Well, here it is. The deleted scene from Plan B: catchpoint. I want first and foremostly to warn you about adult content. It's PnP (Plug 'n Play) and het (male/female), but I'm just allways nervous about posting smut anywhere, especially if it involves my fanchars. This was referenced in the RP series fic "the Wrong Side of Right", though not in detail. So I decided to just sit down and write it one night. I apologise if it's a bit choppy. I've found I have trouble writing smut.


Fanfic: Plan B: Catchpoint, chapter 7, redux Rating: Adult (smut!) Category: Plug 'n Play Pairings: Jazz/Jade (Het)
Warnings: Bondage, implied violence, implied torture

Author's notes: This is actually between the beginning and end of chapter 7. Yup, right in the middle. That's why it starts off so... suddenly. There's several chapters of this part of the story before this, so I kinda had to chop it. Sorry.
The setup is that (before they became allies with the Autobots), the Kintaari has a plan to capture Spike and force the Autobot leader to surrender. They got Spike, Spike escaped, and they ended up getting Jazz. Jade's loud mouth has the group's leader, Syus (Scythe) questioning her loyalty. So he has told her to interrogate the prisoner. Either Jade gets the Ark's access codes, or Syus lets the group's *real* interrogators warm up their skills on her before going to work on Jazz.
Jade, needless to say, is scared to death. and somewhat drunk. (she was drinking hoping it would make her not care about hurting an Autobot. She likes the bots. Really, she does.)

Okay, is that it? I think that's it. That's the setup.


Jade's comm came on.

"Well?" Syus's voice sounded expectant, if not demanding.

"I'm trying, okay? this takes time, yaknow." she replied.

"Well hurry up. Razer and Dusk are not going to wait all day. You'll be lucky if you have an hour. I'm trying to convince them to wait." he answered. "I'll do everything I can." Jade replied. "Very well, Scythe out." the commline clicked off. Jade lowered her head to rest on Jazz's shoulder. Why me." she raised her head. "Why you? I mean, dang. What do they want me to do?" She sighed. Only one thing to do now.

"I can give you some information on the Kintaari if we connect, but not much. At least who we are and where we're from. I can tell Syus it was... unavoidable. But you have to give me something."

Jazz's replying look was one of distrust and yet... somewhat curious. "Oh come on..." Jade leaned in. "You might like it." She kissed him, getting a somewhat suprised sound. Jade smirked, settling her hands on his shoulders. "I know the Autobots want to know who we are and why ee're here. I can't tell you the information, or Scythe *will* let Razer and Dusk offline me. But I know for a fact you're capable of getting information from people through a connection. With or without their firewalls up." she tilted her head slightly, running her hands up his arms them back down again. She gave him a pleading look.

"Hey, you're in the driver's seat, not me. I can't do nothin all tied up like this." the black and white looked her in the optics. She didn't seem to him like the type capable of such a sadistic act as torturing a mech. The instant she'd started downing the high-grade concoction, he'd figured it out. She was being coerced into doing this, to prove her loyalty to her faction.

She took a step away. "Uhmm.. err.." she searched for the panel that covered the interfacing apparatus, then looked back at him sheepishly. He made a noise like a huff of laughter and then looked away, amused.

"What. I've never... er- as a transformer, uh..."

Jazz chuckled. How lovely. His interrogator was no more than a youngling, by the looks of her! She didn't even know shere to find her own interface apparatae! But that thought then led to this question: why were her so-called friends forcing her to do this? And why did she stay here with them if they were threatening her life?

"why are you staying with them? Yaknow if you let me go ma friends at th'ark can keep ya safe from this lot o loonies. Whatever they're usin' ta blackmail ya, or keep ya here, I'm sure the bots can keep ya safe from them." he offered.

The femmejet frowned. "They are my friends. And I'm here by choice, of my own free will." she didn't even blink. "Aha." a panel just below her cockpit windows slid open, revealing a coiled wire with a plug on the end, similar to the wire on a pair of headphones. She walked back up and reached out to jack in. Jazz tried to move his body away from her. "Woah there, hang on. you can't jus' go jackin' inta somebody without givin em some forewarnin first."

