As the scene opens, we see the main entrance to the ark. Birds are singing, and it seems like a pretty quiet day. Well, quiet isn't exactly accurate, since almost all the Autobots were out trying to defeat yet another one of Megatron's schemes. Anyhow, it was pretty much normal.

Chapter One

Three faces peered out from behind the boulder, about fifty feet from the Ark's main entrance. "I think they're gone." Bullet, the tall, silver mech whispered. "Good; Our diversion should keep them busy for a while. " the iridescent blue-and-green Syus replied.

"Do I have to?" the smaller black-and-silver mech between them asked cautiously. He knew it was no good to ask about it, he'd never get out of it anyway.

Syus turned long enough to give him a 'Yeah, right' look.

"Gobee, it is important you succeed on this mission. Once we have the human, we gain an advantage over the Autobots." The dragon transformer (Syus) glanced around before turning back to the little BMW (car), Gobee, beside him. "We'll keep our radios on in case you need help." he reassured.

Gobee looked quickly, then ran up beside the square pillar-like door frame. He glanced around it, then flattened himself against the outside of it as Ratchet and Wheeljack strode by. As they passed, he heard Ratchet say: "I hope these new motion sensors we installed will help improve the base's security, Wheeljack. I don't want any Decepticreeps sneaking in while we're not looking." Gobee smirked at the comment as the two dissapeared over the nearby hill. Once he was sure they were out of hearing range, he keyed in on his transmitter.

"Did you catch that?"

"Sure did." came the reply.

"Any luck with the security systems?" he hoped Bullet could hack into the Autobot computer from his laptop.

"Well, I've managed somehow to get into Teletran without it detecting me, but I'm having trouble pinpointing the motion sensor system."

"Oh Great." Gobee said to the air around him. Bullet typed a little more, then keyed back in on his transmitter.

"I can't shut down the sensors without being detected, but I can tell you where they are. All you have to do is find a way to get past them. Can you do that?"

Gobee glared at the transmitter, as though it would relay to the mech on the other end. Instead, Syus's calm, baritone voice came on.

"Tony, Just stay calm and collected. Remember, We've done this in excersises before. You know that we have faith in you."

Gobee was about to open his mouth and point out the flaw, but instead just sighed, trying to calm his nerves.

"Yeah, peice of cake." he said as though trying to reassure himself. But he knew this would be far from easy.

"Okay; The first sensor is down the main hall on your left. Look for the light." Gobee paused.

"There's a hundred lights, Bullet." he said flatly, motioning to the lights running down both sides of the ceiling.

"Hold on." Bullet typed in a couple codes, and grinned as the security camera view came up on his laptop screen. "It's under the security camera. " he said But don't destroy it or it'll set off the alarm."he warned.

Gobee thoughtfully crept towards the camera when...


"Hey Tony, I figured out how to turn off the sensors. Each has an individual I.D. and security code, but I'm inside their system. I'll only need a second to find the next one and get into it."

"Just keep me updated." Tony said, heading a little further down the hall.

Outside, Bullet glared at his laptop, but kept typing. He knew how many sensors there were;Now if he could only...

"!" Bullet swore mentally as the computer made a misconnection. Syus gave him a curious look, but Bullet exited into an unused subroutine to avoid detection.


In the security office, Red Alert's computer blinked off.

"Blasted glitch! I knew I should have had Ratchet double check his work. Something allways goes wrong when I'm around!" the red and white Autobot grumbled. It was bad enough he had to work with outdated computers. Now there was something wrong with the computer system, too. Why couldn't Prime have made sure their security systems were in better condition? working at all would have been satisfactory. How was he supposed to keep the Arc secure when he couldn't even see what was going on? He sighed, scrolling through the security monitor screens one more time.

Back in the hallway, Gobee had reached the second sensor. "It's to the right on the ceiling."

"Thanks. I see it."

"Hey, thank my trusty laptop." Bullet said jokingly.

Gobee, who didn't see the humor, gave the air around him an exasperated look; Reaching into a subspace pocket, he pulled out a small marblelike object. From outside the sensor's range, the BMW loaded the paintball into his slingshot. "I knew this would be usefull for something." he said as he took carefull aim...


"What on Cybertron!" Red Alert jumped at the noise, and glanced at the security monitor. The camera screen was completely black; As was the next one he switched to. Checking the computer's systems, it said everything was working correctly. "GRRR... How on Earth am I supposed to work like this? What if we were to have Decepticon raiding party we'd never know! Oh, just wait till I see Ratchet next time I'm going to have to stand over him and make sure he does it right..."

