Ways to tick off Saitou

1. Sew the fingers of his gloves closed. Have fun watching him repeatedly trying to get his fingers in the glove.

2. Put glue in his police hat. Run like mad when he tries to pull it off.

3. Mix his sword in with a dozen duplicates. See how long it takes him to find his real sword.

4. Instead of water, give him sake. Keep all redheaded swordsmen away, and all rooster headed street fighters just to be safe.

5. Tell him there are no more soba noodles in the whole town. This is a sure way to get him to leave.

6. Switch all his white gloves for pink ones. Try not to laugh too hard.

7. Tell all the children in the area to sing "who's afraid of the big bad wolf." when ever they see him. See how fast his face turns red.

8. Tell him Sanouske cried like a baby when he thought Saitou was dead. Make sure to be far away from both of them.

9. Hide his police uniforms, and replace them with Shinsengumi outfits. Or a certain wandering swordsman's clothes.

10. Lock him and a noisy ninja girl in the same room. They will drive each other crazy, but monitor closely they will also try to kill each other.

11. Take away all his cigarettes and matches. He will go crazy from not having his nicotine buzz.