Julia's POV


I told myself and in a fluid movement shot the dog then the demon-woman in the face. She let out a horrid scream and I slipped in more bullets into the shotgun. Thats for Dean I told myself. The sound of something being dragged across the ground could be heard behind me. I only hoped it was Sam getting the shotgun and not another demon.

The demon moved it's hand's away from it's face. I curled my lip in disdain, the woman's face was covered in blood, black eyes staring at me. Pieces of rock salt were still embedded in the face.

"Gross." I said

"You bitch!" it screamed and thrust out its left hand.

Without touching me the demon threw me across the hallway. I hit the wall, all air knocked out of me. A photo of the human woman's family shattered next to me. Breathing in painfully I staggered up, the gun barely in my hands. The demon curled her out stretched hand into a fist and I screamed. Pain spread through my chest as if it was squeezing my heart. I dropped the gun as I felt the first trickle of blood slide down my chest.

"How's your aunt's demonic gift working for you now?" the demon crowed at me.

Every breath I took to scream was more painful then the last. I drowned out it's words with my cries. I wouldn't let it's lies effect me. A shot went off and the squeezing disappeared. I slouched trying not to fall over, the demon looked down at its stomach in surprise as blood blossomed forward. Here's my chance I thought and charged.

Body slamming the demon I pinned it to the wall. Without hesitation it threw me away like a rag doll. Crashing into the next room I la on the floor dazed, the remnants of a coffee table beneath me. Footsteps echoed in the room and I urged myself to stand. Trying to prop on my elbows my left hand grazed something cool. Grabbing it the demon let out a laugh. It spit blood out to the side and hissed,

"Your wasting my time. I'm here to collect Sam, Amy looks promising to. Don't look surprised Julia, did you really think His plans wouldn't go through? He's pissed that you tricked him. Your going to pay."

Who'd I piss off now? I thought and the image of me being shot as the yellow eyed demon possessed me flashed in my mind. No I thought, he is supposed to be gone.

The demon stood over me and I blinked away the swarming darkness. Slowly it knelt down and whispered in my ear. "Damn, I wanted to see what he was going to do to you. And I wanted you to see your lover die."

It said the last words slowly, drawing them out. Rage sparked in me and I raised my left hand. Swinging the weapon I had found, I hit the demon across the head. A fire poker, nice. Blood drizzled on me as its head was thrust away. Kicking and twisting I finally got away and stood up.

"You'll have to wait to kill me, because I won't die begging for mercy. And I sure as hell won't let you take anyone." I growled

Amy yelled out Sam's name as I said those words and my heart clenched. What happened? My rage became unbridled as I assumed the worst. As the demon cracked its neck I swung with the poker and hit it in the face again. Before it could recover I stabbed it in the chest. As I pulled my weapon out it threw me backwards with a flick of its hand. Catching my balanced I surged forward again and shoved it to the ground.

The demon let out a scream as I stood over it, fire poker dragging across the ground. Dropping close to the mutilated face I place the metal tip of th poker near its right eye. The breath was rugged as I drew it closer to the eye. Not once did it look me in the face, its gaze locked towards the ceiling.

"Damn," I whispered tired of playing games with the demon, "I wanted to see Dean kick your ass."

The demon shuttered and I smiled, my lips cracking and fresh blood oozing over the old. I know I should have gotten rid of the demon right there, after what it did to John. But unwillingly I looked up to see what it was entranced by. A dark drawing was drawn on the ceiling a scorpion in the middle. Devil's trap. I thought remembering Sam's words. What would happen if we just left the demon here? I wondered as the demon croaked something.

Looking back down it pleaded, "What do you want?"

I snorted, bargaining, a demon was bargaining with me. I drew the poker right to the corner of the eye before it looked at me.

"Call off the dog." I demanded, "If anyone's alive let us go and I'll let you be. And you leave Sam and Amy alone."

Knowing bargaining with a demon was stupid I couldn't help but want to make a bargain. Would it make this job any easier? Would it ease some pain? Stepping away I straightened and the demon staggered up.

"Blood is mixed, deals been made."

"And the dog?" I asked, needing to personally know they were okay.

"Gone. You made the deal. Let me go." the demon demanded.

Watching it closely I franticly tried to think of how I could set it free. How do you release a devil's trap that's been put on the ceiling? Footsteps made me spin, Amy and Sm stepped into the room. Cuts visible and bleeding, guns gone

"You captured it." Sam stated looking at me then the demon surprised.

I gave a cheesy smile, trying to figure out how to say I didn't really capture it. Just blinded by rage and threw it wherever the hell I wanted. The demon turned to me and I took a step back, thinking it was going to do something.

"Their alive! Do it!" It screamed.

"Dean?" I answered, Where was he? Was he okay?

The demon snared and jumped at me as Sam yelled, "Get out of the circle!"

Sam was running towards me as I swung my poker upwards at the demon's throat. It ripped my weapon out of my hands, and out of reach. Grabbing my arms with one hand, it twisted them painfully behind me back. The other hand was placed around my throat.

