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YuGiOh Genex

Dark Romance I suppose

Ryo Marufuji/Zane Truesdale


Fubuki Tenjoin/Atticus Rhodes

After quitting the GX Tournament, Finding childhood friend Fubuki at his doorstep and being expected to let him stay for a week let alone a day was definitely not what Hell Kaiser Ryo had on his priorities list. RyoxFubuki Shonen-Ai
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Day Three


The Relevance of Cherries

Fubuki woke up with a yawn, a cramp digging at his neck as he stretched and slid off the couch at the same time pushing the blanket into a crumpled pile on the other side of the couch. Yawning once again, the Blizzard Prince immediately noticed that everything looked untouched. Undoubtedly indicating that the house's more permanent occupant hadn't gotten up yet. Smirking mischievously, he tiptoed quietly towards the main bedroom, looking to 'check' if Ryo had indeed 'slept in'.

He was right.

There, lying under his thin sheets lay the owner of the house. Dishevelled cobalt-indigo hair splayed around his pretty face moderately mused up and his expression was one of sincere serenity. That's right. Today's Sunday… Fubuki thought with a mild smile as he realised why his 'companion' was not up already. I take it he managed to blackmail his agent into letting him have Sundays off…

Suddenly tensing, all senses alert as brown eyes were stuck on the sleeper whom chose that exact moment to shift slightly and utter several sentences of incoherent rubbish. At least that's what it sounded like. Tossing and turning, the words the blunet muttered only seemed to sound like complete drabble; but not to Fubuki. The surfer and romantic immediately latched onto what was going on. I didn't know he sleep talked… he thought, amused.

Inarticulate vowels and consonants rolled into several long, incoherent sentences that took Fubuki quite a while to understand them eventually weaving to form the full tapestry. The full delirium Marufuji Ryo was under.

"Can't… Lose…" the Kaiser muttered incoherently, slurring his words making them barely audible; but still, to Fubuki's practiced ears, this was nothing. The mumbling continuing in a languid, horrifically slow manner and still barely understandable, But to Fubuki's credit, he was patient. And curious

The slurred rants exuding from the sleeper's mouth disjointedly; barely making senses and covering a variety of topics. Each focus only brushed lightly by the disorientation, but still making a vague amount of sense. Covering themes of a large variety in that nonsensical way that one does when they sleep talk, was the person Fubuki cared most about; tossing and turning as though devoured by some hidden mania that forced him to divulge his innermost thoughts; Marufuji Ryo.

After quite a large amount of time, the writhing movements taken on by that that still slept; Fubuki judged it safe to move. After all, he decided that catching Hell Kaiser in one of his 'sleep talking' moods was definitely not good for his mental stability. Or physical stability… Fubuki added on in his mind and made the move to exit the bedroom when suddenly he heard the most startling thing.

During all of Ryo's ramblings, he had only really complained about nonsensical things like 'Victory' and how 'important it was to stay strong for some person of what not' (Though Fubuki had the distinct impression that that particular person went under the name of Sho); but this time, it had absolutely nothing logical about it at all.

"… Cherries…"

That was it. 'Cherries'? Ryo's definitely been on Crack… Was the only reaction Fubuki gave as he deemed the area safe enough to move out of and promptly did so; deciding that Ryo was insane for talking about cherries. But, there was of course a hidden reason that he did not care to figure out.

Half an hour later; said 'insane' person decided to begin the slug-like motion of 'waking-up'. How he loathed the morning. It was always the 'cheerful, bright sunny day' that greeted him; and he detested it. Hated it with a passion. The 'bright sunny day' context was a lie. Nothing would make a single day 'bright and cheerful'. Let alone a glowing blob hovering in the vast space we call the Universe.

No. Ryo Marufuji was not a Morning Person.

And unfortunately for Fubuki Tenjoin, it was he who had the ill-timed opportunity to have that message reinforced into his mind/memory. The brunet could dimly remember knocking on Kaiser's dorm room once when they were First Years and all he had received as a 'thankyou' for the wake-up call (and breakfast) was a pillow in the face and a wild screeching rant.

