Nerds for Life

Chapter 2

You see back in high school Randy and I would always play some mean tricks on them because they were the easiest targets and boy, we had the time of our lives.

We did little things like fill our lunch bags with dog terd and swap it for theirs, steal a paint gun and shoot their new clothes, locking them in a room and throwing stink bombs inside.

Gave them Galactic Wedgies, used them as moving targets with my spud gun and this one time whilst Jake was asleep, I shaved his head and he was soon branded the monk of the school because he was half Chinese. It was only Randy who thought that he looked like that little monkey from E.T. when he tilted his head back, so he always sat behind him and laughed like crazy.

I didn't know how they put up with that and I was thinking that one day they would gather an army… and it would become the attack of the nerds, but it never came.

What I did was horrible and felt bad for them now and felt even worse when I pulled off the last prank.

They were standing in the park naming all the different spices of trees, bugs, birds and flowers there were. It was like another field trip to them and I wanted to wipe the smiles off their faces.

I was watching them from afar, when they walked underneath a tree where I had noticed a bee hive above them. Anyway, keeping my distance I managed to knock the bee hive down and the bees scattered everywhere and some started to attack them.

Michelle had to brake off one of the metal bars from her neck brace and tried to whack them away but it didn't help. The bees had chased them all the way to the river and there they faced another problem. They couldn't swim. They hung onto something tightly for their dear lives and in the end they were saved by the emergency services.

It turns out that the water only went to their waist.

It was all over the news and the next day when they came to school with red spots everywhere, looking like something out of this world.

The Nerdy Three Amigos were officially branded the Top Losers of Nerds. They were never accepted and this time it wasn't only Randy and I picking on them, it was the entire school.

Earl bent down to Jake's and Tom's level and grabbed their shoulders firmly, shaking them like crazy till they woke up however, it didn't seem to work. He then took off his shoes and grabbed his stinky socks and waved it in front of their noses but still to no avail.

He let out a frustrated sigh and noticed that Zaren was still poking them with the life sabre. "Dammit Zaren, stop it" he said slightly annoyed, however Zaren didn't hear him and continued to be transfixed in poking his bosses.

"I said stop it!" Earl snapped, angrily grabbing the sabre off the boy and throwing it on the other side of the room, where it broke.

"H-Hey that wasn't very n-nice" he stuttered and ran as fast as he could to his broken toy.

Earl instantly realized what he had done and felt bad. "I'm sorry" he yelled looking at Zaren's retreating figure. "I'll buy you a new one".

He then turned his attention to the two bodies on the floor and shook his head. He was out of ideas and he didn't know what else to do so he decided to take them to a near by stall so they wouldn't get trampled on.

He looked around from his brother to try and get him to find Michelle. "Randy" he yelled looking around in different directions but no signs of his brother.

"Randy!" he yelled louder.

"What is it Earl?" Randy asked as he jumped up and down, making his moves on the Dance mat.

Earl turned around and found Randy playing the Dance Factory on Playstation. Intrigued, Earl walked up to him.

"What's that?" Earl asked and was immediately hypnotized by the flashing colorful backgrounds. Randy had noticed too and gaped at it, both of them tilting their head to one side.

"I don't know, all i know is that your're supposed to step on the arrows it says on the tv screen, on this mat" he pointed down "but I'm too slow, so I made my own moves" he said , his mouth still open.

They stood there for many minutes until Earl snapped out of it and remembered why he had came here. "Listen Randy, I need you to go around and find Michelle Thompson"

Randy didn't look at him. "Do I have to? The colors are making me happy"

"Randy, you can stare at it all you want later, this is important" Earl snapped as he faced his brother.

Randy slouched down and looked away from the television screen. "Alright" he said dejectedly and started to walk away, when a soft female voice interrupted.

"Well you found me, How can I help you?" Michelle asked as she smiled and showed her pearly whites towards Randy and then over to Earl's direction, who was in a dreamy state.

"Michelle Thompson?" he asked in surprised at how much she had changed. Her body had all the right curves, her alluring emerald eyes were brighter and shinier and her auburn hair was more wavy and longer than she always had it in high school. The only thing that remained the same was her radiating smile.

