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Updated: 13 March 2011

Glass Butterflies

Chapter 1

"This is all your fault!" Elena cried out, irritated, and turned another box upside down above the recycling container. "Cleaning out the archive, just because you don't know when to stop."

"Me? Not a chance, woman." Reno growled, "You don't know when to quit."

"You kept making stupid remarks."

"Oh, weren't you the one who responding then?"

"No!" Elena snapped, and emptied another box with more violence than needed. Dull echoes resounded through the deserted sub-basement.

Reno's eyes widened, mockingly. "Then whatcha doing down here?"

"Humph." the blonde snorted, earning a grin from the redhead.

"Thought so."

A silence fell – as far as it could be called 'silence' with the regular 'thumps' of boxes full of old classified files being emptied into the container.

"It's still your fault." Elena muttered.

"Shut up will you."

"Look who's talking. Do you even know the definition of 'shut up'?"

"At least I know the definition of a 'love letter', and it's not the mushy nagging you wrote." he replied with a smug grin, which caused Elena to bristle.

"You had no right!" she cried out once again, threatening to repeat everything all over again.

"Hah!" he laughed, "You left it right out in the open. That's asking for trouble."

"You knew it was confidential! I don't pry in your private life either."

"How was I supposed to know before I read it?" Reno teased, and poked her in the arm. Which was rewarded by a fierce slap against his hand and a death glare.

"That still doesn't justify quoting it…" Elena hissed, and emptied another two boxes. She was about to put them down on the ground, but changed her mind and tossed one at Reno's head. "…right in front of Tseng!"

"He's clueless, you know." the redhead laughed as he effortlessly dodged the box, "It's about time he finds out. Aren't you growing restless of just… secretly fawning over him?"

Elena was about to shoot him another glare and yell at him, but just sighed as he raised an inquiring eyebrow at her. "Maybe… But I want to be the one who tells him, and I want to do it my way. The right way."

Reno gave her a bored look, shrugged, and nonchalantly tossed in some more files into the container.

"It's full." Elena noted blankly.

"No, it's not." the older Turk said, and swung his leg over the edge of the recycle container. Elena arched an eyebrow as he climbed into it, crushing the pages under his shoes, and began to stomp on it. Slowly, the paper mass began to sink to the bottom. "See?"

"Oh!" the blonde suddenly cried out, and grasped at her wrist. "No! It's gone. My bracelet! It must have fallen in. Reno, do you see it?"

"What? Ahh, that's like searching for a needle in a haystack!" he complained.

"Pleeease?" Elena pouted desperately, "It's got to be around there somewhere!"

"Fine, fine." the redhead muttered, and bent down to search through the scattered pages. Suddenly, with a loud 'thunk', everything went dark, followed by the sound of pins turning inside the lock. In a reflex, Reno jumped up, only to hit his head against the lid of the container. "What the hell? Elena?"

"Yes?" she asked in a exaggeratedly sweet tone.

"What do you think you're doing?"

"Taking revenge." she yelled, "For reading that letter, for quoting it, for not shutting up, for dodging that dictionary, for dodging that dictionary and causing Tseng to get hit by it, for being an annoying redhead, for getting both of us in trouble and making us do this stupid job, for existing and, and… and… everything!"

"…for… existing?" Reno echoed, "…what are you on?"

There was an agitated bang on the container's lid and Reno huddled up in reflex. "Come on Elena, let me out. It's really cramped in here."

"…Elena?…...Elena? …...…Elena, open this thing! This isn't funny any more! ...…...Elena…? I don't believe this." Irritated, he banged a fist against the metal imprisoning him. "…someone will come for me soon, right?"


Several hours later there still hadn't been a single soul down in the damp, melancholic sub-basement. Reno cursed Elena under his breath. He laid on his back in the paper, staring at the faint light that crept through the small slits in the lid and tried to ignore the growling of his stomach.

"Elena…" he muttered, glaring at the metal lid. "Get the hell back here or I swear I'll kill you…"

BANG! A sudden explosion of sound caused the redhead to jerk up, hitting his head against the unyielding metal.

"Ouch!" he cried out, along with some unintelligible curses, and grasped his head.

"Who's there?" a tenor voice inquired from somewhere across the room.

It took a second to register there was someone else in the sub-basement, before started banging on the metal walls. "Hey! Over here in the container! Get me out!"

When no reply came, Reno feared that whoever had been there had left. A silence filled his ears as he stopped hitting the container. "…are you still there?"

"Yeah, just a second." the voice answered from very close by. It struck Reno that he'd heard that voice somewhere before.

The key turned in the lock and the pins inside snapped out of place. His heart leaped with joy as he threw off the lid which slammed against the concrete wall behind it.

"Freedom!" Grateful, he wrapped his arms tightly around his astonished rescuer. "You're my life saviour!" Beyond himself with euphoria, he pressed his lips against the other man's forehead, "Now, if you don't mind, I have a certain blond Turk to kill."

With that, he dashed towards the door in fury, leaving behind a very confused vice-president whose face clearly read: "What. In. the. World?"