Gobee hurried down the adjacent hall and towards the command center of the ark. "The last one is at the end of the hall. You're almost there." Bullet radioed. The small 'bot ran for a little ways, but suddenly came to a screeching halt, almost overbalancing himself in the process. Before him, laid into the floorpanels from wall to wall were a set of glowing electropanels. He knew they would set off the alarm if anything metal touched them. and they were laid for too far of a distance to jump across. He keyed his transmitter. "Bullet, I thought you said you turned off all the security systems except the last motion sensor."

"I did." came the reply.

"The electropanels are still on." he stated.

"Hang on... Okay."

"Are you sure?"

"I'm sure, Gobee."

Gobee barely brushed the edge, then tensed, expecting to hear the alarm. When he didn't, he carefully crossed. When he reached the other side, he pulled out his pistol and switched settings. He pulled the trigger, and it created a thick fog, revealing a laser tripwire. He carefully stepped over it, not about to trust Bullet's trusty laptop anymore.

Back at the security office, the computer blinked "Electropanels Deactivated." "What now?" Red alert leaned over to get a closer look. Suddenly his computer flashed in big red lettering: " Computer Uplink Detected. System No Longer Secure."

"We'll just see about that!" he declared, pressing a couple of buttons.

Outside, Bullet's laptop exploded with a shower of sparks. The silver mech shoved the thing off his lap and keyed in on his transmitter.

"Tony, Red Alert just blew up my laptop."

silence came back

"Tony, get out of there!"

"I'm almost there!" Gobee replied, launching a paintball at the final sensor as he passed under it into the conrol room. Syus keyed in now;

"Tony, abort mission. They know we're here." he commanded. But Gobee was allready to his target.

"Too late." he replied, as he snatched up Spike and transformed.

Sparkplug came running into the control room, as Teletran came on, Blaring "Intruder Detected."

"What's going on here!" he demanded, just in time to see Gobee transform into a car, and toss his son inside.


"Dad, Help!" The black car powerlocked his doors and did a peelout for the exit. He sped away down the main hall, and would have slammed into the returning Ratchet and Wheeljack if he hadn't slammed on his brakes. the BMW did a 180, and fishtailed before coming to a complete halt. Since he was allready pointed in the opposite direction, Gobee did a peelout before the suprised Autobots could even draw their weapons; And accelerated back down the hall into the Ark, alarm klaxons screaming around him.

Aiming dead-on for Sparkplug at just over 70 miles per hour, Gobee waited until he was a few yards away, then transformed, launching hiself over the human. As he transformed, he also launched the screaming Spike into the air. Gobee caught the human softly around the midsection as he landed, in one smooth movement. At the same time, he drew his gun with his free hand.

Ratchet and Wheeljack camme barreling down the rest of the hall into the room, intent on shooting him. "Wait!" Wheeljack shoved Ratchet's gun off target. "We can't risk hurting Spike!" There was a momentary stalemate, then Gobee's radio came on.

"Gobee, abort mission. Gobee where are you?" It was Bullet.

In his coldest voice, he said:"If you don't want to see any harm come to your human friend here, I suggest you let me leave." Inside, though, he was shaking like a leaf with fear, as the Autobots moved aside.

"You're not taking my son anywhere!" Sparkplug yelled hurling a peice of metal pipe at the departing mech. But it pinged off his shoulder harmlessly, and he tried to ignore it. About this time, Red Alert came flying down the hall into the room, firing off a row of shots as he did. Neither of the Autobots had time to yell for him not to. The shots connected, and the second hit Gobee squarely in the back of the helmet.

Falling forward, Gobee released his grip on Spike, sending him flying once more. "Spike!" Sparkplug yelled, expecting to see the boy crash onto the hard metal floor. But a pair of giant metal hands reached out to catch the falling teenager.

"Whew, thanks, Wheeljack. For a moment there, I thought I was a goner."

"No problem, spike." the white, red, and green transformer said, putting him down.

"But..why?" Spike questioned the black and silver mech who had saved his father less than 24 hours before.

"I..." Gobee searched for an explanation. "They made me..."


Oooooooh... cliffhanger.

Sorry, I had six pages, and decided it was too long. So I decided to cut it short. I guess you'll have to wait for the second chapter to see what happens next.