"Earl Hickey?" she also asked in shock and walked closer to him, wanting to get a good look at his face. Each step she took made Earl slightly nervous.

He felt the butterflies fluttering in his stomach and he gulped at her closeness. "I see that you finally took your neck brace off" he said nervously, pointing to her neck, his voice slightly high pitched.

Michelle couldn't help but giggle. "Yeh, I got it taken off after high school when my dad left for Spain" she replied.

Earl couldn't help but admire and stare at how beautiful she had grown over the years. He had loved her back in high school and they were here now face to face. A couple of minutes of comfortable silence had passed whilst they stared at each other, when all of a sudden a potato had hit Earl, smack bang on the back of the head.

Earl picked up the potato and examined it.

I bet your probably asking What's with the Potato? And, How could the cool Earl Hickey love a nerd? Well the truth is that Michelle Thompson wasn't really a nerd. She was just an average girl, who had a very over protective family.

I was sitting on a bench one time eating frosty flakes with Randy all of a sudden; Michelle had walked by gracefully without her neck brace. It was then that I had realized just how beautiful she really was.

She noticed us staring and came and sat down beside me and told me never to tell anyone. She then told me the real reason why.

The only boys that she was allowed to hang around were the geeks. If she were to get caught with a guy, they would have to answer to her violent grandpa.

This is where the potato comes in.

Since he was in a wheel chair, he couldn't run and chase the guys away with his cane. The only thing he could do was throw vegetables at them. I don't know how many times I got hit with a potato but it was worth it seeing her everyday, even if it was in secret. Laughing, smiling and telling me little jokes and stories. I had some of the best days of my life.

Then tragedy struck.

Her grandpa had run out of potatoes and went to throwing broccoli. That was when I knew I had to stop seeing Michelle.

I was allergic to broccoli and I had a really bad reaction with them so I didn't take my chance. I kept my distance and pretended to hate her, even if it really hurt.

Eventually she stopped taking off her neck brace and just accepted to be a nerd for all her high school years.

It was an impossible love anyway. Popular and geek don't mix. I had to keep my reputation.

Earl looked to the direction the potato had come from and there he saw Michelle's grandpa looking very angrily at him with another potato in his hand.

"Get away from her" he yelled and threw the hard vegetable at him.

"I'm sorry" Earl said, ducking for cover as he grabbed another potato.

"Now" his voice came more dangerous.

"Grandpa!" Michelle interrupted, grabbing a hold of Earl's hand and taking him away to a safer place on the other side of the room.

Her grandpa cursed underneath his breath and then turned his attention to Randy. He gave him a evil glare.

Randy looked back at him, and shuddered underneath his gaze. He cowardly he lifted his hands up in the air as a sign of defeat and walked away to find Master Splinter.

"I'm really sorry about that" she apologized and looked at the red mark on his head.

"Don't worry about it" he said and then gazed into her emerald eyes, his breath feeling shortened at her touch.

He quickly manoeuvred his way out of her grasp before he forgot how to breathe and told her the real reason as to why he was here now. He showed her the list and the unconscious Jake and Tom.

She looked at him unbelievingly at first and then gave him a Michelle Thompson smile.

"So your really trying to change?" she asked him.

"Yup, all so I can live a better life" he replied, "So can I help?"

Michelle nodded. "Off course you can" she beamed and linked her arms with his, glad to finally be able to see the good side of Earl…the man who she had a crush on since forever.

Randy was still fascinated at the fantasy world that he was in. He had finally found Master Splinter and he was surrounded by the four Ninja Turtles and the girl Ninja Turtle he forgot the name of. He saw them standing, preparing for their acts and the first thing that came to his mind was to tackle them.

Sneakily he walked behind them and pounced like a cat to its prey, managing to knock all five over and in the process hitting his head on the wooden furnished floor.

It took a while for him to come to his senses however; the hit to his head gave him an idea. He stood up gave a big smile and stared at the Ninja Turtles who were having difficulty getting off their backs because of their shells and standing up.

He nodded his head, thinking that the plan could work.

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