Nerds for Life

In his high school years, Earl always picked on what he called the Nerdy Three Amigos. He tormented them and teased them for most of their high school life. Feeling bad after all these years, he had to make it up to them. How you might ask?

By becoming one of them, and joining the nerd's convention.


I'm standing here outside the Convention Centre looking up at the gigantic banner that had been posted up on the wall. "Rodoku" It said, "The World's Biggest and Best Nerd Convention". I held up the flyer in front of me, just in case I got the wrong address but there was no doubt about it, this was the place.

You see just the other day, my brother Randy and I were in the shopping centre looking at cute little puppies through the window. I turned around and there coming towards our way was a nerd with big black glasses, wearing suspenders over his shirt and braces around his teeth. He was carrying big massive text books from the library and was still heading our way.

As if my legs had a mind of its own, my right leg extended forwards and trips the boy over. Randy and I laughed for a little while at the boys misfortune, watching him scrambling to his feet and tried look for his glasses. I continued to laugh when unexpectedly a big thick text book the boy was carrying landed and hit me, right bang in the head.

I held my head in pain and looked at the flyer that flew out of the text book. "Rodoku, The World's Biggest Nerd Convention, hosted by Michelle Thompson, Jake Rodriquez and Tom Anderson". That was when I knew that Karama was sending me a sign.

Number 100 on my list, Tormented Michelle, Tom and Jake… The Nerdy Three Amigos.

He had came to the Nerd's Convention 1 week early because he needed to make it up to the Amigos, and what better way to make it up to them, then helping them in their nerdy ways.

"Come on Randy, let's go inside" Earl said opening the door for his brother.

Randy was gaping at the centre in front of him, especially the big inflatable Robot. He was wearing his favourite blue cape he found in a box stashed away in the back of their cupboard and superman undies on his head.

"Hey Earl, do you think, they've got transformer figurines in there? Or Clow Cards?" he asked excitedly.

Earl shrugged his shoulders not having a clue, "I don't know, but there's only one way to find out" He replied gesturing inside.

Together they slowly walked inside and became hypnotised by the place. It was like a whole new fantasy world. There were heaps of posters of various anime and manga shows, various characters from films such as The Lord of the Rings, Star Wars and Star Trek walking around and they were giving away free popcorn.

Randy continued to gape. "Wow… Earl Look there's Batman" He said pointing excitedly to the man in Batman's Costume, "and look, there's Master Splinter".

Randy was loving what he had seen so far in the nerd convention. "Can I go look around, Please! Please! I promise I won't take anything and I promise I won't eat the people made out of wax. Please!"

Earl looked towards his brother and saw how excited he was. How could he say no?

"Okay" Earl replied, "Remember you promised, and don't go tackling the men in costumes, just so you can see if their robots or not."

"I won't" Randy said running towards the man in the batman costume.

Earl watched his brother leave and shook his head. He then walked around the unfinished stalls one by one, looking at what they had to offer.

As I walked around the stalls I wasn't only looking at the merchandise but the people working in it. I had to admit the people there didn't look like what I had pictured them to be. I was thinking along the lines of spandex and gelled hair and big glasses. I was starting to think that I had gone to the wrong place after all.
Earl continued to look around the stalls when a boy about 20 years of age wearing a dark blue shirt with the word "Rodoku" in big letters printed on the front stepped in front of him blocking his path. He looked scared and seemed to have a problem getting his words out.

"Excuse Me" Earl said trying to walk around the boy but the boy moved into his way again.

"I'm s-sorry sir, b-but the convention doesn't start t-till next Monday" His voice came low and squeaky.

Earl examined him more closely and the boy shuddered underneath his gaze. His face was full of acne and was slightly pale, probably due to the lack of sunlight.

"I know" Earl replied, "But you see, I'm looking for the people hosting this nerd convention. Can you tell me where I can find them" Earl squinted at his name tag. "Zaren"

Zaren shook his head. "Can't sir, t-they're very busy"

"I understand that, but I really need to talk and see them" He said with seriousness in his voice.

"What's the problem Zaren?" came a masculine voice behind Earl.

Zaren pointed a finger towards Earl, who stared in anger at his pointed finger. He hated it when people pointed at him, and it took most of his strength not to walk closer to him and break it.

"T-This man was looking for you guys… But he is b-being a menace so I will show him the way out" Zaren said voice breaking very now and then.

When Earl tuned into what Zaren was saying, he quickly turned his head around and came face to face with a pair of intense blue eyes and a pair of hypnotising amber ones.

"Earl?" They both asked in unison with a hint of surprise in their voice. Quickly they both started to panic and fear over took their body. Not knowing that to do, they started to run around in circles afraid of what Earl might do to them, when they both ran into each other knocking themselves out cold.

Zaren walked over to where their unconscious bodies, taking out his Darth Vader life sabre from his pocket and started to poke the two guys with it.

I had thought, that after all these years, they would have forgotten about me and the past. But it was obvious that what I did back then still affected them now in some way.

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