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THEY HAVE TO MAKE LO-(smacked with hilt of zanpakuto)

Kenpachi-Think she will shut up now?

Nanao- Yep, is she dead?

Kenpachi-(shrugs) Dunno

Nanao- Meh, anyway, Vulcran does not own me nor Kenpachi or any other setting, being, or thing affiliated with Bleach, though I think she is getting a Kenpachi plushie.

Kenpachi-(sweatdrop) they make plushies of me?

P.S. Seireitei Arc Spoiler-ish XD

Plot- none really, rendezvous between my favorite couple and their playful banter.. hope it isn't too OOC

The 8th Fukutai stood outside the north gate of Seireitei, the side that led to the worst part of Rukongai, the area known as Zaraki.

Funny thing, that word Zaraki. Most Shimigami would feel a tremor of fear race finely over their body but not Nanao. No, that word had a completely different connotation to the fairly young Fukutai. One that had nothing to do with fear and everything to do with twisted sheets, rough skin pressed against soft, and a talented mouth trailing kisses of scourging heat…

Blood crept to her cheeks, tinting it a pale vermilion. She was so absorbed in her little fantasy that she did not hear the light ring of small bells behind her.

"Che, do you want to die out here? You can barely handle your taichou let alone the scum that run these parts of Rukongai."

The gruff rumble of a voice sounded directly to her backside. Spinning quickly on one heel, Nanao's still blushing face was staring at bandaged abs of Zaraki Kenpachi. Her neck cracked with the effort to look the giant man in the eye. A look of slight disgust crossed Kenpachi's face but was soon chased away with his ever-present smirk. He did have a reputation to keep up.

"What are you doing here, woman?"

Violet eyes widened in shock, then disbelief at what the towering man had said. Nanao's back straightened and she drew herself to her full height, all 5' 4" of it. The heavy tome was propped perfectly against her hip.

"Who are you calling woman, Zaraki-taichou? I assure you that I can and will bind you just like Ichimaru-taichou does."

Her face was as still as stone, but those violet orbs glinted with laughter. The game had begun.

"Oh really? And what part of the binding to you think I will not like, 'specially if it is from you?"

The last of the words were low, and clipped at the end with a growl. Said growl tugged at things lower in Nanao's abdomen.

"The part where I leave you naked in the middle of the public courtyard in Seireitei, that part."

The fierce man just rolled his eye at her, and scooped her up, carrying her bridal style.

"Kenpachi! What are you doing?"

"Taking you to my division and my bed, is something wrong with that Nanao-chan?"

She shivered involuntarily. When Kyouraku-taichou ever said her pet name she was peeved and annoyed but the way the 11th Taichou drawled out each syllable in that gruff voice made her melt her stoic disposition. Gentle lips gently caressed a scar-ridden cheek.

"No, no nothing is wrong with that, Ken. Just thought you liked to go to my division and scare my taichou senseless."

He walked in strong, graceful steps. A shrug rose up from his body but his uncovered eye shown with malicious happiness, at the future expense of the 8th division taichou.

"Hn, why not?"

The next step was a shunpyo, and they oddest couple in all Seireitei were gone.

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