-Passing Judgment: Playing by the Rules-

-The Beginning of Ever After-

She wasn't much of late night snacker … but staying up all night for two nights in a row will do that to a person. Sitting on the counter dressed in little more than sweatpants and a tang-top with her long hair pulled up in a messy ponytail. Raven munched on Robin's chip – he wasn't much of a junk-food junkie anyway, she figured the chips won't be missed. For heaven's sakes he just bought them two weeks ago and they were still more than half-way done.

Raven guessed Starfire was a better snack … bad joke, can you blame her?

It was nearly 1 in the morning and she was sitting on the cold counter, give the girl a break, she couldn't sleep and she damn sure wasn't going to try. Trying to sleep was like trying to parallel park your car in between a couple of biohazard barrels … you just don't do it. At least for Raven that is … she discovered that trying to sleep when you couldn't sleep was impossible. The least she'll get is 20 minutes and then it was time to get up for the next day, so she stayed up and since she was half-demon it hardly affected her daily routines.

Munch … munch … munch … munch … swallow … munch … munch … munch … mun – …

She paused in her chewing and put a side the chips, there was a shift in the air.

She couldn't explain it, but there was a shift in the air of normalcy …

Hmph … normalcy … if the Titan Tower can even be called normal …

Especially after she turned in X – maybe that was why she couldn't sleep, because she felt guilty. Just like she felt guilty about being with X while her friends looked for her and she ran away with him. Oh the complications of being a teenager she snorted and continued to chew and swallow, never minding the shift in the air. It was probably Starfire and Robin having a little 'late-night-snack' in Robin's room. Raven realized it was always Robin's room, hardly – if ever – Starfire's … did that mean something?

She didn't know, frankly she didn't care.

Although she did wonder if Robin had more chips up in his room considering the fact that the one she was munching on was starting to run out. Jumping off the counter and heading for the fridge she took one can of Cyborg's favorite soda – again she wasn't much of a snacker or a soda person, but it was 5 after 1, who cared? Since she didn't have reputation for soda's Cyborg will blame it on Beast Boy and thus the same old arguments over food will start.

Normalcy …

Footsteps … someone was coming … Robin … probably thirsty from the one-on-one with Star … Raven thought and hid his chips, but kept drinking the soda, jumping off the counter to lean on it so to better hide the chips. She sensed him enter the Ops Room and without turning the lights on to see him, she spoke in the dark, "I wonder who's more the jealous type, you or Star ..."

"I wouldn't know," Raven went pale white and stalk still when she felt the heat of his breath on her neck, the voice … it wasn't Robin's … it was X's. She especially knew it wasn't Robin when she felt ungloved hands on her waist, pulling her flush against that familiar body. Still in shock Raven couldn't find words to even slip her mind when she felt him kiss her neck and whisper in her ear, "although, I've been told I get a little too clinging when I know my girl's hot enough to freeze every room she walks in. Missed ya Princess …"

"X …" Raven whispered right back, putting the soda down she turned around and leaned on the counter when X pressed against her and kissed her deeply, Raven allowed it, but only because she was still in shock. When he pulled away he trailed kisses all along her jaw and down her neck, as she shuttered, "… you-you're supposed to be in prison … how did you …"

"I work for the CIA on the side," X chuckled and pulled away from her long enough to have her catch her breathe and gather her head together. His silver eyes still glowed that ever bright arrogant glint, as he explained, "Reign's fake husband Francisco Bou is my partner on the agency … I'm off the books, he gets the credit … and I get the back up. He paid my bail."

Raven gulped, "That's 2.5 million dollars … are you –"

"Yes Princess," X kissed her again, "I'm that important … I do the things the government can't be seen doing illegally, believe it or not."

Raven's head was finally coming together and she narrowed her eyes on him in suspicion, "Okay … he paid your bail, you're free … and the first place you want to go to is Titan Tower? Are you mad?"

X smirked and pressed his forehead against hers, "I had to be sure that lizard wasn't anywhere near my girl … I had to see you."

"Hold on … so that time back at the jungle … you were jealous of Malchior?" Raven observed, X bowed his head as if in shame, then nodded and confessed.

