Title: After Revenge.

Author: SJPearce

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Background: it's set a few weeks after the third film.

Summary: King got his revenge on Danica, the vampire that took 5 years of his life. Now what does he do? This is my take on things…

Chapter 1 – Reunion.

Hannibal King sat slumped in the driver seat of his 4x4, he was staring out of the front window watching as all the eager teenagers as they exited the school as fast as they could, they couldn't wait to escape and have some fun over the weekend. He remembered that feeling.

He watched the blacked out Ford, the drivers window was rolled down the occupier leant their arm on the window tapping their fingers to the beat of the music. The passenger door opened and caught King's attention as the young brunette girl climbed aboard and the Ford pulled off.

King followed the Ford, keeping his distance as to not be noticed, it wasn't the right time. He followed their route and memorised it, painting the mental picture so he wouldn't forget and could find his way home. They drove a couple blocks away from the school then turned off the main road, drove down a few miles down a side road then turned in to a huge gate, King didn't slow down and drove straight past, he had found where they lived and he would return tonight.

Abby shot a look at King from the driver seat, he was directing her in to the middle of no where, there hadn't been another house, building or car in the last 6 miles, she wasn't sure he was going the right way but she knew she shouldn't question him right now.

He was nervous, and down right afraid. She didn't like the look of fear on King, it wasn't him. He hadn't made one sarcastic remark since he returned from following there targets this afternoon.

"There is a left coming up" Abby looked for it and almost passed it she had to do a sharp turn and then stopped outside the gate. Abby killed the engine and waited for King to make a move.

"This the place?" Abby asked. King didn't reply, he opened the car door and exited he walked up to the gate and looked at the camera as if followed him.

A spot light clunked on and blinded him he held his hand up to shield his face and then lowered his hand as his eyes adjusted to the light in the darkness. The gate made a sound as the person watching him on the camera commanded it to open. King walked slowly to the car and got in. Abby drove through the gate and noticed all the colour had washed from King's face. Anxiety didn't suit him one bit!

The building wasn't much to look at from outside, it was dark, tall, old looking; it was a run down motel, with a modest 15 rooms. Abby had insisted on doing some research on the building, she wanted to know what she was walking in to not that the net had given her much information.

King wished Abby would drive slower, he didn't want her to stop the car, he wasn't ready for this. Sure enough Abby stopped the car and turned off the engine, King got out of the car and closed his door and looked up at the building, and for 3 floors it didn't look very tall.

The red chipped paint door opened as King walked up the 5 steps and the young brunette that had climbed in to the Ford earlier leaped on him almost knocking him down. "Is it really you?" she asked holding on to King as tightly as she could

"It's really me, princess" he used the young girl's nickname. Abby and Zoë stood at the bottom of the stairs and watched the two embrace. You could clearly see the resemblance in them, once the young girl had moved out of King's arms, Abby noticed their facial features and eyes were the same, same cheek bones, same shape nose, ears, they could have been twins. "Princess this is Abby and Zoë, Abby, Zoë this is Cleo my sister"

Cleo ushered them up the stairs and hugged each of them as if they were long lost siblings to. "Hey" she led the way in to the motel and closed the large door behind her.

What would have been the reception desk when the motel was open lay directly in front of them and King could see someone sat in the office that was behind the large desk and hear the hum of the computers, he figured that was where the gate and camera was operated from.

There was hallway on the left side of the reception desk that he could see straight down that lead to the kitchen he guessed the stairs were at the end of that hall and must have lead up to the other rooms.

"Yo, Bobby" Cleo called leaning across the reception desk, the guy that must have been Bobby appeared from the door of the small office and smiled his perfect pearly white smile "this is my brother Hannibal, Abby and Zoë"

The tall, muscular black guy nodded his head at the new arrivals, "Sup" Bobby replied

Abby, Zoë and King nodded or said hello and then Cleo stood with a huge smile on her face not knowing what to do next, she was nervous, excited and somewhat freaked out! She hadn't seen her brother in 7 years so much had changed, she had so much to tell him to she didn't know where to start, "How you doing?" Cleo asked looking at King

"Been better" he told her looking around the motel nervously

"She's out hunting" Cleo assured her brother. A somewhat relief washed over King and Abby saw him somewhat relax but knew it wouldn't last for long.

Cleo gave King, Abby and Zoë the grand tour; she showed them the empty bedrooms they had which were sparsely decorated, they had the necessities, bed, wardrobe, dresser, mirror, all the rooms had en-suite bathrooms which was an added bonus though. And it wouldn't take much to make them feel homely. Cleo pointed to closed doors and told them who's room's they were there was a Bobby, Jared, Matty, AJ, Brook and of course Cleo's room.

