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Robin I/Nightwing's Origin

Part 1

A nine-year-old with midnight black hair and bright royal blue eyes jumped the metal fence surrounding the visiting circus.

He quickly ran to the other side of the tents and all the way to the trailers just as the sun finished rising.

When he got to one of the farthest ones, he quickly looked around to make sure no one was there. He carefully slid open the window and jumped into the trailer, landing silently on the floor below.

He slid the window back down and silently moved toward the closest door.

As he entered the room, he checked the small digital clock on the nightstand next to the bed.

5:45 AM.

He quickly stripped down to his boxers and slid into the bed just before he heard the door next door open.

He closed his eyes and evened his breathing as someone knocked on his door. They knocked again before opening it.

He heard soft footsteps moving toward his bed.

"Hey Dick," He heard his father say softly as he moved closer, "It's time to get up, buddy."

He felt his dads' hand shaking his shoulder slightly. He let him shake him a little more before pretending to wake up groggily.

"Five more minutes, dad." Dick muttered before turning slightly.

His dad smirked slightly.

He was a tall man, about 6'2" with the same midnight black hair as his son and soft brown eyes. He also had a small mustache that he kept neat and trimmed.

"Sorry son," Dicks' dad said with a slight shake of his head, "Today's a big day. You gotta get up for breakfast and an early practice before Mr. Wayne comes."

Dick gave a short groan before starting to get up.

"Breakfast'll be ready in a half hour," His dad told him as he grabbed his dark green uniform, "You should be ready by then."

"Kay dad." Dick called over his shoulder as he left his room and went to the bathroom.

He came out a half hour later in his dark green circus tights and walked to the small kitchen.

"How long are we going to be in the circus anyway?" He asked his dad as he took a seat next to him.

"We only just joined four months ago, Dick." His mother told him as she set a plate of bacon and eggs in front of him.

She was a beautiful woman with blonde hair and royal blue eyes. She was about 5'10" and always had a bright smile on her face.

"Yeah," Dick said while looking down at his uniform, "But four months ago all I had to wear anywhere was jeans and a t-shirt, not tights that give me a wedgie if I sit the wrong way."

"Trust me son," His dad told him with a knowing look, "I know exactly what you mean, but it's better than living in Rockwell. Less danger, more money, and a chance to see the world."

Dick looked at his dad as if he was crazy.

"Just eat your breakfast." His dad told him before he started eating his.

Dick sighed and did as his dad told him.

After he finished he headed outside to start practicing.

He started performing a few back flips until he reached the closest tent. When he entered he saw a bunch of clowns jumping on a trampoline.

"Mind if I join?" He asked with a grin.

They jumped off the trampoline and waited to the side.

Dick ran at the trampoline and flipped onto it before starting to perform a few tricks on it.

After he performed a triple back flip, he saw the clowns pull out a bunch of whip cream pies.

He smirked.

"Better luck tomorrow guys." He called over his shoulder an hour later as he left the tent. The clowns just honked their horns and waved at him before starting to wipe the whip cream off themselves.

As he made his way to the lions he heard someone running up behind him.

When the person jumped, he sidestepped and turned, his arms out and prepared to catch the person.

He did.

It was a little girl, about seven-years-old, with jet black hair and light brown eyes.

"How do you do that?" The girl demanded as he set her down.

"Practice, Miranda," Dick told her with a confident smile and a sparkle in his royal blue eyes, "Practice."

"I can't believe you didn't get caught last night," Miranda said in disbelief as they made their way to the big top, "I seriously thought you would be, Dickie."

"I never get caught," Dick told her as he stopped and looked down at her. Suddenly the sparkle in his eyes was gone and he glared at her, "And don't call me Dickie."

She nodded.

When they got to the big top and looked up, they saw Dicks' parents on the trapeze.

"Better get some practice in before Mr. I'm-a-billionaire-so-I-get-to-do-whatever-I-want shows up." Dick said as he climbed the ladder to the trapeze.

They practiced their act for two hours before finally taking a break.

"Why don't you go relax, Dick," His mom told him, "That way you can have some fun before Mr. Wayne comes."

"Kay mom," Dick said with a smile, "I'll see ya later."

He walked out of the big top and back towards the trailers when he was suddenly pulled up from the ground.

"C'mon Sitka," Dick said to the elephant holding him up while chuckling, "Put me down. C'mon buddy. Put me down."

The elephant shook him up and down a bit before finally letting him down.

"Good boy." Dick said gently stroking the elephant's trunk.

Suddenly, the door to a nearby trailer opened to reveal a tall man with black hair and dark brown eyes being pushed out.

The man that pushed him was a large round man with brown hair, combed to the side.

"You heard me," The large man said as he pushed him down the stairs angrily, "Get out! I run an honest business here! I don't pay two bit hoods protection money!"

"Fine," The other man said slickly while he started to walk backwards, not noticing Dick, "I tried to be reasonable, Mr. Haley. Your gonna regret the day you threw me out. You better remember the name Tony Zucco cause your gonna be calling me and soon."

Mr. Haley just slammed his trailer door.

