One lovely day, in the sandy hills of Suna, Hinata and Gaara were lying outside and watching a sandstorm in the distance. There was little in terms of natural scenery to see, so they had opted to go viewing one of Nature's destructive forces, ravaging the sand to layer it over with more sand. It was quite interesting compared to watching the sand doing nothing but reflect the sun all day, which they had tried once.

"Gaara?" started Hinata suddenly.

The other silently turned his ear to her as a signal that he was listening.

The female ran her tongue over her lips in nervousness before continuing. The question was a bit audacious for her. "If we were to be married, what would my last name be?"

"Hyuuga," replied the red-haired youth instantly.

"I meant your last name," clarified Hinata.

"I do not have one. In Suna, there are not clans in the way Konoha has them."

"I see," she replied. She paused to think things over for a moment and came up with a question she had been curious about for a while. It seemed like a good time to ask, considering the topic. "What would Tenten's last name be when she marries Kankuro?"

This question made Gaara sit up and stare straight at his companion. Obviously, he had known nothing of it. "Tenten is getting married to my brother?"

"He does not know yet," explained the clear-eyed female, blushing under the scrutiny and wondering if she should have told. Mayhap she ought have said "if" instead of "when".

Gaara was silent for a few moments. His face was unreadable, so it was impossible to tell what he thought of the upcoming union. However, as long as he did not say that he objected, it was possible that he did not object at all. They had all known it would be difficult to predict the Kazekage's reaction, because he had treated his brother's relationship with indifference and it was unlikely he would continue with that behavior after a wedding. The sand-keeper went back to the other topic, leaving his true feelings on the Tenten-Kankuro relationship hidden. "Neither of them have surnames, so that would stay the same after marriage."

The other nodded to herself, for the reasoning satisfied her. "So you might become a Hyuuga after we get married."

The red-haired boy inwardly twitched at the word "after" instead of "if". He chose to ignore it. "Yes."

Hinata tested the name on her tongue to see how glibly it would roll off. "Hyuuga Gaara… it sounds nice."

"Are you proposing to me?" he asked, clearly amused.

The girl blushed deeper and turned away to look at the sandstorm.