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After quitting the GX Tournament, Finding childhood friend Fubuki at his doorstep and being expected to let him stay for a week let alone a day was definitely not what Hell Kaiser Ryo had on his priorities list. RyoxFubuki Shonen-Ai

Day One

The addictive drug of victory etching ecstasy into his features as another victim crumpled into a sobbing wreck. The victim gasping loudly and overdramatically as she cradled her duel disk and scrambled around for her cards, carefully picking them up and placing them back on the small stack that lay on the ground next to her. Her useless, pathetic cards he thought with a malicious sneer plastered across his face.

"I-I-I… I Lost!" She gasped for what might have been the fiftieth time she had whimpered such an obvious statement. A look of utter humiliation and shock played on her face. But he? He was lost to the elation of yet another victory. She was considered a fairly good duellist around this area, but, she lacked the correct onset of mind.

"M-My c-cards…" She continued to moan, her whole frame heaving in an effort to send large gasps of air into her system. Hell Kaiser Ryo frowned slightly at this. He disliked remembering her cards. They were powerful. But thankfully, she did not play them correctly. She had played a 'Wing' deck, with one of her more disastrous moves being, using her 'Change of Heart' card on his Cyber Laser Dragon. Not that he cared about such a pitiful creature, since he immediately and effectively destroyed the Cyber Laser Dragon with his Cyber Dark Dragon. That is, before eliminating the small amount of Life Points she'd had left.

He then casually pocketed his deck and moved towards the door to head outside of the Duelling Arena. He was in Domino City, having deliberately come here to challenge that girl possibly even hoping that she would be worth the effort. But no; She was, as all the other duellists were, pathetic.

The sunlight illuminating his careless mess of navy-blue, forcing him to gently raise a hand to shield his deep blue eyes from the glaring light and eliciting a small sigh from his pale lips. He was indeed a good looking young man, tall and somewhat muscular; he was the ideal choice for any girl that cast their gaze on him. But he couldn't care less. Looks didn't earn a victory. And girls? Good for nothing except for getting laid. Other than that, they were trash. He had much better things to do with his time.

"Hey! You're- You're that duellist!" A child's voice called out eagerly. Disdainfully, Ryo looked down to see a small child, roughly the age of six, tugging at his coat's tail. Sho he immediately thought as he analysed the child, exactly… like Sho

"You're Murufuji Ryo!" The child continued. Sheer delight displayed on his face. Ryo merely stared. How unfamiliar that name is to me now… He thought to himself, how ironic. In truth, most had taken to calling him his new 'name' or title. Hell Kaiser. Hell Kaiser Ryo.

"That's Hell Kaiser to you, kid, Hell Kaiser Ryo. Now beat it" Was Ryo's icy answer as he stalked away, leaving the dumbfounded child whimpering slightly behind with the simple thought that went along the lines of 'Hell Kaiser Ryo is a meanie!'

Sighing rapidly as he walked through the dismal streets of Domino City, looking this way and that, not feeling that twinge of awe that Judai, Sho and Kenzan had felt when The Sugoroku, the great Yugi Mutou's grandfather took them around the City for sightseeing during Duel Academy's Field Trip. In truth, he had little regard for history at all. What mattered to him was being the best there ever was. And possibly one day, even defeat the Yugi Mutou in a Duel.

The sun was setting rapidly, casting darkened tones of a myriad of colours across the sky. At times he had called it beautiful. But now? Now he only saw it as a part of life. If life had a meaning at all. He could dimly hear the laughter of school children running around a park, warned by the implications of nightfall, and pestered by over cautious mothers that clucked over them like hens. Business ladies and men stalked haughtily out of the impossibly tall buildings, each frowning darkly at the prospect of another dark and gloomy night. In the corners of the alleyways, the shady underground of Domino City began to unfurl, Ladies of the Night getting prepared to ensnare rich males, Drug Dealers sitting suspiciously on corners, lighting pipes and what not. It was said that Night was when Domino City really came alive.

"Yes?" He asked briskly, answering his cell phone after pulling it out of his pocket in a reply to the sombre tune it had lamented only moments before. Almost immediately he frowned, using 'Hn' as his answer to every question and statement the caller threw at him.

"I see" Was his nonchalant answer as his hand moved to hover over the glinting red button of his cell, he was trying very hard to suppress the sudden rage he was undergoing, "No. Not at all" he said icily, the mere way he said it indicating he meant the exact opposite. Then finally, he pressed the 'Hang Up' button and pocketed his cell, a scowl imprinted on his face as he stalked away from the building he was about to enter.

Another duel cancelled then...He thought angrily, changing direction, back towards some dismal area in the city. The one thing he had looked forward to had been denied.

Eventually he reached a small house, small, but suitable for his needs. After all, it's not like he was going to stay in Domino City for a long time. At least he hoped so. Unlocking the door, and pushing it open lightly, he stepped into the main hall, switching on the lights, tossing his trench coat carelessly onto the couch in the Living Room and sighing as he headed towards the bath room.

