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Lyn: I kind of still don't want to be here...

Naruto: Yeah well you're staying here wether you like it or not.

Lyn: Well it's just I'm still edgy.

Sasuke: Well I think that's dumb, I still can't believe that it only took an HOUR to affect you. Come on Lyn an hour?

Lyn: No, no you see you still don't know MY side. You keep looking at how it only took me an hour to give up but the thing is it only took an hour for me to recieve a little over 10 yes 10! Hate mails.

Naruto: Oh wow and it only took an hour?

Lyn: Yes! And I'm sorry I didn't make this clear but it wasn't JUST the emails and pms. It's the fact that my day had gone shitty. I mean it was one of those days were something bad has already happened and you're just now feeling the imapact of it.

Sasuke: Like what? Did you break a nail again?

Lyn: -Glare- Well if you must know I did but I don't care what anyone says breaking nails HURTS! But no, there a lot of...issues happening at my school that have finally become noticable to myself plus the whole family getting in on 'bash Lyn day!' Then of course there's the whole getting stabbed in the back by NUMEROUS 'friends' plus someone really close to me died recently and -

Naruto: And then you broke a nail?

Lyn: -Glare- I'm being serious here! Well just alot of horrible things were happening and by the end of the day when I go onto FF to you know brighten my day because that's what stories and my reviewers do and then BAM! There was a flame. I mean I literally stared for a long time going. 'That's not what I think it is...' but it was. So then I go into my email and BAM dozens of PMing flamers and dozens of home made hate mails were just sitting and waiting for me!

Sasuke: And THEN you broke a nail?

Lyn: God dammit would you two shut up about that?! No, then I don't know all of a sudden every stressful and horrible thing that happened that day just BAM hit me in the face! And it was like the flamers were the icing on the cake and I-I don't I just-

Naruto: Snapped? Like Sakura did in the other chapter?

Lyn: Exactly! Only there was no one coming over to make me feel better and the moment I wrote my farewells I got off and then-

Sasuke -broke a nail.

Lyn: DAMMIT SASUKE! NO! Then I just sat for a while trying to calm down and at first I DID regret what I did, I was about to go back on...

Naruto: -Stares-

Lyn: -Sighs- And THEN I broke a nail. And I'm sorry but that spelt omen to me so I just didn't bother.

Sasuke: Let me guess then you go back on, see that you got more reviews, went to read thinking they were flamers, saw that they were your fans and then BAM you felt like trying?

Lyn: -Stares- Well damn Sasuke, you just put like a five minute rant into just one sentence. I guess that's why they call you a genius ne?

Sasuke: Hn.

Lyn: Hmph! I go through a bump in my writing life and all you can say to me is Hn?!

Naruto: Looks like it.

Lyn: -Sigh- Well I guess then I'll just have to feel the empty void of Sasuke's speech with my story! ...On with the story. :)


---All My Heart---


Chapter 10: The Promises You've Broken

2nd Part of lunch

Naruto's P.O.V


I screamed rushing over to him. Oh this couldn't be good.

"Sasuke! I-I, God Sasuke did you see the way she just walked off? Did you see?"

"Yes, Dobe I obviously saw the way she ran out. She'll get over it."

Sasuke rolls his eyes and I growl grabing him by his shirt.

"First off Teme stop calling me that! Secondly she's not going to get over it. Hell Sasuke she's had this sick infauation with you for like ever! You think she's just going to go off into the sunset thinking everything is just dandy?!"

"Well what do you want me to do?! Date her?! Is that what you want!"

"No I- well I- I don't know what I want!"

Sasuke tensed and pried my hands off his shirt. Damnit I knew something was going to happen I just knew it.



Ami's P.O.V

Bad. Wrong. Bad, bad WRONG! Things were NOT supposed to end up like this. Damn think Ami THINK!

Turning my gaze over I slap my hand over my forehead as Sasuke prys Naruto's hands off his shirt and glares. Kami could things get any-no, no I'm not going to finish that thought! Pessemistic thoughts will only make this worse. Remember the hooker isn't half naked she's half dressed! Yeah that's what an optimist would think right?

