Summery: It is a well known fact that Raven and Robin share a special mental link, one that they both share in knowledge of what one another feels, possibly know what the other is thinking, even glimpse at one another's past. This bond, this link is inseparable and becomes very helpful in certain dire situations. Neither take advantage of this gift and rather embrace it to be something special between just the two of them.

So, what happens when this special bond, this link of sorts is shared not only between close friends, but with a criminal that the Titans of Jump City have been wishing to get their hands on for years ever since his appearance. Well, for one thing, Raven never thought this accidental incident would ever have accrued to begin with! Sure she may hold the identity, location, possibly have an insight to what the thief is up to as well as what he may be planning his next move to be. Those were the obvious perks she'll have over the thief, but the downside to it all was simple, where she knew him from the inside out.

Red X would know her from dormant history, to current secret, and to make matter's worse, he'll use this to his great advantage just to get what he wants. To be able to finish a personal vendetta long since dreamed up from his childhood past. Dragging Raven along for the ride, things get complicated when a child is involved.

-Passing Judgment: Playing by the Rules-

-Find the Difference-

"Whasup dudes?" Beast Boy shrugged while jogging into the Common Room where every one of the Teen Titans from Jump City were located, gathered around the main computer to oversea some kind of a report. Beast Boy jumped over the couch to join his friends and scooted next to Raven who eyed her green changeling of a friend for a moment then directed her full attention towards Robin.

The leading commander of the group who betrayed no emotion as he turned back to the computer in order to inform his teammates, "Okay, we're all here. Good. Now listen up, I've just received an anonymous tip saying that some kind of Chrysoberyl gemstone AKA the Cat's Eye(1) within the History's Mysteries Museum is in danger of being stolen."

"We get calls like this from many other Museums within the city," Cyborg shrugged and crossed his arms over his chest with a shrug, "Maybe the owners just paranoid … so what's the difference?"

Robin shot a narrowed glance at Cyborg, then pressed an enter button to pull up a certain profile of a certain someone that the other Titans knew all to well to never let their guard down. Starfire took a breath and shuttered, remembering the time when she had come into contact with the Red X. Aggressive and oh-so forward she gulped at the memory and unconsciously scooted closer to her now boyfriend Robin.(2) Wrapping an arm around his, he returned the gesture by placing a hand on one of hers for reassurance.

The movement never went unnoticed by the others, and to be honest, they were all still trying to get use to seeing the couple being so public about their affections. Not that they were offended, or the couple themselves were become too much to bare … it was just turning out to be very odd in seeing a couple within the hero world period.

However, moving back to the subject, Raven blinked away from the two and looked up to the screen and raised a question everyone else was wondering, "Red X robbing the History's Mysteries? That's a very specific accusation; I wonder who the person was."

"They were disguising their voice when I received the web recording," Robin sighed and looked around to his team, "you guys ready to go?"

Beast Boy whined, "Man … Red X … doesn't that guy ever quit? Every time he pops up he ends up doing something good other than completing his first mission! He's a confused insane person!"(3)

Raven scoffed and crossed her arms over her chest, "I never knew there was a difference."

Robin turned off the computer and headed for the garage, "Enough of the jokes, let's move out Titans, Formation Delta."(4)

"Formation Delta?" Beast Boy jerked his head back then glanced back at Raven and jerked his thumb to their leader, "Is he serious? I thought he said that was an unstable formation?"

"This is Red X, Garfield, you know how Robin is when it comes to the thief or Slade." Raven sneered and floated after her leader leaving Beast Boy to seethe after Raven when she used his real name. Their conversation fell on deaf ears, with Robin's focus on capturing a thief; Raven's comment never reached him.

However Starfire did here it and shot Raven a scrutinizing look of annoyance, which was new considering Starfire's not really that deep when it came to negative emotions. Raven, felt her annoyance, but thought nothing of it, Starfire wasn't the problem; it was a robbery in progress that was the problem. Petty feelings will only get in the way of the assignment.

