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Dick Grayson sat quietly outside of Bruce Wayne's office, waiting for his guardian to come out of the meeting he was currently in.

He sighed and slumped in his chair. Boredom had set in after the first five minutes. Then again, life as Dick Grayson was far different from how it was as Robin, the Boy Wonder. He preferred the latter to the former.

The doors to Bruce's office finally opened and Bruce stepped out along with his colleagues, flashing them his best fake smile as he said goodbye. His mind was on something else entirely.

"Let's go, Dick," he ordered the ten-year-old as he walked past the boys' seat.

"What's in the folder?" Dick asked his guardian, his eyes on the manila folder that was tucked under the older man's arm.

"You'll find out when we get home. Come on." They stepped out of the elevator when the doors opened and walked out into the damp city, straight to the car awaiting them outside.

Alfred, who had been waiting patiently by the back door, opened it once he spotted the duo leaving the large building and closed it once they entered the car.

The ride to Wayne Manor was silent as Dick stared out of the tinted windows and watched the rain splatter against and trail down the glass.

From his place in the drivers' seat, Alfred glanced back at the young boy and his employer. He smiled, knowing that what was in that folder was going to be good for both of them.

They arrived at Wayne Manor and Bruce nudged Dick into his office. Dick sat in the empty seat across from his guardian's desk and patiently waited to find out what he wanted.

Bruce opened the folder and slipped the papers across the table so Dick could see them.

"I know it's been almost a year since your parents died, Dick," Bruce started explaining as the ten-year-old picked up the important documents. "You've been doing very well in your training, in school, and you have a lot of potential… As you can see, those are…adoption papers."

"You want to adopt me…?" Dick whispered in disbelief.

"Yes. There are a few things that I'd like to discuss with you, though. Like…lineage, for one." Dick immediately looked up at him from behind his dark shades. "If you agree, on my adopting you, then I also want you to verbally agree to eventually take over for me as head of Wayne Enterprises and Batman. To train to-"

"To be you," Dick angrily growled out, dropping the papers to the floor. "Well guess what? I won't. I'll never be you." He stood and walked to the door, opening it he said, "I'm not a Wayne, I'm a Grayson. Money's not my business and neither are Bats."

Bruce sighed as he sat back and watched him storm off.

Dick went up to his room and kicked his dresser upon entering. He was so confused.

A part of him did want Bruce to adopt him. To be a part of some type of family again. But it felt as though he would betray his parents in doing so.

Not to mention that Bruce also wanted him to take over for him. He wanted him to be the next Batman!

Could he do it?

He shook his head and grabbed his backpack. Opening it up, he dumped its contents to the floor before throwing in a few clothes. He grabbed his wallet from his desk and opened the window to his room.

He needed to get out of there and clear his head for a while. After jumping to the tree by his window he carefully climbed down and started walking down the long driveway. He kept walking all afternoon and into the night. Soon he was out of Gotham City and didn't stop.

After a day, he finally did and stopped in an alley. He climbed up a fire escape and onto a rooftop before settling down for a few hours of sleep, using his backpack as a pillow. Waking up the next morning he stretched before lying back down and staring up at the cloudy sky.

"Where the hell am I going?" he whispered to himself just before his stomach started growling. "I guess a diner."

Back in Gotham, Bruce sat in front of the Bat-computer working on filing the latest would-be criminals he had captured the night before.

"I can't believe you haven't called the police," Clark spoke from behind him. "He's been missing for over twenty-four hours and-"

"He'll be fine, Clark. He can take care of himself," Bruce grunted.

"I know you can't tell him how much you care, Bruce, but you can at least show him by trying to find him."

"He obviously just wants to be alone right now. He'll come back when he's ready to. Besides, I'm not sure if it'd be a good thing for him to be here at the moment."


"Because his parent's killer is on the loose. The first time we caught him, he really didn't do anything. If he found him on his own this time…"

"I'm sure he wouldn't try to kill him. Besides, from what I've heard he was the one who found Tony Zucco the first time." Clark grinned when Bruce finally turned back and glared at him.

"Are you here to complain about my lack of parenting skills, gloat about the fact that a child was able to find a criminal before I could, or actually help me find that child's killer?" Bruce boomed.

Clark just tilted his head to the side and raised an eyebrow. "Since you're pointing out your faults yourself, I'll go with the latter."

"Smart move. Now, do you hear anything?"

"…No," Clark said, shaking his head. "There are a lot of rapid heartbeats in the city, but it's best I don't go into detail about why. He's not speaking, and as far as I can tell his breathing is normal," Clark informed him. "I could take a run around the city-"

"Don't bother," Bruce cut him off, turning back to his computer. "That was all I wanted to know."

