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"Kawaii, Kawaii Nanao-chan! Lovely, Lovely-"


The 8th fukutai's notebook hit her taichou squarely in the head, making that oh so common dull noise of blunt objects to the cranium area sound that frequented their shared office.

She watched as her exuberant captain fell to the ground, straw hat askew. His hand was on his chest, resting just over the spot of his heart.

"Why does my adorable and lovely Nanao-chan wound me so? I wish only to show you my love."

Nanao, quite agitated by now, gave Kyouraku but a sideways glance from her desk. Her violet eyes communicated all the emotion she needed them to. The man cringed ever so slightly at the look, which in turn caused a minute curve of lips on the stoic woman's face.

Pale fingers held an ivory calligraphy pen daintily, the tip sunk into the inkwell.

"Kyouraku-taichou you know very well not to bother me when I am doing your paperwork, as well as my own."

"Hu, hu, Nanao-chan. I did not ask you to do my work, but you do it anyways? What a wonderfully cute fukutaichou you are. As your taichou, I should reward you for such grand efforts."

Her taichou started to slink closer but halted at the feeling of a foreign reiatsu to their division. Not foreign to Seireitei, far from that but Kyouraku was very curious as to why this person was here. He gave the ebony haired fukutai a questioning look, one brown eyebrow rising in question. Nanao bowed her head, hiding the smile on her face.

The office door opened quite nosily as the door hit the wall, revealing the man that barely fit in its frame.

"Ah, Zaraki-taichou, what is the pleasure we have of seeing you in our lovely division on this fine day. Care for a drink?"

The one uncovered onyx eye gazed at the by far shorter taichou. A simple shake of his head, and an echo of his bells was Kyouraku's answer.

"I need to talk to Ise."

It was a simple statement and Nanao rose to walk with him out the door and away from her taichou's slightly maddening personality.

"I will go with you, Zaraki-taichou. It is not exactly private here."

The 8th taichou looked miffed at the statement his adjutant had spoken.

"Nanao-chan!!! You can not go until I know that Kenpachi's intentions are decent."

With a great flourish, the man grabbed his fukutai, crushing her half protectively and half smothering to his chest.


That was Kenpachi response, along with a wicked grin. Nothing was going to stop him from witnessing what was bound to happen next.





The fan that Nanao kept in her sleeve for such cases came out and rightly smacked her taichou in the cheek. The fan's insignia was imprinted in Kyouraku's red cheek.

"Kyouraku-taichou if you do not put me down this instant and let me do as I wish I will request a transfer to whatever division I like."

Automatically, he dropped his precious Nanao-chan to the ground, making sure she was standing as she landed. He dare not risk losing her for his overtly theatrical performance.

"Hai, Nanao-chan."

She nodded a brief thanks to her captain, and pushed rather forcefully Kenpachi out the doorway and into the hall.

Once they were a good distance from her division and prying eyes, Nanao reached for Kenpachi's hand. Pale thin fingers laced with larger calloused ones. The two walked in silence, the dauntingly tall man spoke first.

"Remind me to never royally piss you off."

The 8th adjutant let her serious façade fall as she laughed at the taichou's comment.

"Hai, that I will but I highly doubt you could piss me off and not know it. You are rather observant despite what others think, and rather sweet when I can get you to blush, but that is a secret I will take to my grave…metaphorically speaking."

The fierce man gave a small smile as he watched her laugh. The smile left his face as he heard someone speaking rather loudly farther down the lane. By their linked arms, he tugged Nanao to his chest. His free hand locked behind her lower back, an odd dancers' embrace to any that would have seen. In one step he was behind a large oak that grew in the surrounding foliage of this path. He remained completely still, forcing most of his reiatsu to stay hidden, as not to inquire the coming persons to investigate. Violet eyes gazed curiously at her lover's sudden actions.



She instantly became quiet, knowing that he had to have sensed something she did not. Instead she kept herself content by lacing her arms behind his neck and resting her head against his chest, listening to the steady thump of his heart.

"Isane! Come back here."

A gruff voice called playfully out to what they now knew to be Isane-fukutai and someone else.

"Hn, I think not, Renji. You have to catch me first."

Kenpachi was shocked by this odd couple; Renji and Isane? Nanao pulled herself up, her lips close to Ken's ear.

"They are like us, in a way, ne? Young, robust, and a completely unseeming couple."

At the end of her whispered words, Nanao nipped Kenpachi's earlobe, knowing full well what would happened.

A loud moan erupted from the woods, which caused Renji and Isane to look back down the path they just came.

"Did you hear that?"

"Ha, Hai.."

Renji's arm wrapped protectively around his companion's hip.

"I think it is best we don't go down this road anymore."

Isane nodded in agreement, walking briskly with him.

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