Jade blinked, then realised what he meant. "Sorry." she mumbled, lifting her head to kiss the side of his neck, mouth caressing the cables beneath the warm plating. One hand coming up to stroke at exposed wires in his chest. He moved his head towards her, and she kissed him, deepening the kiss as her hand closed around a power cable and stroked. Jazz moaned softly encouragingly. The jet broke the kiss and looked around his exposed chassis, wondering where to go now.

Her left hand teased it's way down his side, finding a set of relays to tease. When he stiffened noiselessly, she glanced back up at him, making sure she wasn't hurting him. As her fingers wound in and out of wire bundles and circuits, she looked for one spot in particular...

Aha. There it was. A tiny little panel just above the interfacing jack. She grinned and kissed him again, trailing kisses down his bound, armorless chassis till she reached the interface relay board. Her hands worked their way down his hips, his thighs, and the femmjet flicked out her glossa, teasing then stroking the sensitive board. The black and white let out a suprised gasp, which turned into a moan.

Jade smirked as she spotted a smaller wire connected to the back of the board. The wire connecting his interface hardware to his spark chamber. She massaged a motion relay in his hip with two fingers, making him squirm. Then traced a tiny wire from his hip servo with one finger to the larger black wire at the board. "well?" she nearly-whispered, slowly reaching out two fingers to brush the wire. She teased the circuitboard once more, slowly circling his interfacing jack with her glossa. Jazz mewled, trying to arch more into the touches. She glanced up at him. "Do it." he managed, trying not to let overload take him just yet. The jet quirked an opticridge and circle one particularly sensitive cicruit. A shudder ran through the black and white's frame, followed by another needy moan. "Please." came the added whisper.

Jade grinned and gave the circuitboard one final lick, then left it alone, getting a dissapointed sound from the black and white. She kissed him again, running her finger and the tip of her plug around the jack, trying to feel where it was. Jazz moaned again into her mouth, and the plug snapped into place.

Suddenly, everything she had done to him came rushing back on her. It was like they were the same person, only Jade's perception of it was more like an echo, fainter. The pain wasn't as strong as she knew it had to be for him, but everything else was as clear for her as it was for him.

She cirled her left arm around his neck to keep from falling in case her legs gave out, and kept kissing him. Every stroked wire, every tease, every sensual touch was echoed back, making the jet moan softly. Jazz broke the kiss and she leaned back so their faces were mere inches apart. "So your dragon-friend, he'd kill ya if'ns he knew we was bangin' bumpers right now?" he asked softly.

Jade nodded, the thought clicked, and she gasped, glancing at the door. Cold dread hit her like a ligtning bolt. But the storage bay door was still shut and locked, thankfully. She let out a sigh of relief and mentally smacked him for it. "Ow. I was just askin. geez." Jazz replied, only half-meaning the 'ow' part. Getting a mental slap wasn't actually painful. It was just a ghost sensation of getting smacked, more or less. Jade shook her head. "So, I need at least a scheduling access code, or sommething."


"and?" Jade repeated, as though implying 'we're connected, you can get into my head. Take what you want.'

"and, what do I get in return?"

she rolled her optics. "Man, he's dumb." she thought. Then said out loud: "you're in my head. You can reach any kind of information you want. I just need something to tell Scythe."

Jazz nodded. He could feel her questioning thought as he sent the datafile across the link. Then her optics brightened momentarily when she realised what it was. She nodded, smiling. "thank you."
Jazz shrugged, inasmuch as he could with his arms up over his head. "Sure. But, uh, yamind helpin me get outta this? I can't get ma info back ta th'Ark if I'm all tied up here." Jade glanced up, then at the door again. Scythe had said she was running low on time.

Jazz could feel her trepidation through the linkup. He had been trying to keep the sensations she'd created before from echoing back and distracting them from their goals, but the information had been exchanged. Besides, if she was distracted, he could possibly escape.