-History's Mysteries Museum-

"East Wing, check in."

Starfire flew in from an open widow above the History's Mysteries Museum dropping down and looking around every corner and every display for a chance at ambush. Sensing none she flew down the hall and stopped leaning up against the wall taking a peek around the corner. Seeing nothing that showed further signs of unusual activity she took out her communicator and responded, "East Wing, no signs of activity. Everything's quiet."

"West wing, check in."

With his shoulder light on and shining at it's full capacity. Sonic cannon locked and loaded, Cyborg walked around the west wing of the Smithsonian Museum and checked of everything was as it should be. Quiet and in place he sighed and called in, "West Wing secured, nothin' happenin' over here."

"North Wing, check in."

In a mouse form Beast Boy leaped and scampered in every little crawl space that might have held a potential threat. Or in this case a hotshot thief looking to earn a few street cred in points, transforming into a dog he sniffed around for any signs of their target. Though he picked up nothing, Beast Boy concluded that the thief hadn't have come through this way.

In his human form he checked back, "Everything's cool over here dude, quiet as a mouse."

"South Wing, check in."

In her lotus form she sat in the center of her section. Chanting ever so quietly she lifted her head up and out went her soul-self. Twisting and turning, tumbling through the ventilation shafts then phasing through the walls to come back, the raven hovered over its owner's body for a moment. Then disburse and scattered through out the south wing. Nothing was observed except small traces of an aura that had traveled down the south wing heading to the center vault.

Raven called herself back and checked in, "South Wing secured, what's your status Robin?"

Robin hid in the shadow's of the vault where he didn't have to look around in order to find what he was looking for. Because he was already at his own target, glaring daggers and clenching his fist tight as he gritted his teeth ready for an unavoidable fight. He had every confidence in his team that this time around this thief was going down.

Everything was preplanned from an anonymous tip saying that the item on the podium rested a single small gemstone of great meaning and mystery. Said to be the only clue to a lost treasure hidden deep within the Jungles of India where riches beyond anyone's dreams lay dormant. Untouched by man for over – as the scientist guess – 5,000 years, it was the Chrysoberyl Cat's Eye, and it was in jeopardy.

Acting on the tip Robin felt that this was as lucky as anyone could ever get.

The very thief that was stealing this priceless treasure was sure enough the infamous Red X. Calling in before acting Robin answered, "I'm right on target, no one moves unless I say so, understood?"

"Understood friend."

"I feel ya man."

"Hear ya loud and clear dude."

"Let's just get this over with."

Clicking off the communicator, Robin pulled out four smoke bombs and threw them at the oblivious thief. Exploding on impact Red X had no time to react disorientated by the flash explosives and the mask not fast enough to filter out the smoke filling his lungs with smoke. He stumbled backwards only to feel his back smashed with Robin's staff. Feeling his body impact with the glass podium of the gemstone, X groaned out of pain when he felt the glass shatter and sharp edges of the glass embedded themselves though his suit and into his arm.

Robin probably didn't here it and so it gave the thief enough time to snatch the object up and put it in his pocket. No matter how much his body protested moving at the moment. The lead Titan could have cared less with his dead serious tone, "You know what they say X: someday you'll get yours and that's tonight."

Oh please, spare me the heroics, X coughed in thought with his disoriented mask and staggered to his feet; glaring at Robin he heaved heavy breaths from the cleared smoke, "Sorry, but my mommy never was around to teach me right from wrong."

"What a shame," Robin sneered and attacked, X ducked down and leaned back, hands on the ground behind him he kicked up and connected foot to staff as he jumped to his feet. Then scampered out of the vault exit, Robin following close by took out a disk and sliding it on the ground towards the thief. It split open and spun like a boa to his feet. As if anticipating the attack he jumped over it and continued to run.

Robin pulled out his communicator, "He's coming down the North Wing! Beast Boy, take care of it!"

