The two beams connected with full force, create violent shockwaves. Goku and Perfect Cell charged at each other, trading flurries of punches and kicks at a dizzying speed. "I won't let you win, Cell!" The Super Saiyan yelled.

"Don't be foolish, Goku – I am Perfect! There is no one on earth that can beat me!" Cell snapped back, burying his fist into Goku's stomach.

Goku threw a kick at the android, flying back down onto the ground. Oh man…there's not much I can do! He glanced back the rest of the Z-Warriors on the cliff. If I don't win, we're done for! Vegeta or Trunks can't take my place if I lose! I wish Gohan was here…I knew he had the power to beat him, but before we entered the Hyperbolic Time Chamber he just vanished! The older Saiyan was interrupted from his thoughts as a volley of beams came his way. He flew into the air, nimbly evading them. Fazing out of sight, he landed a quick blow down on the unsuspecting monster.

Cell slammed into the ground, making a small crater. "Very well done Goku, you caught me unexpectedly!" The cocky android said with an evil grin.

Goku didn't reply, instead flying upwards and cupping his hands together. "Dodge this! KA…ME..."

Cell's eyes widened, sensing the power the beam would have. "You wouldn't! If you missed, you would destroy the earth!"

I won't miss! "HA…ME…" Suddenly he teleported behind Cell, finishing off the chant. "HAAAA!" The huge beam hit the monster directly, creating a massive explosion filled with dust and pieces of Cell's armour.

The Super Saiyan stood there, panting. I haven't got enough energy left to beat him if he's still standing… He didn't have long to wait as the dust cleared, revealing the shattered body of Cell lying on the ground.

"He'll be back," Goku said to himself. As if on cue Cell immediately jumped up and the shattered parts of his body regenerated.

"That was quite a surprising attack," Cell said with a smile, "But nonetheless futile."

Man…I've only got one more trick up my sleeve, but it could tear my body apart! Oh well…His golden aura came to life, now with red flickering through it. "Super kaio-ken!" Goku charged at Cell, the power coursing through his body and at the same time feeling the immense pain and struggle from using it.

Regardless, he threw a series of punches that caught Cell off-guard and struck him hard. Executing a final strong blow, he powered up a quick Kamehameha and fired it at point-blank range.

Although that beam cracked parts of Cell's torso, the power-up at that level wasn't enough. "Super kaio-ken times two!" At the first, if the pain was immense, then now it was excruciating. Goku felt like he was being pummeled from all sides, but he needed that power! His attacks became more intense and speedier as he fought Cell even harder.

The monster somehow managed to grab his wrist, throwing him into the ground. Goku looked up as his red aura disappeared. Well there's only one thing to do… "Triple Super kaio-ken!" His aura became even wilder and bigger, but quickly left him as he kneeled down in pain.

Cell hovered above him. "Well that was a risky trick that didn't work, but I think it's time to finish you!" He put his palm out, charging a beam that would kill him.

As it launched, it was stopped short by another person's hand. This person was beside his father, wearing a smaller version of his fighting gi.

"What?" Cell cried. "How could a mere child have stopped that blast!"

Gohan didn't reply, instead teleporting beside the rest of the Z-Warriors and putting his father down. "Don't worry, dad – I'll take things from here," He said.

Goku opened his mouth to protest, but stopped when he felt a bit of the depth of his son's power. He then grinned. "Alright, son – and don't hold back."

"If I don't he'll die instantly – I want to show him just how outclassed he is first." Gohan then teleported back in front of Cell.

Both of them looked at each other, seemingly trying to size each other up. It was Cell who spoke first. "You are but a mere child – how can you even defeat me?"

Gohan only smiled. "I don't even need to transform to beat you," He taunted. "In fact, I'll even let you have the first move since if I attacked you you'd be too weak to deflect it!"

Cell's eyes flashed briefly with anger. "You're going to pay for that comment, boy!" The monster threw a punch at Gohan, but the young Saiyan didn't even block or dodge it. He let it come, and connect.

Cell's fist hit Gohan, but it hardly did any effect. He simply stood there and took it. Cell's eyes widened in shock as he saw this.

Gohan smiled. "My turn!" Gohan's body seemed to flicker briefly as Cell went flying into a cliff face. The young demi-Saiyan casually walked towards the now-afraid enemy. "What just happened?" The android asked in shock to himself.

"I punched you several times," Gohan said simply. "Too fast? Fine then, I'll slow it down for you!" His arm was a blur as it went through Cell's torso and came out. The monster stepped back in fear as he quickly regenerated. "Just what are you?"

Gohan kept walking towards him. "Your end!" He slammed his knee into Cell, causing him to cough up #18. The monster cursed as he reverted to his Semi-Perfect form.

"Well you have anything to say now?" Gohan sneered.

"I have one thing left to destroy you!" He roared. Suddenly he began bulging up as the Self-Destruct became active.


"No! Gohan!" Goku was just about to go in to save his son when he heard his voice telepathically. "Don't worry dad, I have everything under control."


Gohan put his hands in front of him. "Gate beam!" He shot out a beam of energy that quickly became a massive door of light. Cell looked down at himself as bits of him started to become light. "How did this…NOOO!" Cell immediately flew into the gate as bits of light and it closed.

Gohan grinned as he turned around, taking the unconscious #18 and flying back to the Z-Warriors.

As Goku ran to him, Vegeta beat the older Saiyan to it. "Spit it out, brat! How did you get so strong!"

"I'll tell you later Vegeta – but right now, I can still feel Cell's ki – it's not much, but he's regenerating."

"No way brat! It's impossible for you to feel that far, and besides Cell is…" He was silenced as a death beam went flying towards Trunks, which Gohan appeared in front of and deflected easily. "I thought you'd be back," Gohan said casually.

"As long as the nucleus in my brain is intact, I can regenerate fully!" Cell boasted. "And thanks to the Saiyan cells, I am stronger than ever!"

"You think you're so tough?" Gohan mocked. "Everyone, step back!" "Then show us your full power!"

"HAHAHA! If you insist…" A green aura appeared around him as he powered up to his max. "See how outclassed you are!"

"Not really," Gohan said, yawning. It was now that he transformed into a Super Saiyan, dwarfing Cell's power many times over.

Cell cried out in surprise, stepping back in fear. He then regained himself, cupping his hands.

"You think this is just the limit? There is more than just an Ascended Super Saiyan. In fact, I don't even need to go level 2 to beat you, because this isn't really Super Saiyan level 1!" He gave a yell as his body was engulfed in power. His golden hair became more toned and slightly longer, his muscles grew slightly and he was engulfed in a white and golden light. "This is what I call 'True' Super Saiyan!" He then cupped his hands at his side.

Both of them started chanting.









"HAAAAAAAAA!" The both of them screamed, launching the beams at each other. Gohan's beam easily overpowered his opponent's, completely shattering Cell and not leaving anything for regeneration.

A/N: Don't worry, this will all be explained in further time but I'll explain a bit now! My theory is that the Super Saiyan level we all know and love isn't a 'true' Super Saiyan level – it's only a small sample of the power. And that's it, really…Gohan's unusually high power is thanks to some Mystic manipulation, but this will be explained in due time. See ya!