Days later Dick stared up at the beaten old house he had spent eight years in.

"DickieDickie Grayson?"

Dick rolled his eyes as he heard the squeaky voice of one of his old neighbors. He looked next to the house by his old one to see a little boy around his age, sticking his head out of the window from the fourth floor and looking down at him.

"Get back in there Bobby, unless you want to go walking around without a head," Dick called out before walking up to the door of his old home and opening it easily.

Thick smoke filled the room and he could see shadows of people inside. He rolled his eyes when he heard moaning before he closed the door and walking away from the building.

"What the hell are you doing back here?" he heard Bobby's voice again, this time much closer to him. Then the brown-haired boy laughed as he lightly tugged on Dick's shirt while saying, "And you're dressed in brand new clothes too! Man, you're lucky you weren't shot and stripped on your way in."

"You remembered me. What makes you think no one else here does?" Dick replied.

"Yeah, but there are a bunch of new guys on the block, Dick, and lets face it: you haven't been in Rockwell for what? Two years. Things change, man. And judging by your clothes it looked like you changed a lot."

"How do you know I didn't steal them from anyone?" Dick shot back. "You don't know what I've been through-"

"You kidding me? You're lucky compared to the rest of us out here who all know what happened to you! You got lucky enough to have some rich guy adopt you!"

"He hasn't adopted me. You make it seem like spending time up there is great! Compared to here it's-"

"Heaven! Do you know how many people would love to be in your shoes right now? Of course, they'd have to try and keep their fingers from slipping into any pockets or purses, but to have someone care about you enough to take you in, knowing what's happened to you. That's special.

"What are you doing here, Dick? You got all that good stuff up for back in Gotham, and you're back here."

Dick looked down at the ground for a little while before saying. "I came to get you out of here, Bobby."

The other boy looked confused. "You said it yourself; down here you can only dream of living well. I want to give you that chance. It's not like there's anything that's keeping you here, so at least leave Rockwell with me and find somewhere else to go."

Bobby laughed and smiled before turning his back on Dick and running back into his apartment. He came back out fifteen minutes later with an old bag in hand.

"What are we waiting for? The faster we leave the better!" he divulged, walking past Dick and starting down the road.

"So my parent's place turned into a whore house, huh?"

"Yeah, pretty much. Happened about two weeks after you guys left."

"What happened to Jason?"

"Don't know. Either left or died, but I never saw him again."

A few days later, Dick walked back into Gotham City. Talking to Bobby had helped, and he helped his old neighbor in return by giving him enough money for a train ticket, some food, and a few new clothes before they went their spate ways.

Bobby was right. He didn't belong back in Rockwell because he wasn't the same person who had left there. And he was lucky to have Bruce and to have the opportunity to help people as Robin. It wasn't only something he wanted, but needed.

When his foot touched down on some kind of paper below, he looked down to see it was the front page of the Gotham Gazette. He stared at the headline as if he was hypnotized.

Slowly, he started walking again, straight to a newspaper stand. He popped a quarter into the slot, opened the plastic door and pulled a brand new issue of the Gotham Gazette out and read the headline.

Family Killed – Little Girl Only Survivor

By Sandy Summers

When Anthony "Tony" Zucco escaped Blackgate, he was missing for days. Now he's finally been caught, but at a price. Michael and Lily Anders were shot dead as Tony Zucco tried to steal their car. In the back happened to be their daughter, Korina (pictured below). The Police were able to stop him before he could kill her, but they were too late as her parents were already dead at the scene of the crime.

If you all can remember, a year ago to the day, Tony Zucco also tampered with the high-wires of the Flying Graysons, which resulted in the killing Richard John Grayson's parents. It is also believed he had killed the owner of the circus that they had worked at.

Currently, Anthony Zucco is in Blackgate and charged with the murder of John and Mary Grayson, and will also be charged with the murder of Michael and Lily Anders in the next few days.

Dick balled the newspaper up in his hands. He couldn't believe it! Zucco had gotten out and, because he wasn't there to help, he'd killed again.

That girl lost her parents because of him. It was his fault again. He hadn't told his parents about seeing Zucco leave the tent and now he had been so selfish in trying to figure out why he should allow Bruce to adopt him, he had left his city and his mentor without the help it needed.

Slowly, he uncurled the paper and looked down at the picture of the girl. It was obviously a school photo because she definitely wouldn't be smiling after what had just happened.

"I'm sorry," he whispered honestly and solemnly.

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