I saw you –

In the morning,

Illumined by the sunlight.

Dark hair flowing,

Embodiment of might.

So noble, so strong, so fair.

My heart cried out for you then,

But your heart did not hear.

I watched you –

All that evening,

Your words ringing in my ears.

You had spoken of your riding.

My eyes filled up with tears.

My heart cried out to ride with you,

For I loved you, still I truly do –

But you spoke of valor without honor,

Of the King and of my brother,

Still I did not yet then despair of reaching you.

I watched you –

Crushed in spirit

And no hope now remained.

And I hated you that moment

As I watched you ride away.

My heart cries out for death.

With false name, a helm, and a hobbit,

I ride forth to meet it.

For I love you still.

My only peace shall be

In oblivion

And death.

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