Quickly stripping and stepping into the shower, he stood calmly as the overly warm water crashed down on his head, cascading down his figure in a never-ending flow of liquid. Steam gradually began to fill the air as he showered, losing his thoughts to the sheer serenity of the unrelenting pulse of the water. That is of course, until an annoyingly loud, vibrant tone erupted from the hallway, followed by feeble knocking that could be only dimly heard over the water. Growling in frustrated manner, Ryo quickly dressed in the clothes hanging neatly off a rack next to the sink and headed towards the door with his hair still drenched with water that trickled to dampen his new shirt.

Anger making his footsteps unnaturally loud as he stormed through the hallway and flung open the door with every intention of murdering whatever salesperson it happened to be; No-one ever disturbed Hell Kaiser Ryo and his showers. No-one. Not Ever.

"Who the fu-" He was stopped his sentence as he immediately recognised his unwelcome visitor. Standing there, in his doorway, with his signature sleazy smile, sparkling brown eyes and matching chocolate-brown hair, wearing an Obelisk Blue uniform from the Duel Academy; was Tenjoin Fubuki.

"What are you doing here?" He then settled for as a cool breeze of air lashed at him and reminding him that his new shirt was now officially quite wet.

"Juuust visiting" The Blizzard Prince answered with an awfully forced smile. Something's up. That's not like Fubuki… Ryo thought suddenly and eyed his 'friend' suspiciously. He was distinctly under the impression that he had managed to sever all ties with Fubuki the last time they had met. Apparently not

"Why are you here?" Hell Kaiser Ryo tried again, trying to stress the hidden statement that was simply 'Get the hell out of here before I stab you'. Fubuki looked like he was about to answer, but then changed his mind, instead he smiled again. Exposing a row of pretty, pearly white teeth in the way that he always has done and managing to elicit a growl of hatred from Ryo at Fubuki's resistance.

Pushing the door open and heading back inside –clearly indicating that Fubuki should follow-, Ryo shot a glance at his couch, the unspoken demand being only that Fubuki wait there to which the brunette complied. Ryo, in the mean time, went back to the bathroom, snatched at a towel, dried his hair, slipped his now highly damp shirt off and hunted absent mindedly for another shirt. Failing miserably, Damn it… I must have left the dry laundry in the Living Room… again he cursed angrily and sauntered half naked into the Living Room, temporarily forgetting he had a visitor.

That is of course until he turned slightly and noticed Fubuki's gawping mouth and pretty eyes that were practically glued on his torso.

"You like what you see, Fubuki?" Ryo drawled implicationally with a smirk on his face as he carelessly donned a rather tight shirt and sat lazily on the couch opposite Fubuki. The brunette blinked slowly, comprehending the implication and then going a vibrant red after a few moments.

"Why are you here, Fubuki-San" Ryo then continued as his indigo eyes landed squarely on Fubuki's own. The slightly younger, more cheerful of the pair frowned slightly at him before leaning back with a sigh. In truth, Fubuki Tenjoin had no idea as to why he was here at all. He supposed it was sheer impulse that had lead him to hunt down his childhood friend whom now donned the title of 'Hell Kaiser Ryo'.

"I think, Ryo. That we are long past the stage where we use formalities to converse with one another" Was the only answer Fubuki gave.

"Oh? And what gives you that assumption? I am not who you think I am, anymore. Fubuki-San"

"You might not be as respectful as you were, Ryo. But, as you said to me, you have not been consumed by the Darkness, you only seek Victory. And that, you have not been denied of"

"Hn" Was the only answer Ryo gave as he tilted his head slightly to gaze out at the window. It was true, that he had said something along those lines to Fubuki, but all in all; He was not the same Kaiser he used to be. His eyes staring fixatedly at the half moon that was somewhat shrouded by a thin veil of grey clouds, he allowed his mind to wander and decided that Fubuki would get to his point in due time.

"Ryo. Do you really think that Victory is all that matters?"

"That's like telling you that being famous is a stupid goal in life and that you'll never achieve it." Ryo answered and then continued, ignoring the indignant glare Fubuki shot him, "But see I, I only seek Victory. And unlike you, I won't be denied"

"You really have lost it!" Fubuki stated icily and shook his head distastefully.

"Maybe so" Ryo replied and shrugged carelessly as he pulled his trench coat near him and brought out his duelling deck. His Ura Deck. He immediately noticed Fubuki tense up on sight of the deck and glare harshly at it, as though it were some kind of evil curse that had come to get vengeance on him. Out of sincere consideration for his 'friend' Hell Kaiser placed the deck to the side and noted that it had begun to rain. A downpour of heavy rain creating a thunderous sound as the droplets splashed on the ground.