The smell of blood made me gag and the grip tightened on my throat. It pressed a bloody cheek against mine and glared at Sam, who was outside the Devil's trap holding the poker. Amy was behind him whispering something, eyes cast downward, reading something from her hands.

"SAM!" Dean yelled and Sam turned to see his brother in the doorway.

Sam fell to the floor so Dean could have a clear shot at the demon. Amy's lips moved faster and the demon tightened its grip on me. I wanted to scream out Dean's name, relieved to see him. Everything seemed to slow down as Dean pulled the trigger. The bang seemed loud but his voice and Amy's shouted in unison something in Latin.

The demon's grip tightened even more and I felt my neck pop. The last thing it said to me was "Death will not end the nightmare."

A scream ripped through the air as time sped up. I couldn't cover my ears from the awful noise. The demon's body fell away from mine and I heard it hit the floor with a sickening thump. I shook from shock, not believing what had happening. Swallowing I looked up into Dean's serious face. All my anxiety left and I smiled at him, and he returned it with a small one of his own.

"Thank god that's over." Amy said closing the book in her hands.

"Thats dad's journal." Sam said and Amy looked down at the book sadly.

"Sorry. It was on the ground and I recognized the-"

"Julia?" Dean whispered.

"Dean!" Sam said alarmed as his brother fell to his knees.

My heart skipped a beat. What was happening? Rushing to his side I dropped to the ground beside him. He held the spot where he had been shot, with his right hand. Grabbing his head, I forced him to look at me, hazel eyes focusing and unfocusing.

"Dean!" I cried, "What is it?"

"Julia, he's dying. We have to get him to a hospital." Sam said.

I barely heard him as Dean closed his eyes. "No! Nononononononono!" I said.

Sam pulled his brother up into a standing position. Amy was next to me, helping me stand. This is a nightmare come true. I told myself. There has to be a way to save him, I won't let him die. Would there be something in John's journal? Amy made sure I was okay before walking away to help Sam. John's journal lay at my feet.

Picking it up I passed through the familiar pages. But there wasn't anything that could save Dean. My heart sank and I closed the book, What will I do? The room seemed small and I couldn't breath. An empty feeling started inside me as I trudged forward into the dining room. Sam and Amy had managed to get Dean on a chair and John on the table.

"What are you doing?" I asked numb from shock, I thumbed the journal in my hand absently. "We have to get him to a hospital."

"Its to late." Sam said, and gave me a confused look.

"What?" I screeched and shoved him, "You didn't try to save him!"

"Julia." Amy said, "Whats wrong?"

"Whats wrong? I can't believe you two!" I cried, "Two people are dead and all you can say is what's wrong?!"

Taking a step back I shook my head. This can't be happening. Sam came forward, I shook my head as he whispered it was okay. I shoved him hard and took the keys to the Impala from Dean's pocket. Sam fell into Amy and they both hit the floor.

"It's not okay!" I cried and ran outside.


The Impala roared beneath me as I sped out of Salem. The gas was pressed all the way to the floor. I wanted away from here, I didn't want to believe how Sam and Amy acted. It angered me and it wasn't right. During my rampage towards Sam and Amy somehow I still managed to hold onto John's journal. It sat next to me in the passenger's seat. Looking at it made my heart ache, Dean shouldn't be dead. Easing up from the gas the car slowed down slightly. What will I do now?

Twenty or so minutes out of Salem tears threatened to blind and and I pulled over. "Damn it!" I screamed angry at myself for not preventing Dean and John's death.

I cried until the tears stopped coming. Looking up I let out a small laugh. The headlights showed an old crossroad. The dust still trying to settle. Something John had told me stirred in my mind. When we had traveled together he said crossroads were the only place where you could find yourself, get what you want and sell your soul. And I knew what I wanted.

Popping open the trunk, I grabbed John's journal then a shovel and something to write with. After organizing what I needed I grabbed the shovel, ready for the last part. Walking to the center I shoved the shovel into the dirt and chucked it away. Dirt flew away as I dug deeper. Finally it hit something. Pulling out an old glass jar I examined the contents within. It was half filled with bones, a lock of hair, jewelry and a few unidentifiable things. Cracking open the lid, I hovered my right hand above it. The to poker had cut into my hand when the demon thrust it away. The cut was healing fast but one part was still open, pulling the skin apart slightly I pinched the wound until blood welled up.

Three drops fell in before I heard, "That wasn't very smart."

I spun around, shovel in hand. Five feet from me stood a well dressed man. He was about the same height as Dean. Dark brown hair brushed back, grey eyes full of life and full lips pulled into a teasing smile.

"It got your attention didn't it?" I said.

He nodded laughing and walked towards me. Keeping my eyes on him I stood up, shovel still in hand. He smiled at me, "No need for the shovel. What is your desire?"

This is wrong, I thought, but I wanted Dean back. "I-" I started, the demon waited, head tilted eyes looking up at me. "Dean. I want him back. I want Dean Winchester back."

