The Heart is crazy!


'The heart is Crazy' is a story that makes this belief come true- it is a story of Cloud Strife who does not believe in love. Cloud fails to understand how two people can spend their entire lives together- is there really someone made for him? It is a story of Aerith Gainsborough, who believes that there is someone who is made for her and that she is destined to meet that person. It is also a story of Tifa Lockhart who believes that love is friendship and one day her dream will come true. This story is about passionate people with dreams. Will their dreams come true? Will they find their true love? This story makes us believe that SOMEONE, SOMEWHERE IS MADE FOR US.

"Ring ring ring" the phone goes off "ugh damn" Tifa groans as she looks over at her alarm clock which read 7:02am. "Rise and shine sunshine' Cloud yells behind the roar of his motorcycle "we need to deliver packages.' Tifa rubs her eyes to double check that the time is really 7:03am. "Damn Cloud what are you doing up so early?" There was silence on the phone "I don't know I just am. If anyone calls for me tell them to call my cell." Cloud tells Tifa. "Why expecting anyone: she asks with jealousy in her tone. "Maybe, anyways got a package to deliver bye." Cloud hangs up. Tifa puts down the phone and walks back to her room makes her bed, brushes her teeth, and put on her outfit. Denzel and Marelene are staying with Yuffie for the week so she is home alone. Tifa is a hardheaded, strict rule enforcer, must get things done one time kind of person. She loves being Clouds secretary and hoping to help get his little delivery service mainstream and more profitable. Tifa also runs a bar called Seventh Heaven. She loves her life, great friends, 2 wonderful kids, and her best friend Cloud whom she has secretly been having feelings for.

She is running the dishes under the water when her mind begins to drift thoughts about Cloud and having a happy life as his wife when her thought are disturbed by the bell hanging above the doorway. (this is to indicate the a guest as walked in or out). She turns around and to her astonishment it was Cloud, she puts the dish down, dries her hand, walks over to Cloud and places her hand on her cheeks. She is standing right across from while he takes a seat on the stool she is carefully watching him take his black sunglasses off when he diverts his attention to her starting at him. "Is there something on my face?" Cloud asks. Tifa giggles "How did today's delivery go?" "Boring as usual, delivered a package to a newly wed couple, the girl kept blabbing about her wedding and how much she loves her husband." :Awww" Tifa interrupts "that is so sweet! Why do you think that is stupid you never were fond of love why?" Cloud looks away and begins "I don't know I just think love is pointless all it brings is pain."

Tifa is not satisfied and ask, "Don't you think there is someone special out there made for you?" Cloud was about to answer when his phone rang he picks up to hear. "Hello Zach finally where are you? I am worried about. When are you coming home?" Cloud take the phone off his ear looks at his skinny black flip phone and says. "Umm hello lady yeah you got the wrong number" Cloud gets out of his seat and walks outside to his bike "so I don't know this Zach person and I don't know when he is coming home and I am sure you miss him but you should dial the right number next time I am a very busy person okay then clear bye" Cloud hangs up the phone and starts his bike. Before Tifa could ask about the phone call Cloud was off and the roaring of his engine fades in the distant.

Across town an angry girl hangs up the phone and yells. "Erg the nerve of the people today. You make an honest mistake and they blow up on you jeez." "Aerith are you alright?" Ifalna begins. "No mom, I tried calling Zach and accidentally dialed the wrong number and this crazy angry man started yelling at me." "Oh don't blame him he is probably having a bad day" Aerith's mother says before walking back into the house. Aerith grabs the last two flowers and places them into her basket and walks back into the house "you are probably right I just hope his day gets better and mom if Zach calls tell him I went to the market" with that Aerith was out the door and down the road. Aerith is a beautiful, kind, laid back, carefree girl who lives life to the fullest. She isn't very commonly known to anyone in the market but she is well known th the kids on the outskirts of Midgar because every once in a while when she is not selling flowers her time is spent with the kids. Aerith takes the kids to her church where she is planting flowers.

She always finds peace with her flowers, here is where she dreams about her prince. 'No I can't think about him, Zach is my prince' Aerith nods and gets up to walk home. Zach is her close friend they grew up together and just two months ago Zach revealed his feelings toward Aerith and proposed to her. In shock Aerith agreed not thinking about her own feelings. She may not show it to the world but she still believes her prince will come. Aerith is interrupted but the shouts of someone yelling at her, she looks up to see a shadow hurling right at her full speed "Hey lady MOVE!" the voice shouts. Aerith jumps out of the way but her basket of flowers was knocked out of her hand and mud splattered over her favorite pink dress. The motorcycle revs off and turns the corner. Aerith wipes the mud as best as she could then bends down to pick up the flowers that have survived and murmured to herself "there sure are a lot of people who are having bad days today." Cloud parks his bike and gets out walks into the bar. "There are some crazy people in Midgar, first someone calls me Zach and now one was walking on the street she is lucky I didn't run her over" Cloud walks over to Tifa and places his head on her shoulders. Tifa blushes and says, "What's the matter with you today?" Aerith walks into the house searching for her mom. No response. She goes upstairs to change in fresh new clothes and back down the stair.