"A little … but …" X gulped and took a deep breath, as if preparing himself for death he held Raven closer and hovered close enough to taste her delicious lips, but never actually kissed her. He was still thinking … thinking about what to say next … and he found out that there was no other way to say it, but to just say it, and so he did in a breathless whisper, "… you know I love you … right?"

An insecure shiver shot through Raven's body when X moved from her lips to kiss her cheek, the side of her head, her forehead. Occupying himself as he waited for her to respond. Figuring that if she was still in his arms she felt the same way … he prayed to God she felt the same way, and he thanked God for small miracles when she returned a chaste kiss and nodded meekly, "I know … but how can you be so sure about it? I turned you –"

"So what?" X scoffed, "I came back … shouldn't that be enough? Or are you still worried about taking sides?"

"It's hard," Raven looked away from him, but never moved away from him, liking how he kept her warm in the middle of the freezing night, just loving how he felt around her. So strong, so sure … as if she really was the only girl he thought of day in and day out … and she had to admit … she did miss him … a lot. It showed with the way she was playing with the flimsy collar of his white button up shirt, "but maybe … doing the right thing … isn't always doing the right thing …"

"Now there's a thought, but seriously," X bumped his head against hers to get her attention, her violet eyes looked up at his as he smirked reassuringly, "we can make this work … I'm leaving Jump, not for good, just until the heat dies out."

Raven couldn't help to smirk herself when a funny thought came to her, "Robin's not going to be too happy when he finds out someone bailed you out … he might think it was me."

"You?" X jerked his head back and eyed her suspiciously, "You have 2.5 million on you?"

"And then some."

"Where'd you get the money?"

"That's none of your business," Raven said with a straight face and for a moment X believed her, until she cracked and sighed with a shrug she said quietly, "It's from my mother in Azarath, we still use gold coins as currency and since they're real … yeah, plus the city regularly rewards us for our efforts in saving the city and since I'm not a big spender like the rest of my team is, the money's been accumulating."

"I've been wondering why you never ogled Castillo Manor," X grinned, "even girls that aren't interested in the money, their eyes always light up when they enter a big house. Only those that have the money to spare don't care."

"Now you know a little about me," Raven frowned, "but I still don't even know your name."

"I thought we had this conversation before, princess, I'm Prince Charming."

"I'm serious."

"…" X chuckled at her straight face and moved a strand of hair from her face, returning his hand to her waist, "I'll tell you my name, if you tell me yours."

"Raven … Raven Roth."

Just like that she gave it up, and it proved to X that she really was down for him, assured; X smirked and kissed her, pulling away only briefly to say, "Nathan … Nathan Sanchez … that's my real name … and only you and me know that."

"Lance doesn't know?"

"He doesn't need to, not yet." Raven pulled away from X – or Nathan in this case – and sat on top of the counter, looking down at him, X noticed her violet eyes were sparkling with amusement and he scowled playfully, "Something funny about my name?"

"No … not really," Raven chuckled softly, "it's just … Robin thinks he knows your true identity, the police in Jump City think they know you're true face … your true name … but they don't even know the half of it. Half of you … a mask can come in different forms … you've just chosen the more complicated one … hiding behind a pile of names, false identities and lives … it's truly a wonder to me how you're able to keep up with all of them."

Raven bit down on her lip when she felt X rest his hands high up on her thighs, trying to make it seem like it didn't bother her, X knew it did by the way she twisted her feet together and her knuckles whitening while gripping tightly on the counter top she sat on. Her shoulders were not relaxed and so were the rest of her body, now any normal gentleman would respect a woman's discomfort, but X was hardly a normal gentleman, and Raven was hardly a normal woman.

It took a little more coaxing for her to give in than most girls X knew … and maybe that was part of the reason he loved her so much. She was level headed and strong enough to keep him in check, and let's not forget that this thief loved challenges. Raven was not an easy person to get along with, let alone an easy girl to tame and have all to himself … if he guessed right about her. X was pretty sure she wasn't the type to be controlled, or swooned so easily by lavish gifts and sweet velvet words.

A guy had to prove he was worth her time and affection through a very rare method that most girls in the world don't use … and the irony of it all was. Out of all the Teen Titan guys she could have pickings of … she went to the dark side to find him … and to think. It was all by accident.