The demon's smile faltered and he whispered my name. The hairs on the back of my neck rose. "I'm glad your here."

"Glad?" I asked.

"Granted it took you longer to come here than I thought." he drawled, walking around me slowly.

"Excuse me?" I asked.

"Dean was never going to die."

"What?" I snapped then, "I think I'm going to be sick."

"Let's sit in Dean's car shall we?" he said and lead me to the black car.

Inside the car I tried to settle down, Dean was alive? "Dean wasn't going to die? How do I know your not lying?"

"Nope." he said cheerfully and that irritated me. "And you don't know if I'm lying, you just have to trust me. Just think after Dean saved you didn't it seem a little weird for him to die from such a silly wound? While in reality after giving John a proper burial your all at a bar, trying to wind down. Although your taking a long bathroom break."

Silence stretched between us, if it was fake then could I save John? "Can John com-"

"No. It was his time to go." it interrupted. His time to go? I thought sadly, it's never anyone's time to go.

"Its a trick," I said, placing the pieces together, how the she-demon said I was going to pay, "Why?"

"Good Julia, you figured it out. Its part of a payment you can say,you did something to piss us off."

"Destroying the yellow eyed bastard?" I said dryly.

"Watch your tongue!" he snapped, "Or you'll lose it."

Raising an eyebrow I looked at the demon, met its eyes and held its gaze. Trying to be braver than I felt. "Can we still make a deal?" I asked slowly.

His lips curled into a wicked smile, "You wronged us, but-What do you want?"

"The debt against me gone."

It smirked, "Intriguing. I'll make the debt disappear if-you let me have you."

I swallowed and clenching my teeth as it placed a hand on my thigh. Suppressing a shudder I said,

"No, for your freedom."

The demon looked surprised, "What?"

"Freedom. Under this car is a devil's trap."

"Lies!" it hissed and tried to open the door. It wouldn't budge.

"You whore!" it screeched, "No deal! You lied!"

"Damn." I said with fake sorrow. Bending down I picked up John's journal that lay between my feet. And opened it to the page i had saver earlier. "Guess I'll send you back."

"You wouldn't." it said.

I started to read and it screamed for me to stop.

"So we have a deal?" I asked.

"You'll burn in hell for this." he growled.

I leaned close to him and hissed, "Sweety, there is no hell life is the only hell.

He sneered and I asked him again, "Do we have a deal?"

The demon growled before agreeing, I sat back down and said, "The deal's done don't you feel better."

It just growled and I laughed, "Now let me go." It demanded.

I shook my head, "Still didn't figure it out?"

I began reading the incantation again.

"You can't go back on our deal!" it screamed.

I stopped reading and angrily replied, "You tricked me, and wasted my time. What did you expect?"

"The truth." It replied.

Laughing I resumed reading as it still threatened me. There was a few words left to read when it said,

"I take back the deal."

"You told me I couldn't so what gives you the-"

"This." It interrupted and kissed me.

Trying to pull away made the demon kiss harder. The Impala's door jammed into my back. I felt a fire burn down my throat. The more I moved the more he fell on me, making it harder to kick. My right hand wasn't pinned down suddenly and I punched the demon's face. Pulling away it laughed.

Licking his lips he said, "You will pay, but you will be mine. What will Dean do then?"

Shouting the last words to drown his voice I closed my eyes. I didn't want to remember this. When I opened them again I was alone in the Impala. Feeling the need to get out of this place I kicked over the engine. Revving it up I hit the gas and sped back towards Salem.

The person I wanted to see most right now was Dean.

Scrubbing my lips with the back of my hand I tried to get rid of the feeling of violation. When I calmed down I slowed the Impala, I was still ten minutes out from Salem. Only a little bit longer and I'd be with Dean. My phone rang and I answered it.

"Where the hell are you?" Dean demanded.

It was good to hear his voice, filled with relief I said, "Dean..."

"Whats wrong?" he asked.

"I-" I wanted to tell him everything but a siren blared behind me. Looking the rear view mirror I saw a cop flashing his lights at me.

"Damn it. I'll call you back. I'll explain everything." I promised.

"Don't you dare-" Dean started and I shut the phone down reluctantly.

Pulling over I took a steady breath wondering what the police wanted. I waited till the officer was at the window before opening it.

"Did I do something wrong officer?" I asked politely as he peered into the Impala.

"Whats your name?" he questioned.

"Amy Lee sir." I said, flashing him a smile.

Sucking his lip he blinded me with his flashlight as I spoke. His radio gurgled on his shoulder as he looked me over.

"Was I sp-"

"Get out of the car ma'am." he said.

"What-?" I started.

"Now! Get out of the car NOW!" he demanded.

Heart thumping I obeyed thinking this was turning out to be one hell of a night. The Impala's door was barely opened before I was dragged out of the car and into the dirt. The officer pinned my shoulders as I fought. What the hell was going on?

"You are under arrest for murder." He shouted.


Last chapter for this season hoped you enjoyed. Keep an eye out for the next one!