Lethargically sauntering towards the bathroom, the shower obsessed duellist immediately rinsed himself; enjoying the icy but reality-drawing liquid clashing against warm skin as he washed away almost all traces of sleep that lingered in his clouded mind.

After sufficiently 'waking up', Hell Kaiser Ryo then took the time to walk loiteringly to the kitchen; his mind screaming for the addictive and bitter concoction we all call 'coffee', however he then came across a slightly 'disturbing' sight. At least, he thought it was disturbing.

"Good morning" Fubuki said as a greeting as he focused on shoving pieces of bread in a very unfortunate toaster and at the same time muttering about some stupid author for almost writing about stuffing toast in a toaster…

"Hn" Was the only greeting Ryo replied with as he observed Fubuki cooking with a twinge of nonchalance. Today was a Sunday. And Sunday, meant that he didn't have to deal with Atsushi's annoying, sleazy voice badgering him about whatnot. Of course, he usually spent his Sundays at home doing absolutely nothing except brooding as was his way. However, since Fubuki was there…

"Toast?" Fubuki then ventured to ask as he observed the blunet whom was waiting impatiently for the kettle to boil. Obviously Kaiser was addicted to coffee. That disgustingly bitter liquid that Fubuki could never understand why people insisted on drinking. But of course, he was in no position to say anything of that sort to his 'gracious host'.

"Thanks" Kaiser replied and idly began to butter and spread jam over it. Jam. Cherry Jam. What in the world would possess anyone to make Jam out of Cherries? But, Kaiser liked Cherries. Cherries were sweet, but not in the annoyingly overdosed manner like Pineapples, nor as unpredictable as a batch of strawberries, or as taste-bud destroying as eating too many kiwis. No, Cherries, were the ultimate fruit. At least, that was Kaiser's opinion.

All of a sudden, a loud, incessant, annoyingly high-pitched ringing filled the air; signifying that some idiot had decided to call them. Glaring angrily at the phone –for Kaiser loathed parting with his Cherry Jam-, Kaiser immediately picked it up and upon hearing the other person's voice, his deep blue eyes immediately narrowed as he glared.

"Atsushi?" He growled angrily. Hadn't he already managed to burn the message 'Don't talk to me on Sundays' into his annoying Agent's mind?! Apparantly not.

"Marufuji-San, Mayumi-san wanted to know if you wanted to have lunch with us today about your new publishing scheme and even though you told me not to call you on Sundays, Mayumi said it was urgent"

"I'm not going" Was Ryo's curt answer as he hung up the phone; glaring at it flatly as though daring it to ring again. Not that he believed Atsushi had the nerve to call again. Mayumi on the other hand… she just might brush that level of insanity

Heading back to the kitchen and ignoring Fubuki's inquisitive eyebrow arc and immediately downing a cup of fairly hot coffee and poured himself another. It wasn't actually that hot. Obviously he had put too much milk into it.

"What are you doing today?" Fubuki then decided to ask, looking inquisitively at Ryo; a bored look playing on his face as he tilted his head to the side to emphasise it.

"Absolutely nothing. It's Sunday. My day off. That idiot Atsushi wanted to drag me out to lunch with Mayumi but I won't go"

"Mayumi?" Blink, "Who?"

"Does it matter?"

"I suppose not" Fubuki answered with a hint of hardness in his voice as he eyed Hell Kaiser with a note of distaste.

"Speaking of which; you never really did answer my question. What are you doing here?" Ryo mentally stabbed himself as he noticed his stupidity at having forgotten this particular factor of Fubuki's little 'crash' at his house. After all, it had seemed like Ryo had just let him in. But why on earth would he do that?

"Felt like it" Was the simple answer along with a slight frown.

"And that's a legitimate reason to go barging in on someone?"

"Look, I'm not here to cause any trouble. But if that's the way you're going to put it; save it. Because you technically let me into your house and said I could stay. So I'm sorry, Hell Kaiser, but I was under the assumption you would take everything into account the other night; but evidently I was wrong!" Fubuki's temper flared as he rounded on Kaiser, words streaming from his mouth in a flurry as he almost literally 'lost it'. He really wanted to slap Kaiser. And wipe that stupid smirk off his face!

