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To Love and Honor

Her Mother's Lace

Serena licked her parched lips, and gripped the bouquet her cousin had shoved into her hands tighter. Briefly she wondered if the thorns from the roses she carried would make her hands bleed. It would be ironic to bleed all over her pure white wedding dress. Her mother's wedding dress, one of the only things she had left after her parents had died. Pulling on the golden locket that was around her neck she tried not to panic, trying hard to quench the growing fear in her stomach. It wasn't working; backing up from the doorway she sat on the stool that the church had offered for her. Touching the locket once more, she tried hard to find comfort in it as she had as a child, but nothing came.

Her decision was insanity at its finest. She knew that because her ladies maid, Luna, had informed her of that conclusion mere seconds after her plan was concocted. The lesser of two evils she had chosen, the one she knew nothing of. Yet, at least there was no fear. It seemed so unfair that life had taken this turn, not three months ago everything seemed carefree, life seemed prefect. When she had cried herself to sleep these lonely nights she had wondered if it was a cruel joke by her maker, a trail of some kind that she knew nothing about. But she was determined to make the best of it. Even if it killed her, and in the end she feared it might.

"Serena?" Mina whispered, gaining her attention; her cousin smiled at her. A sympathetic gesture, "There ready," Serena nodded. Straighten her shoulders she wiped all sense of emotion from her face, and tried hard not to let the nerves she felt show. She thought of running, screaming from the church, but the thought of what would await her if she did not marry today kept her strong. Closing her eyes, she thought of the man at the end of the aisle, a man she had never seen before. Praying for strength, she thought of her father wishing that he was here to walk her down the aisle. But that fantasy had died three months ago.

The same night as her parents.

Three months ago her parents had died in a carriage crash, and as far as any of the inspectors could tell there had been no foul play. Serena felt different. Since her father no longer had an heir, her brother dieing the year before, the title stood to be inherited by a very distant cousin, Lord Ignatius Diamond. From the moment Serena had met him a month or two before her parent's demise, she had instantly dislike the man. Something was terribly wrong with him, a sickness, and an evil that rolled off of his body. Two weeks after the death of her parents the solicitor of her father's estate had informed her that due to the lack of relations able to take her in her ward ship was to be given to Lord Diamond, the new and sixth Earl of Sinclair. With that the solicitor gave her a box that her father had gifted to her upon his demise, should it be premature.

Alone that night in a house that was no longer her's by right. Serena read the contents of the box. Mostly it was private items, and trinkets that her parents had thought she would find special, but with in a leather volume beneath everything she found documents that amazed her. They were all legal copies of her holdings, funds, and a betrothal contract, that was still valid regardless of her parent's lives. The wedding that had been discussed was for when Serena turned twenty and one. But she was about to move it up, and in a whirlwind of frenzy that was exactly what she did. By law she was to be bound in wed lock to Lord Endymion Silver, the third Duke of Rosé thorn, and that was exactly was she intended on doing.

Her steps faltered has she stepped into view of her groom to be, it was her first look at the man she knew next to nothing about, silently she hoped that she had not made some grave error.

Lord Endymion Silver, the third Duke of Rosé thorn, stared at the woman walking towards him. She was nothing like the young child he remembered meeting, just once before. True she had been barely an infant, and she was not likely to remember him at all but still he felt blown away. Over the years he had kept an eye on her, hearing things about her progress in school, and society from his father. When he had joined his majesties royal navy, he had lost knowledge on several years of her life, and not long ago his father died, leaving him a title and obligations at home. It had been away on the continent when her family had died, and had known nothing of her circumstances when he had been commanded by her to appear at the chapel on the 21st of June.

At first he had been furious, how she dare command him. It seemed insane, the wedding agreed upon by their father's was not set for another three years, and even those years were coming to quickly as far has he was concerned. For years he had argued with his father to break the contract between their two families, saying that he should be allowed to choose his own bride, that it was an injustice to be shackled to a women he had only seen when she was still in napes. Personally, had he gotten his way in the argument, he never would have married at all.

He felt marriage was a shame, to many married for wealth, power, and social position. Not enough for love, and he had seen many of those marriages fail. Men were made laugh stocks as their wives had too many affairs to count, and their husbands unsure if the children they were raising her even theirs. Except for the marriage bed, husbands and wives hardly ever saw one another, leading different lives. He didn't want to lead a different life, just one on his own.