From the ceiling a bat dropped down then transformed into a cheetah roaring as it took off at lightening fast speed towards the approaching thief. Rounding the corner he leapt in the air and lashed out at Red X who imitated a baseball player sliding to home and dropped down to the ground. Skidding under the green changeling and using the polished ground for leverage, the momentum of his speed help boost his slide.

Beast Boy dug his claws into the slippery ground after landing on his paws to help stop and reroute his position to pursue the escaping thief. He had a hard time even finding his ground as he slid, lost balance and nearly collided with Robin. Thinking fast Robin jumped straight over the crashed changeling and pulled out two bird-a-rangs, throwing them at the thief that had some how gotten back on his feet never skipping a speedy beat.

The two weapons whizzed passed his head and embedded into the wall where he was going to turn into. However grinded to a stop and changed places going down the opposite hall with Robin close behind, and shouting into his communicator again, "Cyborg, we're headed your way!"

No sooner had he said that did an explosion down the hall erupt and shatter the marbled wall, "Booyah! Boy you ain't gettin' pass me!"

Red X stopped in the middle of the new room from which held all the collective dinosaur bones and far more historical findings of the prehistoric days. A lot of places to hide … and a lot of things for a hero to risk cracking if he played his cards right. Dodging an attack from behind do to Robin's staff, X rolled to the side and behind a display glass. Noticing that it could be moved X smirked – not that any one could see it – and kicked the podium holding the priceless artifact towards Robin.

Taking the time it used the Boy Wonder to catch, stable, and look around for the thief that had run off. X was almost to the other side of the room when Cyborg came out of nowhere and landed a hard punch to the side of his head. Down he went skidding halfway across the room, back hitting the stage that the triceratops was displayed on. Cyborg walked up to the thief expecting him to be knocked out cold, but got the shock of his life when he sprung up and flipped onto the displayed dinosaur!(5)

"How'd you – "

"I've always wondered if you had a funny bone under all that metal, head's up." Punching down the juncture of the neck behind the triceratops, the body shook and rattled then the head gave way just before Red X jumped off and watched as Cyborg was forced to catch and try to maintain the perfectly preserved dinosaur head.

Distracted from his entertainment Red X barely had time to lean back and flip into chase mode when Robin swiped his staff at him again. Running down another hall X prepared for the next Titan to stop him, Starfire. Under the mask he smirked and chuckled, My haven't they've gotten incredibly organized. Leaping forward and rolling just before Starfire's green fist collided with his head and shatter the marble wall. X got to his feet and took steps back, "Whoa there cutie, sorry I haven't been calling, I've been busy."

Starfire blinked; for a moment confused with his statement and with the added plus of the speed he possessed she turned around and growled. Glowing ever brighter as her name suggested, Starfire hovered into the air and threw him unlimited amounts of ammunition from her hands. Green balls of energy struck nothing, but the ground he once stood on as he jumped and missed every shot flawlessly.

The rapid-fire alien flew after him raining balls of energy from every point. Finding the chase had gone on long enough he rerouted his direction and ran for Robin. Seeing the thief coming his way, Robin charged and brought down his weapon on the human, but was shocked when he just vanished!

No not vanished.

Like playing leapfrog, Robin felt pressure on the top of his head push him down as X just jumped straight over to his last hope of escape. Starfire still firing never saw Robin until last minute and screamed when one of her bolts flew to her boy, "Robin! Look out!"

Too late to turn and see the danger, the energy struck with an alarming rate of a speeding bullet. The impact to his chest not only winded him, it burned and knocked him off his feet. Plus with the velocity he was running at, these things just didn't go so well together. Skidding along the ground until he stopped with the wall, he coughed and gasped a gulp of much needed air. That was something so not expected! It hurt like hell!

Starfire looked down the hall to the escaping villain, then back to her injured friend. There was no contest. Robin came first, taking out her communicator she gave the order that'll end the mission, "Cyborg, this is Starfire requesting immediate back up Robin has been injured. Raven, the Red X is coming you're way … good-luck."