I rush over to Naruto and Sasuke.

"You don't know what you want?"

Sasuke asks with venom in his voice. Shit! Damn you Naruto!

"Well I-I-"

"Oh I see you don't know what you want at all. Does that mean you don't want me? Hm? Is that what you're trying to say!"

I roll my eyes.

"God damnit Sasuke you know that's not what he's thinking!"

I yell seeing as Naruto looks more like he's going to cry than say anything atleast anything usefull. Before I could say anything Sakura slams open the luch room door and again the lunch room is silent. There was something different about her and-oh God what's in her hand! Oh no...


Sasuke's P.O.V

Kami what does she want now? I ask myself as she walks up to me but before I can say anything she stares at me with the most serious look she's ever given me.

"Sasuke I love you!"

I growl and my anger rises.

"We went through this Sakura you don't even kn-"

"But I can learn! I can learn to know you, to love what you love! I can be everything you ever wanted!"

"Sakura no you can't. You will never be able to."

She pauses and instead of walking away again she stands on the table next to me and I look closely at her just now seeing the scraps on her hands and...is that glass?

"Sasuke I can't live with out you! I'm nothing with out you! I need to have you back!"

I growl and forgetting what I promised Naruto I growled out.

"Sakura you never HAD me. I don't LIKE you. Infact I HATE you. I honestly HA-"

"NO! Stop saying that! Stop it, stop it."

I stop and stare as she grabbed her head. I'm starting to get a little creeped out.

"I can be everything you ever wanted! I can. I can change. Change into someone you can love!"


"I would do anything for you."

"Sakura stop-"

"I'll prove it to you!"

My eyes widden as she raises the glass to her neck and Naruto jumps in.

"Sakura stop! What do you think you're-"

"Stay out of this Naruto! I'll prove that I'd do anything for you Sasuke just watch me!"

Everything kind of went in slow motion as she grabbed a good portion of her hair and then raised the shard to her hair. No she wouldn't...would she?


Ino's P.O.V o.o

(A/N: Thought I'd make it kind of like that one scene from the anime)

I watch frozen in place as Sakura yells at Naruto as she holds the shard close to her neck. My eyes start burning. She wouldn't! She won't.

"Hey Ino guess what I found out!"

Everything slows down as she clumps her hair togerther and brings the shard to it.

"Sasuke likes girls with long hair!"

Swoosh! Suddenly hair was flying in the air and I could only watch dumbly as Sakura held her hand out and showed the clomp of hair she had cut and opened her hand allowing the hair to fly everywhere.

(A/N: God that sucked...)


Sasuke's P.O.V

She did it. She really did it. I stare at her hair on her head and see how she had cut it oddly and yet there was that stare. That stare that needing stare and it just made me angrier.

"See Sasuke I'd do anything for you. You love short hair and here I am with short hair!"


"Yes Sasuke?"

I walk up and yank her off the table and look her in the eyes. No more hiding behind the bush it's now or never!

"I can't love you. I can't like any...any girl."

She chocked back a sob and nearly screamed at me.

"Well why not! I could-I could be everything-everything! I could-"

"SAKURA! I can't love you because I love someone already!"

Sakura paused. And stared at me though it looked like she was staring more through me.


She whispered.

I turned around and saw Naruto in the crowd. Making my way quickly over to him I held him close as we got to Sakura.

"S-Sasuke what are you-"

"I love Naruto!"

I yelled and silenced him with a kiss. Before anyone could say anything Sakura screamed and tears fell as she ran out of the lunch room again. Naruto pushed me away and glared at me.

"Sasuke how could you! You promised me! You promised you bastard!"

And before I really understood it Naruto was walking away from me.