Zucco still hadn't noticed Dick, so he didn't notice when Dick put his foot out and tripped Zucco. Zucco immediately fell to the ground, the back of his dark blue blazer now covered in dirt.

Dick smiled as Zucco glared at him.

"Watch it kid," Zucco warned as he got back to his feet, "You'll be first."

Dick just shook his head in disbelief as Zucco walked away.

"He can't do anything." Dick said to Sitka, "I'll see ya later."

As he walked back towards the tents he saw someone, from the corner of his eye, in a dark blue suit coming around one of them and towards him.

When the tall man was about to tap him on the shoulder, Dick grabbed his hand and flipped him to the ground in front of him and put his hand to the mans throat, all in a matter of seconds.

When he looked into a pair of royal blue eyes instead of dark brown ones, he immediately let the man go.

"Sorry," He said as he helped the man up, "Thought you were someone else."

"No problem," The man told him as he brushed himself off, "How'd you do that?"

"I grew up in Rockwell," Dick told him, "I could beat up guys three times my size by the time I was four. Trust me, what I did to you was nothing."

The man looked slightly shocked at Dick's words but quickly got over it.

"I'm Bruce Wayne," He introduced himself to Dick.

"Dick Grayson," Dick answered shaking his hand, "C'mon, I'll bring you to Mr. Haley."

He took Bruce back to the trailer Tony Zucco had been kicked out of and knocked on the door.

"I said-" Mr. Haley said as he opened the door but stopped when he saw Dick and Bruce, "Oh, sorry Dick, Mr. Wayne. I thought it was someone else."

"It's okay Mr. Haley," Dick said as he stepped back onto the ground, "I'll see you two in the big top."

He walked back to the big top casually and saw his parents waiting outside.

"What's up?" He asked looking into the tent.

"They need to reinforce the ropes," His dad told him with a smile, "It'll only be a few more minutes."

Dick nodded and waited with his family, outside the tent.

Five minutes later a group of guys came out of the tent and gave them the okay.

When they went through the tent entrance, Dick saw a tall guy making his way out of the tent.

He was slumping a little to hide his height, his face was down, and his cap was held low over his face.

As he walked past the Graysons, Dick saw a confident smirk plastered on the mans face.

"C'mon Dick," His dad said, pulling his attention away from the tailing rope worker, "It's Showtime."

"But that guy-" Dick started to warn them but was cut off by Mr. Haley as he entered the tent with Mr. Wayne.

"These are the Flying Graysons, Mr. Wayne," He said introducing Bruce to the family, "They'll be the main act."

"It's nice to meet you all," Bruce said, shaking Mr. Graysons' hand, "I can't wait to see your act."

"Trust me," Dicks' dad said, "You'll love it."

They climbed up the ladder and onto the stand.

Dicks' dad started the routine before Dick joined in.

As they were flipping through the air Mr. Haley and Mr. Wayne were watching from the ground.

"Dick's a pretty strong kid," Bruce commented as he watched Dick grab hold of his dad.

"He's a tough one," Mr. Haley said with a smile, "But he's a good kid. He really cares about his parents."

"How'd his family end up here?" Bruce asked curiously, "He told me he grew up in Rockwell."

"He did," Mr. Haley told him, "They just joined up four months ago when we stopped by there. His dad wanted a better life for his family and asked if they could try out. We hadn't had a trapeze act in a while. Once I saw them all up there, I hired them, no questions asked.

"Dick's more of a street kid then a circus one though. He blends real well here, but I can tell it's not home to him. I remember, first day he joined, he challenged our strong man to an arm wrestling match. Beat him every time."

"So, I'm guessing he's seen some pretty bad things?" Bruce asked curiously.

"More than any nine-year-old boy should see," Mr. Haley said sadly, "It's one of the reasons his dad wanted to get away from there."

"You can take the boy away from the street," Bruce said as he watched Dick land next to his mother, "But you can't take the street out of the boy."

"Ain't it the truth." Mr. Haley said with a nod.

As Dicks' mom grabbed onto his dads hands, Dick couldn't help but think back to what he had only seen less than fifteen minutes before.

Finally he turned his gaze back to his parents just as he saw the flaw.

The rope was breaking on the last trapeze wire.

"Dad! No!" He called out to his dad, but was too late.

As his father caught hold of his mother the rope broke and they fell, and as they fell, so did Dick Graysons' entire world.

Once they hit the ground, Dick jumped from the landing until he landed safely on the ground and took off to where their bodies lay.

Once he saw them he collapsed to his knees and his royal blue eyes turned gray.

Dick Graysons' parents were dead.

Dick Grayson was dead.

"Call the police." Bruce told Mr. Haley as he came out of his shock, "Now."

Mr. Haley was still shocked for a moment, before he finally got up and ran out of the tent.

Bruce walked over to where Dick was sitting.

"I'm sorry Dick." He said softly as he looked down at the boy.

His shoulders were shaking, but not from tears. From anger.

He looked up and Bruce was shocked to see the change in the boys' eye color.

There were no tears, just anger, and a silent promise.

A promise to make sure what happened to him, never happened to anyone again. Not as long as he could help it.

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