X moved closer to her … but in order for him to do so, she had to separate her knees and allow him closer. She hesitantly did so, and closed her eyes when his hands moved from her thighs to rest on her lower back with one running up to yank off the pony-tail that held up her silky hair. Sighing softly when she felt him pull her head back to expose her neck to his lips, Raven released her death grip hold on the counter top to rest her hands on his chest and shoulder, "X –"

"Nathan," he corrected as he ran his tongue along the crook of her neck and tasted her flesh, kissing softly and loving the shiver he sent through her body when she gripped his shirt. As if holding on to him for dear life, he licked her again and smirked when a chocked moan escaped her throat. Obviously she was still trying to resist him, Nathan thought he'd have to fix that as he pulled away from her neck and whispered in her ear, nibbling at her earlobe, "Say it Raven … say my name …"

Raven shuttered when the hand that was on her back pushed her even closer and forced her knees even further apart. Her grip on his shirt became so desperately tight that at any moment she would have been able to rip it off if worse-comes-to-worse … or … something like that. The cold counter top was forgotten as her body temperature suddenly shot up so high that it started to burn her cheeks. Flushed, she gritted her teeth and refused to say this name … saying his name meant having to give in and Raven wasn't sure about the whole thing.

"X … I think – mmm …" muffled with a kiss.

Nathan pulled away to chuckle, "You think too much, just relax … you know I won't do anything you don't want to … if you say so."

Raven gulped when he slid her flush against his body, a small gasp escaped her throat when she found herself shamelessly pressed against Nathan with nothing but their bothersome clothes in between them. Her face grew redder, and if the dim lighting in the Ops Room – the light was coming from the city outside the window – Nathan would have seen how red she really was. Not that he needed to see, he knew just by the change in her breathing, the rapid beating of her heart, and the sudden still ness in her body against his.

He traced his hand over her arm and reached it up to her hand, holding the tightly clenched fists; he loosened them and helped her relax with a soft kiss. Massaging her lips against his, waiting for her to react, he smirked in his head when she kissed back and opened her mouth willingly to allow him to taste her once more. Loving the sweet flavor of his sweet little Raven, he loved it even more when she brushed her tongue against his and participated shyly.

Again he tried to loosen her grip on his shirt and was happy when she relaxed and let go, letting him lead her hand to his bare chest, then to his buttons. Feeling her other hand sliding away from his shoulder timidly to the same button in order to undo the binding, Nathan let her go and traced his hand to the back of her neck. Running his fingers through her hair as he applied more aggression in the kiss to dominate her, Raven fought back defiantly like he thought she would. Becoming more feverish by the passing seconds, Nathan's hand against her lower back inched up the hem of her tang-top, sliding under it he paused momentarily when he felt her tug on the belt of his pants.

Pulling away to look down in slight shock, he gave her a surprised look at the dazed Raven who was wondering why he pulled away. About to ask why, he asked playfully, "You done this before? Hardly anyone I know can pull this belt off without looking."

"Really?" Raven asked, then cupped his face and brought him closer to her, her violet eyes not on fire, but scorched as she whispered, "then allow me to show you what else I can do that others you've been with can not."

Nathan grinned, "I'm lovin' the sound of thi –" Beep! Beep! Beep! Both Raven and Nathan jumped, Raven looked around. Suspecting the Titans were here, or there was trouble at foot in Jump City, it just turned out to be Nathan's cell as he pulled it out of his pocket to see who was calling him. He glared at it as if he was about ready to murder and answered crudely, while Raven jumped off the counter and smoothed back her hair. Composing herself and feeling the heat of the moment fleeting away as the chill of the Ops Room finally kissed her warm skin. Violet eyes glanced at Nathan who was now leaning on the counter, "This better be good … Well cancel it and book – … You gotta be kidding me … Alright! Alright! Fine! I'll be there in 10." He hung up and growled, "Fuck …"

Raven crossed her arms over her chest as she asked curiously, "I take it that wasn't just the dentist offices calling to remind you of an appointment you have forgot."

