You asked and you begged and you know what happened? I started having ideas. IDEAS! And they wouldn't leave me. They would haunt me until I typed them down. And since they haunted me I just thought fair that they haunt you too. So the sequel to "First Day of Class" has been posted. Check my author's page. This will be my take on what would go different in Canon if Harry had not only been brought up by Sirius and Remus but have them at the school with him. Unfortunately due too the fact that I work and am also writing another series I won't be able to keep the once a week update for this story. I kind of feel obligated to give priority to the first series I posted but as the mere fact of this sequel being posted proves, inspiration will dictate which one I'll be writing most. Both will be finished. I hate authors that post, get you interested then abandon their fic, so I won't, unless something out of my control happens .I hope you enjoy and give me the very helpful feedback I have received before. It's always good to know what I am doing wrong. I may not be able to act or correct stuff right away but I always keep them in mind to do when I can and try to not make mistakes again. Also I've found that having a beta that is also Brazilian doesn't work all that well, so if any English native speakers want to offer to beta just let me know. But know that I will take time writing this so I can't have a beta that pressures me or I'll just end up writing anything out of pressure and I don't want to do that to the story.

Have fun!