Glaring icily back at the brunet, Kaiser was very tempted to just point at the door and yell at his 'house guest' to get out. But he wouldn't do that. Kami-Sama knows why even if he didn't. The worst thing was; Fubuki seemed to know that too.

"I thought so" Fubuki said with his own smirk on his face as he recognised the hints of victory. Well, if he isn't 'working' today; then what shall I do?, "Let's go"


He didn't know how it had happened, but all of a sudden he, Hell Kaiser Ryo, renowned duelling hermit-king, was in the park. How he got there? No-one knew. Except perhaps the slightly sadistic, psychotic mad-man next to him. Tenjoin Fubuki.

"You should get out of the house more often. You're like a hermit" Said brunet commented suddenly, breaking the calming silence as chocolate-brown eyes scanned their surroundings. Tall trees filled with fluttering cherry blossoms filling the air with a pleasant aroma and sending large shadows onto the main footpath as occasionally a shower of those pretty pink leaves would fall down like rain; making Kaiser immediately feel sorry from anyone suffering from hay fever.

"…" Was the only answer Fubuki received. Not that he expected much since he had already surmised that this… 'new' Ryo wasn't an inch more sociable than the 'normal' Kaiser. He had never actually thought it possible for anyone to be more stoic than the 'normal' Kaiser; but that belief quickly snapped when he met Hell Kaiser.

"You know; you could at least try to hold a conversation like a relatively normal person" Fubuki then tried; his tone rather conversational and light. Evidently the 'fresh air' had lifted his mood by many a degree; and that, was probably a good thing.

"Define 'normal'" Came the monotonous reply. The brunet sighed; Kaiser was definitely in a bad mood with him. Feh. Not like I care what Hell Kaiser thinks… right? Fubuki thought over in his head with a smile and continued to walk somewhat sluggishly along the footpath; trailed by an even slower Kaiser.

"Normal; as in, someone with a life"

"I have a life; Fubuki. Just not a very open one"

"Right, And I'm going to be prom queen at the imaginary Duel Academy Formal" Fubuki replied sarcastically and rolling his eyes.

"I wasn't aware that Duel Academy even has or rather; had a Formal"

"Well aren't you a little behind the times then" The brunet muttered with a little hint of annoyance in his voice. Talk about being a killjoy in all areas he thought bitterly and sighed. Chocolate-brown eyes briefly flickering over the landscape and taking in the cheerful expressions on the other current occupants of the park; and at the same time envying how carefree and happy they all seemed.

Why can't we be like that?

"Hi! Excuse me, but uhm, Aren't you Marufuji Ryo?" Cue incredibly bored yet persistant, female voice Fubuki couldn't help but groan in frustration at roughly the sixth girl in that same day whom had asked such a stupidly obvious question. She was fairly tall and had a strong aura of friendly confidence but also appeared to know what she wanted and how to get it.

The girl blinked at the sudden amused cough from the brunet before eyeing him somewhat appreciatively and flashing a quick, amiable grin his way. That is; before directing her attention back on the young Kaiser.

"Who wants to know?" Ryo replied although he already knew. She was a fan girl. If he thought Rei Saotome and Ran Kochou were bad back at Duel Academy… He shuddered involuntarily at the thought. Compared to these fan girls, Rei and Ran were ignorant brick walls. These kinds of fan girls were absolutely obsessed with him. And that; was scary.

"So you are him!" She squealed questioningly and tilting her head in what she most likely envisioned to look 'cute' but failing miserably. Her hair was let down in a mess of bleached blonde and her eyes an empty onyx shade; her clothing was casual but with a dash of sophistication that immediately indicated that perhaps she wasn't as much of a whore as Fubuki suspected.

Frowning slightly, Ryo couldn't help but pray that someone would come around and kill her. He'd come across this kind of fan girl quite a large amount of times and from what he'd experienced… they were not good for ones health, "What do you want?"

"Uh-" She blinked and looked absolutely mortified at such a rude reply to her pointless gushing, "Well… uhm…"

"… Yes?"