But there was the matter of duty and honor, and for the first time he wished that his father hadn't instilled those views into him. Taking her hand, he said his vows. Turning he took the ring from his best man, Malachite. While she said her vows he had time to look her over. She was average in height, her long sliver blond hair hung loose about her, and he had to admit that she had the prettiest blue eyes that he had ever seen. Unlike the current fashion of women now, she wasn't tall and willow some, and her body wasn't sharp with out curves. In fact she was curved in all the right places, and in fact perhaps a little more in her bosom. The thought brought a sharp flash of desire. She was rather beautiful; he thought with some surprise, the child he remembered had been rather plain looking.

He arched a dark brow, as she he faltered in her speech to love, honor and obey. He saw the flash of uncertainly; the vulnerability hidden deep in her eyes, but it was gone so quickly he wasn't certain it had been there at all. She raised her head and continued on, not once taking her eyes from the preacher. Handing her bouquet to her cousin, she waited for the ceremony to be completed.

"You may kiss the bride," the priest said.

Darien smiled wickedly, and pressed his mouth to her, taking advantage of her surprise, he pressed his tongue into her mouth, slowly caressing her. She was his wife, now till the day she died, and he mebt for her to know it. Groaning, he ended to kiss, likely the way her eyes clouded in confused desire. She had liked the kiss, he knew, he had heard the small moan she had made in the back of her throat just before he pulled away.

Serena stared at her husband…Husband.

Stepping into the traveling couch, Serena adjusted her skirts and waited for her husband to join her. Instead the door shut behind her, and the coach began to move. Four hours ago, she had been married, and just after their vows her new husband had commanded her to have her maid finishing packing her belongs, they were going to Rosé thorn Manor, his house in the country. He had things to attend to, that couldn't be put on hold just for their marriage. The packing wasn't really a big deal; her trucks had been packed since she had come to London. With Luna riding on top of the carriage, Serena listened to the creaking of wheels underneath her. Propping up against the cushion in the carriage, she closed her eyes. For now she was safe, she would deal with her husband later. Sleep came, but it wasn't the peace she had been expecting, instead of the nightmares she had had since her parents death took over.

Whimpering she awoke with a start, grateful for her timing. Second's later the carriage door opened and her husband stepped in. As he sat down in front of her, they stared each other.

Measuring one another.

He spoke first, he voice strong and soothing to her. Watching is lips move she thought about the kiss, and had to retrain the urge to touch her lips.

"I think that there are several things that need to be said, before we continue any further in our marriage. I have expectations, and they are to be followed. You of course me say your peace as well."

Serena nodded, not really liking the sound of these expectations.

"First, you are to be loyal to me and that means in everything. You will not have lovers until after you have given me at least two sons. I have no want to raise children that are not my own, and to ensure that your are to remain faithful," he stopped, taking in her heighten color, "I expect heirs, and no trouble from you. I want nothing to do with scandal and your are to avoid it. Are we cleared?" he asked, raising at eye brow when her eyes narrowed. If looks could kill, he was certain that his new wife would be a widow. These demands were for the best, it would keep disagreements out of the marriage and ensure that no taint came to his family name, it hadn't yet and he wasn't about to start.

"We're very clear," Serena replied through clenched teeth. It was unbelievable, how dare he talk to her this way, it wasn't as if she had ever done anything to make him distrust her. But then she hadn't done anything to make him trust her. Hell, she wouldn't even know how to go about conducting an affair, let alone what happened in an affair. Her mother had never really gotten around to explaining the odds and ins between a woman and a man. Partly because she had died before her come out, and found no need to discuss that subject with her daughter.

Taking a deep breath she eyed her husband, "Endymion?" she questioned.

"Darien." He corrected, "My family and friends call me Darien."

She nodded, and tried to curb her temper. "Am I to understand that where you require my loyal and no trouble from me, I'm to expect you to have mistresses and lovers?" At his silence, she trudged on. "I think not, I want the same in concern with you. Oh I'm not so concerned with scandal, but I don't want to be dictated in what I read or the hobbies that I indulge in,"

"What are your hobbies and reading material?" he asked, in a bland voice.