Jade gasped as a bolt of energy crossed the link, arrowing through her chassis, sending a streak of pleasure straight to her spark. She looked at him with widened optics. What are you trying to...achieve with this?" she asked, the last part of the sentence came out as a half-strangled sounding squeak. Jazz just grinned. "Jus' finishin' what you started." came the innocent answer. Jade was tempted to roll her optics and disconnect, but that last wave of energy felt just *too* good.

"Oh really?" an evil little grin crept over her face and she plunged a hand into the mech's circuitry. First she wiggled her finger upward, towards where his headlights once were. He let out a soft whimper, then Jade's left hand angled in and downward towards the more sensitive circuits. She leaned in and pressed her mouth to his, smothering a moan as her hand brushed sensors and brought her right hand inward towards his center line. Jazz dimmed his optics, riding the waves of pleasure washing over his battered body. A welcome relief from the pain he had been introduced to earlier.

The femmejet slowly slid lower, lower, to where his front bumper and armor had been removed. Jade kissed and explored the black and white's body, leaving a teasing lick here and there, and pausing to tease the dataport just below his spark chamber. Jazz made a strangled, almost painful sound, and Jade smiled, feeling the not-painful effects through the link. Her right hand found the interfacing circuitry, and her fingers danced over it, stroking feathery-light touches around the edges, left hand scraping down the inside of one structural strut. Jazz offlined his optics the same time Jade did, tensing at the sudden buildup in electricity. Pleasure sparked and snapped along conduits and wires. The black and white panted. So close...

Jade's left hand closed around the dataport relay module and firmly *rubbed* Jazz stifled his moan as overload hit. Jade whimpered softly from her half-kneeling position when his overload washed over her, taking her over the edge as well.

The storage bay was completely silent for a while, save the racing of air intakes and the whirr of cooling fans. and the soft ticking of cooling metal. Then after a minute or two, Jade spoke. "I have to call Syus. I'll try to figure out a way to get you out of here, but I can't promise anything." she stated. She hit her comm.

"Jade to Syus. I got the code." she glanced at Jazz. There was a very good chance he could have given her a false code. Being a saboteur, false information was naturally his specialty. She just hoped he hadn't. "It's 45-67A-437-T8. You might want to try it to make sure." She knew if the code was wrong and she had allready walked out of the cavern, it would be the same as not having done anything at all.

"Thank you Jade. I shall summon Bullet to get onto it right away." Scythe genuinely sounded relieved. Considering how he never let his emotions show at all, it was a small suprise. "Can I... umm..." Jade paused on the line, as though waiting for further guidance. "See what else you can find out. I'll be there as soon as I have accessed the Autobots' main computer." Scythe replied.

"Okay... uh, I really need to get some energon, though." she added hesitantly.

"Very well, but be quick about it. And call someone to act as gaurd while you are gone. I do not want him getting away."

"Yes sir. Jade out." the line clicked off.

In the cavern, Jade stepped away from Jazz, putting the cord she'd been using back in it's recessed panel, and slid the cover shut. She picked up the cube off the table and downed it in one gulp. Jazz looked at her. "I don't understand. Who are y'all, again?" he asked. "Oh, you're smart, Jazz." the seekerfemme smiled. "I'm sure you can figure it out."

She walked a few paces away and clicked on her comm again. "Jade calling Wyldkat, are you in-base?"

"Yes, may I ask why?" came the reply.

"Well, I need you to grab Windstriker and meet me at the storage bay. I gotta go get some energon, and I need you to play gaurd while I'm away."

Wyldkat paused, but Windstriker's voice argued for her. "No way, we are not getting involved in any Autobot interrogation. You can forget it, Jade."

Jade sighed. "Look, just meet me here, okay? Don't make me make it an order." she stated. Windstriker started to say something about rank, but Wyldkat cut her off. "We'll be right there." "Okay." Jade added, but the line was closed already. She turned to Jazz. "I hope there are no cameras in here." she muttered.


yup, that's it.