"… It was Gregory, my flights been bumped up … I have to leave now if I plan on keeping Robin guessing," Nathan answered truthfully, as he watched Raven walk up to him, grabbing a hold of his belt she tightened it and proceeded to redress him as he ran his hands through her hair.

Raven moved up to his buttons as she said softly, but with a twinge of relief and remorse. She was glad that something stopped them long enough to think straight, but at the same time she was saddened that Nathan had to leave … and a bit disappointed that they were interrupted as well. It was a confusing thought … but one thing was clear, Nathan had to go, "Well then, I guess if you have to go, you have to go."

She stopped at the third button to the top and kept her hands on his chest as his hands found their way around her waist to hold her close, his luminous silver eyes glowed a carefree light as he smirked and asked playfully, "Come with me? We can find something fun to do on a 14 hour flight to Japan, 33,000 feet in the air going 500+ mph."

"As tempting as that may sound, I'm needed here."

"I know …" they shared another deep kiss, one Raven was confident enough to express how much she'll miss him while he was gone. Tilting her head at an angle to get more out of a kiss, she felt the heat rising again, and Nathan must have felt it to because his grip on her was tighter. He didn't want to let her go, especially when she whimper slightly when his aggression came back, he really didn't want to let her go, but he had to. Calming down or at least trying to, Nathan pulled away and breathlessly said, "I'll miss you."

"You act like you'll never see me again."

"Feels that way." Nathan pouted.

Raven gave him a dry look and pulled away from his embrace, wrapping her hand around his and leading him towards the exit, "It's for your own good … don't ask me to be a Titan against you, X … I don't think I can do it."

He stopped her, Raven turned when a hand gently caressed her cheek and tilted her head up to look him dead in the eye as he asked, "Say it … just once, say it."

She didn't know if she could … and her eyes moved down to stare at the ground, but he nudged her and she looked up at him. Seeing and knowing who he really was … trusting him. Raven shook the dice in her hands and with jerk of her hand she threw it and hoped to God that it landed on a seven as she gambled with an emotion she was never familiar with. Looking him dead in the eye she said without stuttering, "I love you, Nathan."

He smiled, not a big one, but a grateful smile nonetheless as he kissed her on her cheek and whispered in her ear, "I love you more Raven Roth."

"You always have to turn everything into a challenge?"

"You shouldn't talk," Nathan chuckled when Raven pushed him away and towards the door.

"Get out of here already, before someone sees you."

Those playful silver eyes glowed in the dark as he sank into the shadows and left her with a promise, "I'll see you again … I promise."

"I don't doubt it …" she whispered and when she knew he was gone, she – for the first time in her entire life – smiled with a carefree aura about her as she turned to head up to her room. Wondering if maybe tonight she'll have a good night's rest … well … what was left of the night anyway.

Nathan Sanchez … she rolled his name around in her head as she went to the kitchen to clean up her snacks and halted all movements when she saw a golden jewelry box resting on the counter. Glancing at the exit Nathan took; she looked back down at the box and reached for it. Seeing a note taped to it, she went to turning on the kitchen light in order to read its contents …

I'm sorry I had to leave so soon, but I will keep my promise, I will see you again. But in the meantime, Zak asked me to give you something, and I just didn't remember it until now … I never looked inside, but whatever it is he wanted you to have it and he asked for me to tell you he was Sorry.


Raven raised a brow and stared at his name, then scoffed, So he planned to tell me his name all along … she thought as she put the note away and opened the jewelry box to see it was a red ruby jewel with her raven symbol etched in black. It was a jewel that matched her belt exactly! Within the box was another note, this one she was sure Zak wrote it …

I remember before you left, one of your jewels on your chain were cracked … this may not be much, but I thought that maybe it was a start on my road to redemption. By the time you read this I may be either long gone or dead … either way I have to say it for myself. I'm sorry, from the bottom of my heart I'm so sorry for everything I've ever put you through. I never killed Tac, Kain did, and there is no excuse for me forcing you off of Azarath.

I just hope that life for you wasn't as hard as it was for me … you were always a kind friend to me even when I was unbearable at times; maybe that's why Tac liked you so much. Because he saw you could be sweet under all the weight that was placed on you, but let me just say … the reason I wanted the book from you was not for the treasures or of world domination Dragon Trove offered. Or even only to stop my father from his selfish desires.

