Cloud Strife was used to people laughing at him. Or rather, as a socially-outcasted child, he was used to other children laughing at him. And in recent years, he was used to silly young girls giggling at him. He wasn't a narcissistic man, but he knew they were giggling and batting their eyelashes compulsively at him because they were attracted to him. However, Cloud Strife was not accustomed to people snickering at him. Even Marlene and Denzel's faces seemed to have some kind of mocking expression when he left the bar.

He was supposed to be out running his regular Sunday errands, but the looks people were giving him made him uneasy. 'Are one of the spikes out of place?' he thought as he self-consciously raised his hand to touch his hair. He paused to survey his apparel. 'Hmmm… Don't see any gaping holes.'

"Hey Cloud!" Barrett's voice cut into his thoughts.

"Hey. Here to see Marlene?" Cloud said as the larger man made his way closer.

"Yeah---" he trailed off. "Damn Cloud… you were making out with Tifa again weren't you?"


Not exactly a drabble... heh...Inspired by Cloud's red and pouty lips while I was in the process of making a wallpaper… xD Originally named it "Caught Red-lipped," but that would take way the surprise right?