It all started in the year 2116 with reports of growing mysterious deaths and disappearances. Our ancestors should have seen the warning signs but they simply brushed them off. However, the growing panic could not be calmed. Was it really an increase in crime as they government led them to believe? What ever it was this excuse calmed them. The large decrease in large populated third world countries, like India, spiked curiosity just want was happening. It couldn't be a mob of some kind people were simply disappearing into the night with out any traces Then came these creatures that barged into homes at night killing whole families. Later analysis of their corpses by top scientists showed that they were not killed by the police or the victims defending themselves rather they had been dead for some time. They were amazingly strong but looked as though they should be members of concentration camps. These Zombies, as the general public came to call them, confused scientists. Their bodies had long since died and it was not their blood that ran through their bodies rather the blood of their victims they had sucked dry. Then the marks on their necks, what were they to make of them. They were too eerily close to the marks left by beings they thought were myths, Vampires. We know now that the Zombies are low life forms with little intelligence and are frowned upon by the higher class of the Vampire social status. They are simply the aftermath of feeding. While over time they gain their intelligence back they never become the beautiful, elegant and dangerous creatures that we fear.

Thanks to the brave men that sacrificed their lives, we now know that for centuries the numbers of vampires in the world were a mere handful. They consisted of the High King Gregory and his small "family" and his six lower kings with their "families." Our research tells us it is impossible for these ancients to have children of their own. So they take the living and raise them until adulthood and then name them heirs by killing them. How a person becomes a "Pure blood", as the ancients call themselves, we do not know. We only know that they are selected carefully and extremely dangerous.

Then we were plagued by all the other mythical creatures. Werewolves and Nagas are two other dominate creatures of the night. Nagas, half snake and half human, serve Vampires for their entire lifetimes. As to how old they can get we do not know. Then there are Werewolves. They can be even more of a nuisance then Vampires. They come into town then at night terrorize us. However, they have begun to disappear after the Vampires threatened them. After all we are their food source they don't want it tainted. There was a common myth or rather a common hope that Werewolves or Lycans could kill Vampires. It is true to one extent they can only kill the aftermath not the source.

As the numbers of all nightly creatures grow historians continue to ask themselves what caused their sudden appearance. They had stayed in the shadows for more then a millennia then unexpectedly they show their faces dazzling us with their power and instilling fear in our souls. Humans were no longer the top of the food chain, we were now the hunted. This fear led us to our lifestyle today. They glory of the past is gone. So much information lost in the riots that grasped our world. However, it is slowly coming back. We continue to find more and more of our past and it is greatly helping us. Now we are hunted by that eerie question, what caused these creatures of the night to hide in the shadows for thousands of years and then come out to establish tyrannical power over us? What can put fear in the hearts of these evil creatures? And why do they suddenly feel safe?

Richard S. O'Donnell

Head of the Department of Vampire studies

October 31, 2298