I wanted it to help me solve a secret that's been hovering over the Kazar family for years … Kain … I found out he had an older brother … but for some strange reason all records of his existence had been erased … even of the suspicious disappearance of him and his family. Yes, he had a family, a wife, and two children, a girl and a boy … I wanted to know if it was true, because I understand that within the Kazar family there was this belief, I'm sure you're heard of it:

When the silver eye of the moon is born, the golden gaze of the sun will follow and together as one the crown shall never fall.

If you go back to as far as possible within Azarian Royalty every Queen, King, Prince, Princess not only had either silver or gold eyes, but they had a sibling with the opposite color!

During my time on Earth … I thought I found the truth … but I could be wrong … I was wrong many times before, Jaeden Sanchez … why go under an assumed name when no one on Earth even knows who he truly was.

I hope now you understand a little of what I was doing … and I can't ask you to forgive me for what I've done.

Truly yours,


Zakardo Azone Kazar

By the time she was done reading, Raven had to put the letter down and hesitantly look out the Titan window, seeing the faint glow of the city's lights. She glanced down at the jewel Zak gave her, and leaned on the counter. Remembering flashes of silver eyes … silver-gray eyesWas he talking about Nathan? Raven thought in confusion as she stared at the jewel, remembering Nathan's teasing nickname for her, and the joke they shared, was it a coincidence?

Or fate trying to be funny? Looking at the note, Raven shook her head and disregarded the suggestion as nonsense, Yeah … you're right Zak … you are wrong … Nathan Sanchez? A Prince? Hilarious. She thought dryly and folded the note back up and put it back in the box along with the jewel. Closing it she took the box and went to her room with a smile on her face, the events of tonight had been rather interesting to say the least … but she had to wonder, when will she be able to see Nathan again?


3 months later

Titan Tower, the Gym


"Azarath! Metrion! ZIN – oof!" Spell interrupted, when Robin's swift kick to her gut sent her flying back and skinning on the wooden floor. Gritting her teeth she sensed movement and looked up to see Robin had gone airborne and was coming down on her with a drop kick. Raven brought her arms up in time to shield herself and to grab his foot; twisting it she brought him down, and jumped away from him when he kicked up. Flipping back, Raven landed in a crouch and waited for Robin to approach, her leader got up and dusted off his shoulder, looking back at her, he smirked and pulled out his bo-staff.

Twirling it he stood in an offensive position, watching Raven for any sign of movement or intimidation, he was impressed when she stayed passive. For a minute they stood there thinking, calculating each move they would make, and when one of them was confident that they'd win the war. Robin charged, and swung his staff at Raven, "Hyah!"

Raven spun away and when Robin stabbed the staff at her, she moved her arms back and let the staff slip in between her elbows across the back. She tightened her hold and a startled Robin was sent for a ride when she flipped him off his feet, over her head, and slammed him on the ground. All while he still held his staff, and by the time he let it go he was bewildered and on the ground, while Raven twirled his staff and pointed it at his neck, demanding coldly, "Yield."

Robin looked up at her with a defiant glare, but he noticed something … she left her guard down. Smacking the staff away he spun and kicked her feet to throw her off balance, but he was only proven a fool when she jumped his move and with his own staff smacked his back and sent him rolling forward across the floor until he stopped. Lying on the ground once again bewildered, Raven came into view and again pointed the staff to his neck, "Yield."

"You tricked me?" Robin asked in astonishment.

Raven shrugged, "Seems like it. Yield."

Before Robin could say anything the door to the gym opened and Cyborg came in with a long white box, "Hey! Raven! You got a package."

Raven pulled the staff from Robin's neck and helped him up while asking, "Who's it from?"

"… Doesn't say, not even an address, it just says to Raven."

"Weird," Robin muttered in thought, Raven shot him a look and he pulled back with a nervous chuckle, "Heh, I didn't mean it like that –"

"I get it." Raven sneered and walked up to Cyborg after handing Robin back his staff, actually giving him advice, "You're swinging too wide, and you have to work on your footing. It was the only reason how I caught your staff to begin with."