She calls out to her mother again "Mom did Zach call?" You could here a faint voice screaming from the backyard so Aerith followed the voice of her mom. "Yes honey he said umm what did he say oh that is right he said turn around!' Puzzled she asks again, 'He said what?" Ifalna nods her head as if her daughter is going deaf. She said "TURN AROUND." Aerith did what she was told and suddenly her eyes widen and her mouth drops "ZACH!" she yells before running into his arms. After what felt like forever Zach releases Aerith and answers her question. "No I am not done with my mission it is half way through and we are on break and I am here only till tomorrow but I have come here to tell you the news." "News?" Aerith says still hugging Zach. Zach looks down into Aerith's emerald eyes which were now looking up at him. She could have sworn tears were forming in his eyes, she repeats. "News? What news?" Zach releases his gaze from her and looks up at the ceiling. "I have fallen madly in love with one of the girls on my team." Aerith's eyes tears up as she pushes Zach away from her hug. Tears rapidly run down her cheeks as she looks up at Zach who is now laughing. "Aerith wonders how could he be laughing after he told me this news? " "I am just joking aww Aerith stop crying. Please I am sorry."

Aerith looks up to see Zach extend his arms and hugs her. "A joke? So you aren't cheating on me?" she manages to say. "Yes" Zach replies. Aerith begins to hit his chest with her girly punches and says, "You are such a joker how long are you here till?" "Two weeks" Zach says letting go of her and walking over to his suitcase. "And for tonight I want to talk you out for dinner at the finest restaurant." Aerith looked at him pleased "there is this nice place called My Sanctuary we should go there" Aerith said with a twinkle in her eye. Back at the Seventh Heaven Tifa awoken from her nap when she heard her phone ring. She picks it up and sees the caller id says Cloud. She quickly picks up the phone "Hello" Tifa said cheerfully. "Come downstairs" Cloud says before hanging up. Before Tifa could ask why the phone clicked off. Getting anxious she walks down the stairs to see her bar still in one piece but sees Cloud standing by the door with half his body inside the door and the other half outside. He turns to look at her and then you see him lift up this bouquet of flower and walks toward her. Tifa thought this was the moment Cloud was going to confess his feelings to her. "Happy Birthday Tifa" Cloud says hugging her.

Tifa wasn't paying attention and begin to say "Yes, I lo...what? BIRTHDAY?" Cloud looks at her confused "Yeah today is your Birthday silly and tonight I want to take you to the finest restaurant for dinner." Tifa looked up at him with tears welling in her eyes "Shit" she thought in her mind. She then managed to say, "Uhh sure thanks Cloud your the best best-friend ever!" after sniffing the bouquet of flowers. Cloud starts to walk toward the door and tells Tifa, "Okay then pick you up at 7:30 and I thought of that new place called My Sanctuary." And with that Cloud starts his bike engine and roars off. Tifa walks up stairs and opens her closet door and takes out this strapless black dress and walks into the shower. The clock now reads 7:15pm and Aerith is still deciding what to wear. "Umm Aerith lets try to hurry up because the reservations were at 7:00pm." Aerith screams out, "Yeah almost done" when she knew she wasn't close to getting ready. She heard a knock come to he r door, "Sweety it is me" Aerith's mom whispers behind the closed door. She opens the door hiding her exposed body, "I don't know what to wear?" Aerith's mom looks down and nods her head,"You have a lot of dresses just pick one." Aerith walks over to the closet taking one dress after the other placing them on her body and asking her mother for approval,"this one or how about this one, Oh I like this color, but the cut of this dress is nice."

Aerith's mom walks over to her favorite dress and tells Aerith to wear this one. Aerith nods in agreement with the dress her mother chose. Aerith slips on the dress and Ifalna tells her to bend down so she can braid her hair and put the matching ribbon on. She also picks out matching shoes because she knows that she can not wear her brown boots on this dress. Zach looked at the clock 7:26pm he begin pacing back and forth. Finally he looks up at Aerith walking down the stairs, his mouth drops open as he looks at Aerith she looks like the shining sun what that beautiful yellow dress and that outstanding smile. He walks over to her and extends his arm "shall we beautiful" she looks at his extending arms and says,"We shall" linking her arms around his and states, "bye mom." Tifa could here Cloud's motorcycle engine coming in the distance. She hears the doors close and begins to walk down the stairs hoping Cloud would notice how good she looked, he looks at her and then says, "Wow Tifa...can you walk any slower lets go." Tifa pouts and climbs on the back of his bike and off they go. They reach the restaurant and before entering the main restaurant they are stopped by the host "Do you have reservations?"