"CanIhaveyourautographbecauseI'mlikeyourbiggestfanever?" Came the torrent of words only emphasised by a pink notebook and a feathery pink pen immediately shoved in Ryo's face.

They were at a fairly high classed restaurant having chosen to gone there for lunch after their dull walk in the park that morning. They had unwisely chosen to sit near the windows which resulted in a couple of fan girls standing outside the restaurant, staring at the two of them and either A, looking murderously at Fubuki or B drooling over the unrealistic sight of Hell Kaiser eating. Most went for the former though. Not that Fubuki really gave a damn or anything.

"Sorry, what was that?" Ryo then asked looking innocent but mocking at the same time. It was obvious that he was toying with her and had no intention whatsoever in actually signing that gods cursed notebook. She flushed a vivid shade of red and looked nervously towards the window, towards a pair of girls. One, an ebony haired girl stared somewhat hopefully back at her and the other… was literally twitching with laughter at her friends predicament.

"I- er… Uhm…" She paused and looked back at the Pro-League Duellist and blinked a little bit she hadn't seen that one coming; Fubuki could tell that she had begun tearing from sheer embarrassment and annoyance at this. And of course; her 'friend' laughing at her did nothing to improve her mood at all.

"She wants your Autograph, Ryo" Fubuki interjected smoothly; looking warmly at the girl. He, after all, had always nursed a soft spot for fan girls and did not appreciate the fact that Ryo Marufuji had most likely hurt this particular girl very deeply indeed.

"Ryo?" She blinked suddenly and turned to look at Fubuki, her eyes suddenly cleared of any of the previously beginning to form tears and sparkled with a certain shine that Fubuki was pretty much terrified of. It was the Shine. It was that Shine. That Shine that any sane person feared. It was the Shonen-Ai Fan girl Shine. And it was obvious what the shine meant.

"You two are on… first name basis!?" She whispered in awe, if the Shine could have; it grew. And that frightened Tenjoin Fubuki a lot. It had occurred to Fubuki many a time that being on first name basis with someone would immediately symbolize their close relationship with one another; although he, personally, had no regard for this formality and called anyone whom he regarded a friend by their first name. Whether they liked it or not.

"Uh-" Fubuki began uncertainly but was swiftly cut off.

"No. Tenjoin-San just forgot himself" Ryo cut in and looed very pointedly at the surfer before idly waving a hand at a near by waitress and informing her that he wanted to pay the bill.

"Oh yes. That's right, Marufuji-San," Fubuki amended and rolled his eyes, "Marufuji-San and I don't know each other too. That's why we're here in a restaurant together"

"I don't see why you want his autograph anyway" Fubuki continued and looked at the girl whom looked suspiciously amused from all the random bantering between the two males.

"Well, Actually, it's not me, who wants his autograph," She jabbed an elegantly painted nail at the window, and through it, at the raven-haired, shy looking girl who appeared awfully smitten with Kaiser, whom at that time had chosen to head towards the Rest Room, "It's her

"Aimi-Chan's been in love with him since ages ago. And I, am doing this because she promised to get her brother –he's another Pro-League Duellist- to get Edo Phoenix's Autograph for me"

Fubuki couldn't help but laugh at the desperate lengths one would go through to just get someone's autograph, when he whom used to almost always be in the presence of one, and is considered a 'friend' to the other. The girl looked at him questioningly before asking.

"Do you know Edo Phoenix too?"

"Know him? Of course I do. Almost anyone who goes to Duel Academy does. Well, at least the more fortunate ones like myself"

"Duel Academy!? But, that must mean, you're like… a really good duellist!"

"Well, If I do say so myself…" Fubuki said with a grin attempting to be modest but failing miserably.

"Hey, that reminds me," She extended a hand with a smile and it suddenly dawned on Fubuki that she wasn't as much of a slut as he had initially thought, "I don't even know your name! I'm Tenshi Etsuko; but seriously, I hate my last name. Who the hell in their right mind would want to be called a 'Delightful Angel Child'?"

