Gohan spread his arms out, gathering two massive orbs of energy. "Infinity Twin Cannons!" He screamed, firing two yellow beams of energy.

Bardock flew away from the two beams, but they could easily catch up to him, even breaking through cliffs, trees and shattering mountains.

"Heat Phalanx!" Bardock yelled, gathering red-hot energy in his fist and using it to strike at the beams as they homed in.

A huge explosion of pure white energy occurred, sending Bardock flying and creating a massive crater where many trees and mountains were.

That was some attack, Bardock realised. I'll have to push myself to beat him. Giving off a primal scream, he powered up to Super Saiyan, the power coursing through him.

He didn't have time to turn and block as Gohan used Instant Transmission to teleport and surprise him, sending the Saiyan flying several kilometres away.

Bardock groaned as he dusted himself off after landing into a large boulder. This is tough. He won't let up after I've become a Super Saiyan.

Gohan used the same trick to teleport behind him again, but this time Bardock was ready. The two traded blows back and forth before both fists collided in a deadlock as it became a struggle for power.

However, Gohan had far superior power to his grandfather, and Bardock was forced to fly back, sending dozens of blasts at his grandson, none of them even hampering his speed as he chased the pure-blooded Saiyan down.

Bardock growled as a golden orb of energy surrounded his hand. He slowed down to a stop, grinning. "Check out my new technique. SUPER RIOT JAVELIN!" He roared, throwing a massive golden spear-like blast that was several times larger than a normal Riot Javelin.

Gohan's eyes widened in surprise as he put his hands out in front of him, sending a burst of blue energy, which collided with the Super Riot Javelin at tremendous force.

Bardock smiled as a massive explosion occurred, obscuring everything in view with smoke. A golden aura surrounded the older Saiyan as he looked around for any sign of Gohan.

"That was quite an attack."

Bardock turned in surprise to see a Super Saiyan Gohan with only slight tears in his fighting gi. He grinned. "Thanks. Worked on it myself." He bent into a fighting stance. "Ready to continue?" At that point he suddenly dropped out of Super Saiyan.

"That attack must've drained your energy pretty bad," Gohan commented. "But still you need to get a bit more control over Super Saiyan before moving onto True and Level 2."

"Yeah," Bardock grunted.

Gohan pulled a small bag from his pocket, taking out two senzus beans. He threw one to Bardock then ate one himself.

Two white blurs were seen in the sky as they raced back home for breakfast.


Gohan had noticed in the next few days that Videl was trying to get even closer to him. Ah great – beating Sharpener didn't seem to be the best idea.

The day passed quite quickly, with nothing eventful really happening.

However, as he was heading home, he noticed ANOTHER bank robbery.

"What is it with them and robbing banks?!" Gohan groaned, flashing into Super Saiyan and teleporting.

Within barely a few seconds, all the crooks had been taken out and were ready to be jailed by the police.

Alright! Gohan grinned as he floated onto a nearby building. I set a new personal record and beat my old one by half a second!


"Yea…" As he turned around, the words froze in his mouth as he saw Videl…AGAIN!

Damn. Damn. Damn. DAMN!

She smirked. "Ha! So it is you, Gohan! The so-called 'nerd' happens to be the Gold Fighter, the same one who defeated Cell all those years ago and now is cleaning up crime in this city!"

Gohan sighed, going out of Super Saiyan, seeing no point in staying Super. "You've got me there, Videl. So what is it you want? Money?"

"Of course not, you idiot!" Videl said with a laugh. "Even without beating Cell my dad still has a pretty hefty bank account. No, I want something much more than that…"

Gohan didn't need to use mind-reading. "No…"

Videl leaned in closer. "Yes…I want you to teach me fighting, flying and everything you know! Otherwise I'll tell everyone you're the Gold Fighter and see what happens when reporters start appearing on your front lawn!"

The demi-Saiyan sighed again. "Okay, Videl. I live in the 439 Mountain Area, I fly here every morning. If you want to learn, come by this Saturday." With that he levitated and flew off.

Videl smiled as he left. "I used to think that those were just light tricks and invisible wires…guess I was wrong!"


Gohan decided not to let the ordeal bother him that much. His dad had just reached True Super Saiyan a few days ago, and he was determined to help him get a feel for the new power unlocked.

A/N: This seems short because I want to tell everyone that this story is not DEAD! A bit rushed, but hey, school is school.