Cleo had two rooms, one for her bedroom and one to get ready in, there was a games room that had a X-box, Playstation 2, a PC which Abby guessed was for fun usage only and nothing vampire related, there was a 42" plasma screen TV on one wall with two big black leather chairs directly in front of it and then beanbags all over the place, there was a small fridge at the back of the room that hummed slightly and Abby figured it would hold a lot of alcohol beverages, it was a mans version of heaven! They had a large TV room which was clearly two rooms knocked in to one and had 6 mismatched couches positioned around the large plasma screen TV that occupied that room to.

Cleo showed them the kitchen on the ground floor it was a modest size, catered to the needs of vampire hunters, and had a table with eight chairs around it and then a breakfast bar which had 4 stools around it. She offered to make them all something to eat but they declined, then she left the kitchen took a left after walking a few feet and opened the last door that they hadn't been through yet, Cleo switched on a light and the long winded stairs revealed themselves "and saving the best till last…" Cleo began walking down the spiral stairs "the gym", Abby, Zoë and King's mouths dropped open, it was being in a gym in L.A, mirrors covered one wall there was a TV hung from the ceiling in the far right hand corner, the gym equipment was all brand new, there was every work out machine Abby and King could think of, there was the classic punch bag hung below the TV.

"How'd you get all of this?" Abby asked running her hands down the nearest bike to her!

"the guys saved some guy that owned a gym from some suck heads, he gave them it all and gives them the new models as they come out, you wouldn't believe the freebies they get, most of the stuff in this place was given to us" Cleo explained.

"Abby" Zoë said pulling on her jacket as Abby was to busy admiring the equipment to notice the little girl "I'm hungry"

"Come on sweetheart, let's get you some food" Cleo said taking Zoë's hand and then ascending the stairs followed by King and Abby.

Cleo made conversation with Zoë about what King was like Zoë told Cleo; he was like a big cuddly bear "I hear you telling anyone that and I will have to kill you" King warned pointing a finger at her as they entered the kitchen.

Zoë decided she wanted Pizza so Cleo preceded to place 2 large pizza's in the oven, she explained no one cooked in this house without putting enough on for everyone. "So Princess tell me about school?" King asked sat at the breakfast bar besides Abby.

They were making small talk, both Cleo and King knew what questions needed and wanted to be asked but neither would mention it in front of little Zoë, the hard and complicated questions could wait, for now. "It's school, not much to tell"

They heard the front door slam shut and mumbled shouting, the shouting became clearer as the arguing pair entered the kitchen "Jared I swear if that don't kill you I will!" a tall, dark haired, model looking guy entered the kitchen clutching his fore arm, blood seeped through his fingers, he had clearly been wounded.

That's when she walked in, she hadn't changed, same blonde curly hair, same deep blue eyes, same small frame, same slim sexy body, she stopped in her tracks seeing him sat at the table "hey Brook look who dropped in to say hi" Cleo said nervously

Cleo rushed out of the classroom and filed in with the cluster of teenagers that were rushing to leave school for the weekend. Cleo was rushing because she was excited, it was the weekend and the guy in her class that she had fancied for a while had asked her out on a date she couldn't wait to tell Brook, her somewhat adopted sister/mother.

Bounding down the stairs outside her school, Cleo saw Brook was parked in the blacked out Ford her arm resting on the window with her music blaring and all the windows rolled down.

Cleo jumped in to the passenger seat and Brook turned down the music "afternoon" Brook greeted her with a huge smile.

"Hey" Cleo said not being able to hide her excited grin "I have got THE best news" Cleo continued before Brook had chance to ask any questions. She explained on the drive home all about how Ashley had asked her to go to the movies with him on Saturday night, she was so excited and began to worry about what she would wear or how she would do her hair. Once she had blurted out all of her energy to Brook she looked over at her and saw she was a million miles away "hello, earth to Brook" Cleo called out raising her voice slightly.

"Sorry" Brook sighed

"what's up? You're in a world of your own"

"nothing" Cleo gave her a look that said she knew otherwise and Brook caved in and told her what was wrong "my spider sense is playing up" Cleo giggled, Brook had an amazing sixth sense, to the point where it was almost 100 right all the time but Cleo called it her spider sense.

"What is it this time? Apocalypse, earth quake?"

"Ha ha" Brook replied sarcastically, her sixth sense wasn't to do with things like that "it's you're…" she stopped "I'm being stupid"

"No come on tell me what it is?"

"I can feel King, like he's around, near by"

Cleo laughed "Your spider sense is definitely broken"

Brook half smiled "yeah you're right…so I think we need to go shopping tomorrow to buy you something nice for your date with Ashley Willow" Brook said Ashley's name in a dreamy tone they way Cleo had said it whilst she had been explaining how he had asked her on their date. Brook was glad to have changed the subject and shook off the feeling that Hannibal King was around.

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