"Tenjoin Fubuki and likewise; I expect you to call me 'Fubuki' since my sister is the person who more or less enjoys being called Tenjoin-San and whatnot" Fubuki said with a grin; trying not to laugh at Etsuko's quip at her name. Privately; he thought it was a pretty name, even if it was a little bit over-the-top for a modern teenage girl.

"Blizzard?" She asked, mildly surprised before smiling, "Interesting; and here I thought everyone's name would be focused on light and looks and everything in between

"Anyway; Fubuki, I should get going since I won't be getting er… Marufuji-San's autograph for Ai-Chan; but hey, if we see each other again sometime; why don't you come hang with us? I'm sure Aimi, Kaori and Katsuro won't mind…" She blinked and laughed a little at herself before turning and heading out of the restaurant with a little wave to rejoin her pair of giggling friends.

Waving slightly back at her as the trio slowly disappeared behind another building; Fubuki couldn't help but smile a little bit more. At least, that was until someone came back. Fubuki never really expected getting grabbed roughly by the wrist (cue gasping fan girls and spazzing paparazzi) and getting almost literally dragged out of the restaurant.

He felt like a dog on a leash. Except the leash was faulted because it was connected to Marufuji Ryo.

Coat billowing in the non-existent breeze and eyes narrowing in annoyance; the blunet almost casually towed his captive along. There was no evident sign of his irritation and inner fury; save for his excessively tight grip on Fubuki's wrist which was starting to hurt.

Several females who had previously been drooling at the sight of Hell Kaiser at a restaurant immediately began to commence Operation 'Faint Dead In front of Kaiser When He Tows His Potential Boyfriend Along'. But of course; neither of the males knew any of this.

Using his other hand in a futile effort to pry Ryo's relentlessly tight grip off of his wrist; Fubuki couldn't help but notice the furious glares the blunet threw so proudly at all of the dithering fan girls (and just for good measure there were quite a few fan boys as well) and the way he almost seemed rather… possessive over him.

Now; this might have just been Fubuki's desperately romantic side kicking in, but he could have sworn that Ryo had growled at a leering female whom had attempted to inconspicuously flirt with him earlier that day. But then it could have been a trick of light… or hearing.

"Are you going to let me go anytime soon?" Fubuki then decided to break the threatening silence with an annoyed sigh. Kaiser always did have an obnoxious side. He could vaguely recognise the direction they were headed and immediately mourned the fact that Kaiser obviously did not have a life at all.

They were headed back towards Kaiser's house.

"You need a life" Fubuki promptly said as they stepped into Marufuji Ryo's house.

"We've been through this before; Fubuki"

"No; seriously. You need a life."

"And you decided to tell me this because…"

"You know that girl today? Tenshi Etsuko? She wasn't very impressed with your rudeness; you know"

"What do I care?"

"You should though. People like her make up a majority of your fanbase. Well; actually, she didn't. But her friends do!"

"Fans… are stupid and pointless. Duelling relies on skill not how many cheerleaders someone has"

"Well I don't think so. You really were rude to Etsuko. And she did seem like a nice person after the initial slut-reaction died" Fubuki countered with an all-knowing smile on his face. He liked pointless bantering. Although; he always did pride himself in managing to predict when it was safe to keep egging someone on and when it was not. However, unluckily enough for him…

Kaiser snapped. He had been at breaking point ever since he had heard… certain things earlier that day. And Fubuki's relentless arguing was only succeeding in infuriating him further more.

"Just because I let you stay here Tenjoin Fubuki, does not mean that you're a somebody, you- are a nobody, you are nothing! You have no right to try and dictate what I do. What I do is my business and mine alone." Ryo's harsh voice rang through the air, fury imbedded in each syllable adding onto the forcefulness of it all.

"That- Is the most unreasonable illogical thing I've ever heard in my whole entire life! This has absolutely nothing to do with who I am and it's not like I was trying to dictate your life. It's called being suggestive in how to improve your very limited social life!" Fubuki said angrily back.

