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This is set mostly after Buffy's second death, (episode 5.11) with this first, small, prologue type chapter takes place during the time frame of this episode but does not refer to it. It also assumes that Buffy's death would call a new fifteen year old Slayer. Once again it's short but think of it as the intro before the titles.

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Chapter 1


The girl stalked though corridor atrium, cursing, these were damned places, always open, the signs saying 'come on in' and 'everyone welcome' making this place like open season, all these drunken students, totally unaware of the danger everywhere around them.

They were more aware of her, she was only fifteen, but she looked closer to nineteen, she walked with careful purpose with her shoulders high and her entire aura oozed focus.

She walked further, into the dim light of a stairwell. She saw movement and stepped into the shadows so as not to be seen.

An intoxicated man stumbled towards her, she breathed in deeply. She couldn't smell booze, he was drugged up, which was exactly what she was looking for.

As she watched a vampire slid out the shadows and walked towards the man, who was so out of it he didn't even notice as the vampire's face slid out of human form. Well, actually, the idiotic guy did notice, he pointed at the creatures demonic visage and giggled.

The girl sighed heavily at the state of the guy and actually stood still for almost a heartbeat as the creature lunged, considering letting the monster eat the stoner.

That heartbeat was almost enough. The guys blunted sense of fear and slowed movements meant that the vamp' connected with his neck almost immediately.

"Dammit, stop hesitating Catie'!"

She kicked out at the vamp who pulled the druggie closer to himself and looked at her an eyebrow raised. He wasn't expecting a fight.


"Actually no... but it won't make that much difference to you, because you're going to be dead pretty soon. Drop the junkie and play."

The vampire threw the stoned, still giggling stoner to one side, where he bounced off a wall and slid onto his ass.

"So you're not a Slayer eh girly?"

"Not officially, no, I'm just a vigilante for now, but, I'm close enough."

"I imagine you'll still taste good."

"Well, yeah, I'm young, I'm supple and I'm not going to be killed by you. I'm going to kill you and then I'm going to find your middle man."

The vampire smirked, but the expression was swiftly wiped off his face as the girls left foot connected with his lower jaw and he was thrown against the wall. It stayed where it was for a second, shocked by the force behind the flow.

However he recovered quickly and he lunged at her. The fight was on.