Chapter 7

So, who are you?

Cate left the house early the next morning and headed up to Revello Drive to pick up Dawn and go into town.

She picked Dawn up and they walked into town chatting all the way, until they reached a store in town.

"The Magic Box?" Cate looked at Dawn for an explanation.

"It's a Wiccan supply shop. Giles, erm, Mr Giles, who used to be Buffy's Watcher before... he runs it and the gang hang out there a lot."

Dawn shoved the door to the store, setting the little bell above the door tinkling. Cate stepped in behind her and took the second silence to check out the small group arrayed around the little shop.

A small blond woman jiggled almost psychotically behind the dash register, one the opposite side of the counter was a tall, dark, man, with floppy, dark, hair and a wide ready grin that he turned full beam on Cate. Two young women, one blond haired, one a redhead, both studying books from an untidy pile, stacked on a circular table. They also smiled and the red haired girl offered the opening gambit.

"Hey Dawnie, who's your friend?"

"Hey, Will, this is..."

As she was about to answer the question, the connecting door to the training room swung open. Giles wandered in through the door, balancing a teacup in his right hand, which crashed to the floor as he first laid eyes on Dawns new friend.


Cate cut in quickly, not particularly wanting to be the subject of the older mans wide eyed staring, for a second longer.

"...Dead, yes she is, but I'm not and I'm here. I'm her oldest daughter Catlin. It's nice to finally meet you."

Dawn interrupted again. "This is Cate. Cate, this is Willow, Tara, Anya, Xander and Giles, you know." she indicated everyone in their turn. "How do you know Giles?" Her tone was confused.

"We just sort of know of each other don't we Mr Giles?"

"I...I...I knew her parents, a long time ago. Her mother was also a Slayer."

"Also?" Willow chimed in.

"It's a family thing. I'm just sorry I was too young to help your friend, but, hopefully I'm not to young now to slay unspeakable demons and hopefully I live long enough to drink here."

Willow smiled, remembering the time that Buffy had said the exact same phrase.

Xander butted in, attempting to move the topic off Cate's impending, nasty, pointy death, less then twelve minutes after meeting her, they should leave it at least that long.

"So, aside from being the new Slayer, who are ya?"

She grinned at him, appreciating the dodge, and deciding to run with it.

"Well, I'm English and the Slayer, to state the obvious, I killed my first vampire when I was thirteen. I'm a triplet, non-identical, I have a brother and a sister, Lex and Ellie. I'm a Wiccan, inherited from my mother, so this place will hopefully be useful and I play guitar, very badly, in my now extremely limited free time. I met Dawn, while we were both out hunting and we had the highly effective bonding experience of killing stuff together. She was good by the way."

"Yeah, we understand that, that's how we met Buffy." Willow said. She glanced at Giles, who was still standing, staring, wide eyed and useless at the girl.

"Well, Tara and I have to go to class now." She said this in heavy tones and stared hard at Xander and Anya and Xander managed to get the hint.

"Yeah, me and Anya have this 'thing to do and ooh, Dawn we need you to come too!"

Dawn raised an eyebrow "I really don't know if I want to be involved in any 'thing' that you guys decide to do, suddenly, in the middle of the day."

"Trust us Dawnie, it's not bad." He glanced at Cate "It was nice to meet you." He towed Dawn away, and Cate heard the promise of ice cream, later in the day.

"Yeah it was nice to meet you" Willow said cheerfully "Dawn I'll yell at you for going out hunting when we get home."

Dawn rolled her eyes and called out to Cate. "I'll cya at school tomorrow I'll meet you out front. Bye Giles."

"Thanks" Cate called at Dawn's retreating figure.

The older man did not offer an answer and after she was sure all the others had left, the new Slayer spoke, in slow measured tones.

"So, what do you want to talk about first, Mr Giles? The Mark of Igon, or any reasons you can come up with, why I shouldn't kill you where you stand?"