"Suggestive barely even scratches the surface"

"Well it's not like you care what people say about you! Although you'd think that being all high and mighty now you'd actually give a damn about your public image"

"I; prefer not to pamper and preen myself just to look good for some incapable delinquents whom will probably only remember me as a pretty face"

"Well aren't we modest?" Fubuki retorted sarcastically; rolling his eyes at the over-inflated ego of Kaiser's. Privately; he hoped that Edo Phoenix would come by again just to stomp Ryo's ego once again. Sure it might mean the manifestation of Ryo's addiction to 'darkness' but hey; at least the ego went! Although, Fubuki really doubted that Edo's D-Hero Deck would stand up well against Kaiser's Ura Deck.

"Screw modesty; what about you? What about my 'public image' being wrecked by you? Don't lie. We both heard those stupid girls giggling like mad. Saying how it was cute how The Hell Kaiser has a lover. Those idiots thought you were my lover"

"Well I thought you didn't give a damn about what the bloody media said about you. And just a note, it wasn't me who grabbed a certain other by the hand and dragged him forcefully away back to his house. If you want suggestive implications, Ryo; that's always a good way to go when you want to give off the picture of having recently kidnapped your lover!

"Anyway, we don't have anything between us anyway. I keep trying to board up the patches we have at the moment since you broke away; and all you've been doing is breaking them even more. This is pathetic. There is no we in you and me, judging from the way you put things"

"It's your fault for coming here in the first place! I didn't ask for you to come. I didn't ask for you to do what you like to call 'mending'. I didn't ask for this!"

"I said it before and I'll say it again; it's your fault for letting me in"

And that did it.

Throwing an arm at the door, (as they were currently occupying the corridor) and pointing at it, the blunet uttered two words he never would have ever said had he been in a reasonable mood.

"Get. Out"

Face creasing into a frown; Fubuki couldn't help but raise a brow at this. Surely he wouldn't… would he? He thought and almost laughed. He didn't think Kaiser was serious. But then again; in that situation, who would?

"You've got to be kidding me":

"Ryo!" Fubuki near screeched, a hidden determination laced through the delicate tone; the blunette ignored him, instead, turning around slightly in an effort to head back into the house and slam the door shut.

"Ryo, Listen to me!" Fubuki continued, he could see Ryo's annoyed expression as the older male turned back to raise a slender eyebrow at him as if to say 'What.'

"Tenjoin Fubuki. You are wasting my time" Ryo then answered and stared icily and mercilessly into Fubuki's watering eyes. The sheer determination to get rid of his childhood friend somewhat overpowering and Ryo really did not like Fubuki at the moment.


And all of a sudden time stopped.

Not literally. But it seemed like it.

Before he knew it; Tenjoin Fubuki, Obelisk Blue's Blizzard Prince, and Marufuji Ryo's childhood friend, had grabbed him by the shoulders, forcefully pulled him down until Ryo stood at a slight tilt, and delicately placed his pretty lips on the Kaiser's own.

Hell Kaiser Ryo… was in shock.

Confused, but unwilling to pull away, Ryo allowed Fubuki's greedy tongue to slip into his mouth and engage in a tender war that words could not describe; perhaps, a powerful ecstasy similar to the thrills the Kaiser felt during a victory would come close. But no. Having Fubuki's arms wrapped around his neck, keeping him down and making sure they did not break away; Hell Kaiser Ryo was almost sure that this was so much more than a victory. And for now, that was good enough.

Stepping blindly back into the house, as though some unimaginable force pulled at him to get back into the warmth and privacy, Ryo suddenly found his arms wrapped gently around Fubuki's waist, his legs starting to go numb and unstable as Fubuki only continued to deepen the kiss.

And then it was over.

Pulling away slowly, leaving lingering traces of Fubuki's taste tingling on Ryo's lips, the brunette stood a fair few meters away from the Kaiser, panting slightly as he inhaled quickly to send some air into his brain in an effort to get his brain un-fogged. Ryo, in the mean time, had literally sunk into an arm chair, a dazed look on his face as he lifted a pair of fingers and placed them gently on his lips, trying to understand the tingling sensation. And then, looking up and squarely at Fubuki; Ryo said the most startling thing.

"You… You taste like cherries…"

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