself. As the girls tried to read the notebook and pry it from his hands, he dashed out of the room.

"What the heck was that about…?" asked one especially dumbfounded girl as she watched him run.

"Who cares? He ran off with Sasuke's notebook!" another cried.

"Yeah, well, at least now we won't be the ones getting caught…" the other girl pointed out.


Sasuke was leaning under the shade of the tree, mentally berating himself for not taking the notebook with him. He wasn't paranoid, but he was extremely bored. Sasuke closed his eyes and sighed. When he looked back up, a panting Naruto stood in front of him, his and his own notebook clutched in his hands. Sasuke's eyes popped open at the sight of his own red notebook. He was about to demand an explanation when Naruto held up a hand, signaling him to wait.

"I… uh… Damn…! Just… look at this," Naruto finished, finally having caught his breath as he handed Sasuke his notebook. Sasuke raised an eyebrow at the still flustered blond before opening the notebook to the first page.

On the first page was a doodle of the two boys kissing. "Uh! Not that page!" Naruto cried as he dived for the notebook. It could have been far worse than kissing, but it still would have been freaky to find the first page had doodles of kisses. It seemed more stalker-ish than Naruto really was…

Sasuke simply pulled it out of Naruto's reach before continuing to flip through the notebook. The drawings, doodles, and notes he had taken in it were far less organized than his own, but they expressed much more than his did as well.

"So, this picture…" Sasuke said, bringing Naruto's attention back to the picture.

"Well, I, uh, well…"

"Shh, dobe. Would you like this to happen?" Sasuke asked Naruto, a far different smirk on his face then usual as he held up the picture.

Naruto blushed. Not just a tinge of pink, but a full-out tomato-red blush. "Uh…" he began. Not knowing what to say, he nodded. Sasuke smirked before quickly pecking him on the lips.

"Hey, want to come over and stay at my house tonight?" Sasuke asked.

Naruto's eyes shot open. "Um!" he cried out.

"Don't worry. I wouldn't go that fast. If you want, we'll even sleep in separate rooms. But my house is quiet, and I don't like being there alone. Please?" Sasuke asked. Naruto stared at him in shock.

"What?" Sasuke demanded.

"You said 'please'!" Naruto said shocked.

"Yeah, well, if you say yes, it'll be worth it," Sasuke grumbled. Naruto nodded slowly, and Sasuke gave him a smile before turning and motioning to him. "C'mon, recess is almost over…" he called out.

At that, the bell rang. The two boys walked back inside the school and their classrooms, acting as if nothing had happened—and, unbeknownst to everyone else, nothing did.

But, really, because of two notebooks, two boys made them the happiest on the planet.

A/N: And thus comes the sequel! Thanks for the idea, and I hope you enjoyed it!