A/N: my very first E&T!

Forever blue

What colour are your eyes?

I don't really know.

With as much time as you spend in front of the mirror, you should know.

Ah, but I only do that to practice my evil smiles.

That's what you say to preserve your little illusions. Stay still.

What are you doing?

Examining your eyes. Why, do you find it uncomfortable?

You do realise that your face is about an inch away from mine.


A man might feel compelled to take advantage of the situation.

A gentleman wouldn't.

You wound me, Tomoyo. –I repeat, what are you doing?

I just want to see what colour your eyes are. They seem to shift colour all the time.

So I've been told.

When you're amused, they turn lighter. They look black at night.

I'm flattered. I hadn't realised you were looking so closely.

There's a lot of things you haven't realised, Eriol–

Oh? What are they?

–And when you're very serious, they look midnight blue. But I don't think any of these colours are your real eye colour.

I don't use contacts.

You don't have to. There's a particular eye colour that is perfect for everyone, and I don't think I've seen you with yours. Since your eyes change colour with your mood, I was thinking maybe there's a mood of yours I've never seen.

And what mood is that, pray?

I've no idea.

Hmm. And that colour would be………?

It…it's not a real colour. It's just something I see in my mind, like one of my designs before I put it on paper or cloth.

Does it have a name?

It's……a rather……

Come, come, Tomoyo. I let you look at my eyes. The least you could do is tell me what shade you think suits them.



Forever blue.

Forever blue?

There's no need to sound so surprised.

I don't believe I know what it is. Describe it for me?

Forever blue……it's that shade of sky that you might see on the hottest summer afternoons. The blue that looks like it could go on forever, framed by white cirrus clouds. It's the loveliest shade of blue there is. I like it; it wasn't my favourite colour when I was young, but now I feel drawn to it. It's dark and deep and mysterious and infinite and just perfect……you're leaning very close to me, Eriol.

So were you just a minute ago. That's my colour?


I'm fine. So that's the colour you think my eyes should be?

Are you all right, Eriol?

Well, then. That's interesting.


You're being very quiet.


I've never seen you this quiet before.

Just thinking about what you said. You're right. I've never seen that colour in my eyes before.

So you admit you look at yourself in the mirror?

You always manage to catch me contradicting myself, don't you?

Only because you do it so often.

Touché, Tomoyo.

Every man has his match, you know.

-And you're mine-

What did you say?

Oh, nothing important.

I wish you wouldn't mumble. You're usually saying something important when you do.

I try never to say anything important. It gives people the wrong idea. So have you ever seen this forever blue of yours?

A few times. In the sky.

You're looking dreamy, Tomoyo. It's not nice to sigh over something inanimate when a perfectly good-looking man is right next to you.

How right you are.

You're too close again, Tomoyo. Even to a born gentleman like me, that constitutes quite a temptation.

Haven't you heard the one about temptation?

There are quite a few. Which one would you be referring to?

'The only thing to do with temptation is give in to it.'

Isn't that 'the best thing'?

In this context? I believe my version was superior.

What are you suggesting, Tomoy–

Much, much later:

I see it now, Eriol.


Your eyes. They're forever blue……

Oh, Tomoyo.