Raven scoffed at the mere thought, luck was not something she believed in.

Luck was a religion all it's own to where mindless, hopeful, idiots like the Red X prayed on for success on things such as money, power, love, and everything else in between. Luck wasn't something that just happened, as people then labeled them as miracles. Luck was something only people who wish, dream, pray and used to explain the unexplainable.

Red X, she knew believed in luck.

Today – er, night his belief was to be shattered, cause as people usually say to those that loose there winning streak.

His luck has finally run out.

Still hovering in lotus form in the middle of the South Wing corridor of her watch point she closed her eyes and gathered all her chakra calling forth her inner soul once more for the final time this night. Everything vanished, everything melted away and she could hear it. His rapid beating heart, his pulsing veins, and especially his desperate rundown of the hall to escape what he knew would most likely be his last encounter of the Titans.

Then … her chance came when he entered her dwelling. Calling forth the power of the cosmos, asking permission form the worlds in the universe to give her strength, she got her wish every time she chanted her mantra. "Azarath –" calling from the power within her home, her own inner strength, "Metrion –" calming control to balance and release as much emotion as she let out before the final most powerful word to combined it all, "Zinthous!"

Out her soul-self leaped once more and the raven screeched as it whipped and darted about from side to side confusing her enemy as she went slowly. Then in lightning speed, faster then he could think flew forcefully into his chest. Overwhelming and overpowering his own soul to submission, she never gave him the luxury of getting use to her possession. She felt him calm, felt his struggle seize, and finally his body relaxed as his heart slowed to steady beats equivalent to that of sleep.

When she was sure he was out, she pulled back and reentered her own mind very slowly making sure to shake off anything that'll somehow connect him to her as she was to Robin. That was how their bond was made anyway; she was kicked out too soon to sever their contact fully. Inhaling ever so slowly until she felt her soul-self reentering her body carefully … but just when she thought everything was going well Red X's soul; did something unexpected.

It suddenly pulsed with a sudden powerful serge of adrenaline and before she knew it his soul fought back! Not expecting the move she screamed when she was knocked off her concentration and nearly knocked on unconscious altogether. The thief groaned back to life, how, no one would ever be sure, but he looked up at and around to be sure of his surroundings and wondering why he was even on the ground to begin with.

He noticed Raven and remembered he was still in danger of being caught; no mercy was spared at her expense. To make sure she stayed knocked out he charged, acting fully on instinct, Raven finally opened her eyes, but saw in swirls. She was still connected to the thief and was actually sensing his instincts telling him what to do. She knew what it was, but she was still shocked he was even moving!

Without warning he sun around and jumped round housing the side of her head and not only knocking her out of the air, but sent her skidding across the marbled floor. Gathering her bearings, Raven felt the rest of her soul reenter her body after feeling it threatened, she jumped to her feet just in time to block an attack that X had intended to impact her ribcage. Using her powers she held out a palmed hand and slammed X with the powerful force of her energy. Throwing him across the museum, he skidded and hit the far wall, groaning he growled and put a hand on his head, and shouted, "That hurt!"

"That was the point, where's the Cat's Eye, give it here." Raven scoffed and struggled to stay on her feet, the severed connection having taken a lot out of her, meaning her only line of defense was hand-to-hand. Not one of her strong points and … damn it all!

She knew that Red X knew that part all too well; he even showed it off when he leapt to his feet flawlessly and sank into the perfect fighting pose, "I'd like to see you try and take it from me."

Raven scowled, I don't get it … what went wrong? She thought with great hesitation, lighting her eyes up to that bright gloomy white, she sank into her own fighting style of taijutsu, (6) "Your funeral. Azarath. Metrion. ZINTHOUS!"

With everything she had she cracked the floor in a perfect straight line towards the thief he jumped and rolled out the way before the ground beneath him shattered, but he didn't stop there. He couldn't afford to when Raven spared him no suspense and brought chunks of the roof down to crush him, pulling out his rotating blades he ran out of the way of the chunks and the smaller ones that he couldn't dodge he sliced away. Flipping, cart wheeling, and stopping in a crouch he spun around, still crouched and launched him self closer to Raven.