Ami's P.O.V

Smack. Ow I have to stop hitting my forhead like that or I'm going to give myself a headache. I rubbed my temples. Who the hell am I kidding I do have a headache. Now what? I have to do something or else-

I glance to see Ino walk up and pick some strands of Sakura's hair off the floor along with the shard that was used. I watched as she ran out of the lunch room in what I'm going to assume is the way Sakura went. I sigh. Well I guess the only thing I can do now is watch what happens.

"Naruto wait!"

...Okay strike that I have to help the other idiots first.


Sasuke's P.O.V

I ran after Naruto and shouted to him.

"Naruto wait!"

He spun around and pointed.

"No! No more waiting. You just-just don't get it do you! You broke your promise to me! Shattered my TRUST! I'm tired of being so paranoid about these feeling I have when I'm with you. I-I don't WANT to feel this kind of pain!"

I stared. No this couldn't be happening.

"Naruto I-"

"No! No more Naruto! No more of your lies! 'I'll protect you.' Isn't that what you said? Liar!"

Naruto turned away from me and ran and before I could run to him a hand was on my shoulder. I twist around and see Ami...Ami!

"Ami do something! Naruto, he-"

"I know."

"Well what are you going to do?"


"Nothing! Why? I-fine! It doesn't matter I'll do something!"

I tried walking away but the grip tightened.

"And what will you do? Make things worse? That's almost impossible but you seem to be doing a fair job of screwing things up."

"Hn. Well then fix it."

She sighs.

"Sasuke...you're the one who supposed to protect him. How can you protect him when you always come to me when things are broken?"

"Well I-"

"I'm not your mother, I'm your friend. I'm not here to pick you up and tell you right from wrong. I'm here to give you advice and tell you to get off your lazy ass!"

"That's what I'm trying to do!"

"Sasuke right now both you and Naruto are emotionally unstable. I'm not going to allow you to do anything until you realize your mistakes and decide how you'll fix them first."

I stare at her. My mistakes? What mistakes! I'm an Uchiha! Uchiha's never make mistakes!

"What are you talking about? Mistakes? I've done nothing of the sort I-"

"Sasuke stop..."


Ami's P.O.V

Idiot and his stupid Uchiha complex. Can't see anything with that in the way. I look at him and sigh bringing my hand up to his face. I traced it down his face before bringing it away and-


Ah, I love the sound of an echoing slap! He places his hand over the slap mark and looks towards me with widdened eyes. Take that Uchiha pride!

"A-Ami! You just-you just-"

"Slapped you?"

"Stop interupting me!"

"Then stop being so blind to the wrongs you've done! If you can't even realize what the problem is then how do you plan on solving it?"

He places his hand down and, with what I can only guess was a deadly glare which it probably would be if I wasn't imuned, whispered.

"Oh I'm sorry. I'm must have missed something. You'll have to give me a hint then won't you? What mistakes have I made?"

I look at him with sad eyes.

"Baka. You have to fix the big mistakes you've made..."

I direct my eyes toward the doors Ino and Sakura exited.

"Fix the promises that you've broken..."


Woot woot! It's done! It's short! And it's crappy! But at least I'm back in the game! Please RXR and no flamming. I just got my confidence back. Sorry for any and all spelling and grammar errors! I think this break away from writing was just what I needed!

Lyn: It-is-done!

Sasuke: Finally.

Lyn: What do you mean by finally?

Naruto: Well it did take you a really long time to finish this...

Lyn: Well yeah but-but it's done!

Sasuke: Yeah but it may be too late. Maybe your fans have already given up on you.

Lyn: -Stares-

Naruto: Lyn?

Lyn: -Stares-


Lyn: -Stares-

Naruto: I think you broke her Sa-

Lyn: -Bursts out into tears- NOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

Sasuke: What the- calm down!


Naruto: Now Lyn I'm sure that-

Lyn: WAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

Sasuke: Oh for Kami sakes... Naruto let's end this now!


Naruto: But-but what about-

Lyn: NOoOoOoO!!

Sasuke: We'll worry about her later! Um that's it for now! Hope you enjoyed. Ja ne!

---To Be Continued---