The Stranger

I am the Stranger.

What do I see?

A Linking Book sitting

In front of me.

Where it will take me

I do not know.

Maybe to Rime

Where it constantly snows?

Myst Island, the place

That started it all?

Into the Fissure,

Where I'll fall and fall?

Tomahna, the home of

A good friend of mine?

Or Edanna – well hey,

Who knows what I'll find!

Maybe to Stoneship.

Maybe to Tay.

Or perhaps Serenia,

Where in Dream I can play.

How about J'nanin,

Where it always is sunny?

Heck, I don't know –

Maybe it leads to D'Ni!

Perhaps to Narayan,

Where the sky is bright pink.

But there is one Age that I can't

Go to, I think –

Riven's the name of

That Age I can't reach.

It all fell apart –

The Fissure's hatch I had breached.

Enough! I will choose

To link through this book,

And I will explore

Wherever I'm took,

For I am the Stranger.

What do I see?

A book filled with endless