The EarPods were the new, must-have item, selling out overnight. Shining bright from the side of every head was the ubiquitous blue glow, whispering secrets to the EarPods' owners, ensuring that every mind was drip-fed an endless stream of facts and data.

Soon, the body-conscious among us wanted those sleek, perfect forms, the well-designed lines of the machine, applied not only to the objects in our lives, but to our own bodies as well. There was no need to diet, to exercise. Strength could be achieved overnight, not over months, as steel replaced flesh, machinery replaced muscle and sinew.

"Do not merely upgrade," the advertisements said, "become upgradeable."

The EarPods became obsolete when we achieved the technology to augment our brains with computer components. Soon, there was no limit to the information our new minds could hold. The Link, the network of home and private computers which, before the Age of Steel, had been used primarily for communication and entertainment, merged our thoughts, forming an electronic mind. The Global Consensus was born.

The Consensus agreed on a single point of pure logic: perfection, by definition, can not be finite. Some of those living on our world had not undergone the upgrading.

The poor and the homeless were first; released from their previous wretched existence and born anew in strong, gleaming silver.

Others were obstinate, refusing improvement. They proved difficult at first, but we prevailed. We are strong. We never tire. We can not be stopped.

We are Cybermen.

In only five short years, our world had achieved perfection, a mechanical nirvana - but the Global Consensus had begun to look outwards, to scan the skies, and what we saw, what we registered in the radio waves rolling through space, disturbed us.

Somewhere nearby, sharing our own solar system, far past the ringed gas giant, almost as far as the distant glimmer of the sun, is a planet inhabited by the imperfect - by you.

You are weak. You will soon tire. You will be deleted.

We are Cybermen and you will become like us.