Seeing his advancement she jerked herself back then picked up small rubble of the chucks she took out and flung them at X with the speeds of a flying bullet. He dodged them all expertly and skidded to a stop from his running when he noticed she was about to bring up the ground to abruptly stop him. Predicting her next move, the floor came up, and she moved to the left, when she did he launched a barrage of X blades her way.

Raven came to a screeching halt when she saw at least six blades whizzing towards her, and the only thing that came to him was: block. Bring up a black shield she felt the force of all six blades cutting at her shield. Throwing them to the side she gasped when Red X appeared in front of her and without mercy grabbed the clip of her cape and with a jerk sent her flying high over his head with the full intent of slamming her back to the ground.

Raven found herself and grabbed a hold of his wrist in mid-flight, correcting her body, she landed on her feet and with as much physical strength she could muster with the grip on Red X's wrist firm and tight she threw him instead to the ground. Still holding onto his wrist she twisted it and subdued him, straddling his back she took a deep breath suddenly realizing she was out of breath she gulped and gritted her teeth, "You lose … now give up the Cat's Eye."

The thief grunted, "Getting a little ahead of ourselves now aren't we, forget who I am? Let me remind you." Raven gave out a yelp when she felt Red X suddenly switch positions within a flash of a second actualizing giving Kid Flash a run for his money. She blinked and tried to move her hands but found them bound to the ground high over her head by one of his red x sticky tapes. Raven gulped when she felt him loom over her, straddling her lower waste she bit down on her tongue to keep herself from overreacting and held her breath when she felt the cold unfeeling tip of a red X blade pressed to her neck. "No offence babe, but I like to be on top."

"Bastard!" it slipped, she wasn't supposed to say it, it just slipped and the moment it did he slapped an adhesive on her lips to further prevent her form talking – even chanting her mantra.

"You got a mouth for someone with little words," he chuckled, Raven's glare darkened, feeling her powers building up with rage she watched him look up from her towards any of the halls and had to wonder if he was looking for the rest of her teammates. Speaking of which … where were they?

"Raven – owww … my head hurts …"

"Friend Raven!"

"Raven where are you girl!"

X snickered and looked down at Raven with white slit eyes, "You're a cool bird chickadee, hope to see you around."

With that he was gone, leaving Raven literally tapped to the floor for hr friends to find and by the time they did free her she was cursing Red X black and blue and suddenly having a strange strong craving to chew ice cubes. Which was weird considering the fact that she didn't like soda all that much and Dr. Pepper was starting to seep into her taste buds.


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Info Center:

1. Just a little tip, this gemstone is actually really called the Cat's Eye because it looks exactly as it's name suggest, it looks exactly like a cat's eye! I'm serious and its coloration is a vibrant gold. I don't know how many of you knew that, but I just thought I'd like to share some useless information for you.

2. Spoiler alert, if you hadn't have already watched the movie, Robin and Starfire do become boyfriend and girl in Tokyo … and the way it happens is so funny because Robin actually turns down a kiss from Star by saying theior job comes first. Predictable actually.

3. You notice that every time Red X comes into the picture he ends up actually doing something good after he's been a bad boy? Come one you've noticed it!

4. … um … pretend that since Jinx actually helped out, she's been even giving the Titans a bit of formation tips … I don't know! It just popped into my head, yeesh.

5. I don't know about you guys … but getting punched by Cyborg looks awfully painful, and in our reality, Red X – despite the suit and mask and everything would have been knocked out. Assume he's an adrenaline junky – which I think he is …

6. If you're wondering why I addressed Raven as using Taijutsu (if that's how you really spell it) it's because a friend of mine practices the same art and whenever she shows of her moves I point out that it looks like poses that Raven would sink to. Just watch her and all the signs she makes … also her emphasis in using chakra.

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