Baffled that she was giving him advice, Robin stood there with his mouth hung open in disbelief as Raven took the package from Cyborg and left the room, Cyborg shot Robin a mocking grin, "She kicked your ass again, didn't she."

"No … I never said I yielded!" Robin defended with an irritated scowl.

Cyborg chuckled, "Yet, you never said you yield yet, but you watch, just wait and watch."


Within her room, Raven made sure it was locked as she walked to her bed and put the box on it, already knowing who it was from she took off the lid and shook her head at the bouquet of flowers that scented her entire room the moment the lid was off. Taking the bouquet out of the box and holding it, she sniffed a scarlet rose and glanced at her communicator when it went off. Putting the flowers down she walked up to it and answered the link, "Raven here, go ahead."

"She says in a business like tone, all the while staring longingly at the Scarlet Roses she had set down upon her bed."

Raven made a face as she leaned on her dresser, "I'm not even going to ask how you can be able to link to my specific line."

"What can I say, I'm talented that way."

"Frightening … truly frightening."

There was a chuckle on the other line and Raven could just imagine X's or Nathan's arrogant grin. Causing a sudden pang of longing in the pit of her heart … but she refused to think that way. She wasn't some love sick princess waiting on her prince charming to rescue her from such a lonely tower. Half sitting, half standing on her dresser, she glanced at the flowers on her bed and closed her eyes, imagining every expression on X's face as he spoke, "You have no idea how much this sucks being stranded across the pond."

"You're right …" Raven responded passively, "… I wouldn't know, I've been too busy on my side of the pond to think about you."

"Cold, Rae, real cold."

"That's what they all say … so what's the occasion, why are you calling?"

"I just wanted to see how you were doing … and if you got the roses."

"I'm fine, I got the flowers, I'm eternal grateful … now what?"

"Are you rushing me?"

"No …" Raven nervously glanced at her door and bit down on her lower lip and figured it was useless to lie, "… sort of … it's not what you think … I just don't want you to get caught again."

"Raven … I'm not an ordinary criminal, why do you doubt me?"

Raven huffed and ran her hand through her hair, pulling on the pony tail that held it out of her face to let it fall down her back. She leaned her elbow on her dresser and propped her chin in the palm of her hand, looking into the mirror trying so hard to imagine that X was in front of her, maybe then she'd stop worry so much. Or even better, maybe she'd stop feeling so cold without him, she was just frustrated, "I don't doubt you … I just worry, there's a difference."

"Maybe … but you should know me better. I can run circles around your teammates and still have enough energy to blow your mind."

"Crude, X," Raven sneered, trying to hide the blush that she knew was rising on her face, "but I wouldn't get too cocky, Robin can still match your little two step."

"Ha! Still taking the kid's side huh? I'm gonna have to change that one of these days … see ya soon."

Raven's blush and sneer dropped to a confused frown, blinking a couple of times allowing X's words to slowly process she finally asked, "Wha …?"

Before he could respond, their connection was severed when Robin's voice boomed over the intercom, "Raven! Report to the Ops Room for a meeting."

Raven looked back at her door and brought up her communicator, "X? X are you still there?"

No response, Raven flipped her communicator off and phased into the Ops Room. coming up beside Beast Boy the green changeling jumped over the couch in shock, obviously not expecting Raven's sudden arrival. Raven ignored him and walked up beside Robin then looked up at the computer screen to an important looking man with deep brown eyes that were supposedly supposed to intimidate people. To Raven, however they were just deep brown and compassionate, she glanced at Robin, "What's going on?"

"This is the head of the CIA, agent Frank Brace, and he wants to speak to you."

"Me?" Raven looked up at the screen to address him, "So … what's my importance here?"

The agent smiled, and Raven sensed mischief for some strange reason … but it was a familiar kind of mischief as he nodded in greeting, "Raven nice to meet you."

"I'm afraid the feeling can hardly be mutual … what's my importance to you?"

"To the point then, if your leader will allow it, I was wondering if you can work with an agent of mines going undercover in Japan to find a very deadly terrorist that apparently had escaped our clutches."

Raven narrowed her eyes suspiciously along with Robin, she crossed her arms over her chest and tilted her head, "And what is my significant in this mission?"