"Even if I have, Fubuki-San, what can you do about it?" Ryo unrelentingly questioned, once again focussing his gaze on Fubuki's passive face. Shouldn't he be at the Genex Tournament? With Judai and Asuka? He though to himself and waited for an answer from the surfer.

"I don't know… Maybe I'll sleep on it"

"Sleep on it? That isn't like you"

"Yeah, well, only caring about Victory isn't like you either"

"Hn…" Then, "Where are you staying?"

"… I… I don't know… probably here" This answer totally threw Ryo off guard, staring incredulously at Fubuki in an incredibly confused manner, he continued to stare blankly at the youth as the said youth promptly broke into peals of annoying laughter.

"Excuse me?" Ryo practically screeched in anger at such an amazingly stupid suggestion that definitely would have to be denied. Just what kind of idiot turns up on my doorstep and just expects me to let him stay! He thought to himself furiously and stood from his seat.

"Ryo. Let me stay here?" Fubuki suddenly pleaded, a slight hint of desperation in his voice the only thing stopping Kaiser from throwing the Blizzard Prince out on the spot.

"Definitely not"

"What?" Fubuki was taken aback, "Why not?"

"You… irritate me"

"Oh" Was the only answer Fubuki gave as he finally understood; Ryo… wanted nothing to do with him. The only thing Ryo gave a damn about now was Victory, he didn't care about anyone else, or anything else. Just… Victory.

"I see" Fubuki then said as he stood, barely coming to Zane's eyes even when he stood at his full fairly impressive height. Then, heading back towards the hallway in a deliberately slow pace, hearing Ryo's harsher footsteps behind his own, undeniable tears pricking at the corner of his brown eyes as he fought down the disappointment of Ryo's iciness; a fact that Hell Kaiser Ryo didn't seem to miss.

"How long?" Ryo then asked suddenly,

"Twelve days at most" Fubuki said and placed a slender hand on the doorknob, about to twist it open and head out into the shattering, cold rain. There was silence for a moment, but Fubuki had the sense to wait for an answer.

"Fine... You can stay" There was some reluctance in Ryo's answer, but this only infuriated Fubuki. I… am not a charity case! He thought angrily before calming himself down. After all, who knew the extent of Hell Kaiser Ryo's fury when he was pissed off?

"Nah. It's cool. Not like you'd be happy with me here anyway"

"I said you can stay. Who cares if I'm happy or not? You get what you wanted"

"What I want is for you to return to normal. But, I can see that wish is futile" Anger was evident in Fubuki's voice as his voice rose slightly in volume, indicating his distaste for having admitted a part of his true desires. Then with a hint of finality, "Good bye, Hell Kaiser Ryo"

Fubuki turned slightly towards Ryo, looking squarely at him and a slight look of pure loathing dancing in his eyes as he frowned at the blunette. This only caused Ryo to frown even more. He was feeling somewhat regretful (?) for not allowing his friend to stay. But really… what could he do about it?

Turning the doorknob slightly, Fubuki tensed immediately as he noticed Ryo's approach next to him, this only infuriated Fubuki even more and still those pesky tears were forming. Pulling the door open slightly, and moving towards Ryo so he could access the gap that the door opened-

"No" Ryo suddenly said, a wavering tone of uncertainty exuding from his voice as a callused hand pressed the door shut, hearing a satisfactory 'click' as the door automatically locked, "I… I want you to stay… Here. With me… For a while"

"No you don't" Fubuki replied, laughing disdainfully and still looking at Ryo and Ryo's strangely mixed up expression. In truth, he was quite surprised at Hell Kaiser Ryo's actions. After all, Fubuki had expected Ryo to just let him go out into the rain, probably catch a massive bout of pneumonia, somehow manage to find enough money to get himself on a boat and back towards Duel Academy. But no, instead Ryo had done this. And it was this that perplexed the Blizzard Prince the most.

"I do" Ryo then confirmed, his voice a little more certain now than he had been only moments before. Why? A simple question was asked as he analysed the situation, actually, he had not thought about doing what he had just done, but he supposed that he would have done it for a reason, even if that reason was unclear to him at the moment. Taking Fubuki by the shoulders and turning him lightly, Hell Kaiser immediately noted the tear that had begun to trickle so erratically down Fubuki's cheek; he unconsciously lifted his hand and placed it on the other duellist's cheek, wiping that single tear away with his thumb. Succumbing to the moment, Fubuki immediately felt his legs go slightly week and he stepped shakily back into a corner, away from the Hell Kaiser; confused at this sudden act of kindness from such an icy person.

"I've… never seen you cry…" Hell Kaiser Ryo then whispered, turned away and briskly walked back into the house. He was bee lining for the bathroom, hoping to clear his head as he splashed icy water all over his face. What the hell is wrong with me? He asked himself and secretly prayed that this was one mistake he wouldn't regret.

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