"I'm very interested in medicinal herbs, and there properties." She answered a little wary. Most men found that an unsuitable pursuit for a woman.

He merely nodded, finding nothing wrong with the pursuit, but he'd let her squirm first.

"You may continue with your hobbies." Was all he said? They fell silent, and for Serena the carriage ride was a terrible strain on her nerves, for Darien it was a terrible strain to keep his lust under control. He wanted her, had since he had saw her walking down the aisle towards him.

Later that night, while preparing for bed at a local inn Serena realized that he had never given her his word when it came to other women in his life. Sad, she slipped under the bed sheets; she would make the best of the marriage. Even if it killed her.

Serena shivered and snuggled closer to the warmth next to her. Sleepily she opened her eyes and pulled the bed sheets to her chin. Even in the late Spring of June the nights were cool and the mornings cooler when the rain fell in the light. A constant occurrence in England. Safely cocooned in her warmth fell back asleep, taking no note of the large hand upon her belly and the soft kiss on her forehead as her dreams took her.

Darien smiled as he pulled the soft woman next to him…closer to his body. Stretched out against his length his new bride barely reached the top his shoulders, resting his chin on the top of her head, he signed. He didn't know what had made him crawl into bed next to her this night. He had fully intended to leave her alone, and allow her maid to share this room with her. Yet, some how just as the moon reached its peak in the sky he found himself in her bed. For his part he regretted the harsh words they had shared in the carriage, but he didn't know how else to make her understand what he wanted out of this marriage. The most direct approach had seemed the best, now however he wasn't to sure. Regardless of the fact that they were now married, they knew little about each other. The softer approach might be better. With that thought he drifted off to sleep, content to hold her. In a way it disturbed him that even just a day after meeting her he would want to be this close. He wasn't used to wanting anyone who couldn't be bought for a dollar or two. He wasn't a man that had ever loved a woman the way some he had known some did.

When Serena awoke nothing but the lingering warmth in the bed next to her indicated that it had even been occupied at all. Unexpectedly she blushed, realizing that it had to have been Darien. Not really a stupid conclusion, since they were married, but from what she understood married people only shared a bed to couple and make a child. Other that that they slept in separate bedrooms. Suddenly she had the most appalling thought. Had they coupled, and she didn't even remember it? Terrified, hopped off the bed and threw back the bed sheets. There was no blood on the bed, and she did remember her mother mentioning something about blood. Slightly relieved she tried hard to smile when Luna entered the room. Her was anxious, and needed to talk to her husband.

"Sweetheart? Are you alright?" Luna asked concerned, she knew the strain her lady had been under.

Serena nodded, and tried to rush her faster to be dressed.

Darien eyed is wife in the carriage, they were only an hour or two from the manor, and he wanted to get to talk to her again. She looked stressed he thought. Not that was really hard to believe, from what he had learned from her maid, her parents death had been sudden, and the idea to marry him quickly just as sudden. Luna had refused to explain why, saying that it was for her mistress to explain. Immediately he had become suspicions, asking if Serena was breeding. To her credit Luna had looked appalled, saying no, it had to do with family matters that could be explained later.


She cut him off, blurting out, "Darien did you come to my bed last night?" she blushed realizing how direct the question was.

He smiled liking her blush, reaching across the seat he pulled her on to his lap. "Shah," he winked, when she began to stiffen in his arms. "Yes, I came to your bed last night,"

"Did we?"

"Did we what?"


He frowned, not liking were this was going. Did she really believe that he would take advantage of her? "Serena when we make love, you'll know it, and you'll be awake for it. I would never take advantage of you," he softened, remembering how yesterday's harsh words had affected them.

She nodded, feeling relieved and somewhat nervous about what was to come.

Darien turned her face to meet his, taking in her beauty, he settled his mouth upon heir's for a short sweet kiss. When it ended, he positioned her in his arms, liking the feeling of her, and just wanting to hold her.

Serena shivered, and snuggled deeper in to his arms. "Tell me about your family," she requested.

"I have a sister…" her head jerked up quickly, smacking it against his chin, he flinched slightly.

"You do?" She looked so surprised he could help but laugh.