"The terrorist is a sort of magic wielder … and he's good with barriers. We need your help to scope him out and take him down. Of course your leader will be updated regularly on your progress."

Raven looked over at Robin and Raven shrugged with a shake of his head, "It's up to you Raven, you want to take the job? You have us as back up, you know that."

She stared at him … long and hard … not understanding why he couldn't sense that suspicious air about this "Frank Brace" why he couldn't see that there was something funny about him. How he couldn't see this guy had Red X written all over his face … maybe she was the only that could sense it because she knew X was in Japan, and she also knew that he had a partner in the CIA … and plus … she knew his kind of mischief. Standing straight she nodded at Robin and turned to Frank with a nod she answered, "When do you want me to leave?"

"ASAP, my agent will be waiting to pick you up at the airport in Tokyo, everything's been arranged, you don't have to worry about preparation, just pack your stuff and be at the airport in 30 minutes. Glad to have you on board Miss Raven."


Tokyo, Japan



The moment Raven checked out of the airport, she was greeted with the once familiar city of Tokyo … big, bright, and foreign. She sneered, Out of all the languages I'm fluent in … I have to come back to the one island that I have no clue what's being said … she thought and shrugged her bag on her shoulder as she went to the spot where the "agent" she was working with was supposed to be waiting for her. With her violet hair dyed pitch black, and styled in away that half of her hair covered her face. Her violet eyes turned a cold dark blue. She scanned the crowd for her "partner" and found a sign that read her undercover name: Uotani, Yuki.

Granted magic was a wonderful thing, she could make herself look perfectly Asian, the only thing she couldn't change was the aura that gave away she wasn't at all what she looked like. A cute Japanese girl with silky black hair, dark blue eyes, in a white open trench coat, a long sleeved black blouse in side, and jeans to complete her disguise. Raven headed for the board with her name on it, she was greeted by a young man with a charming smile, luminous hazel eyes, messy light brown hair, and a face that suggested he was the perfect melted pot with so many different nationalities. He winked at her and formally in Japanese he greeted her with a graceful low bow, "Konnichiwa. Boku wa Sohma desu. Onamea wa desu ka?"

Raven sneered and glanced around, scanning for danger, she sensed none and stepped up to the man and forced him back to his feet, he looked down at her in mock shock and she glared, "Cut the crap, X. What do you think you're doing?"

X chuckled and reached out a hand to cup her face, and Raven tried not to rejoice with his touch … only 3 months away from him and she never realized how much she missed him. Sighing as he leaned down to explain, "I just needed to have you all to myself."

"So this mission …" Raven looked up at him, "… is a fake?"

He grinned and snaked his arm around her waist to pull hr against him, "Just you and me, Rae."

"Just you …" Raven found herself trailing as he come closer for a kiss, "… and … me …"

For the past three months, Raven knew why she was so frustrated … because they were never able to finish what they started the night he left her and when he finally kissed after so long. They weren't just warm in each other's embrace … they were on fire and it took all their power to not cause such a big scene in the middle of a crowded place. Just cute, chaste kisses that was nothing to them at all, finally X pulled way and grabbed her suit case jerking his head to the exit he wrapped his arm over her shoulder and lead her out, "I better get started on my mission then."

Raven gave him a curious look, "What mission, I thought this was all a fluke?"

His grin returned full force, "Well, that one is … but my mission is something I'm sure we'll both enjoy."

"A night on the town? Are you serious?" Raven sneered playfully and rolled her eyes, "Please."

"Oh, that's child's play," X snickered, "what I have in mind is a little something more …" he leaned down and whispered lustfully in her ear, "I still have to hear you scream my name."

Raven shuttered, and titled her head slightly to get her hair to cover the shameful blush that rose on her face after hearing what he said. Feeling him kiss her forehead, Raven gulped and gritted her teeth, anxiety rose in her gut … but it was a good kind of anxiety, when he pulled away from her to put her suit case in the trunk of a limo. She watched him, and couldn't help to smirk when he glanced at her and winked again as he came over to her again. Opening the door for her to step in, she stopped beside him and said, "Hit me with your best shot …"




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