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---------------------------------Chapter 1-----------------------------------

"ASHIYA! ASHIYA, GET UP! We're gonna be late for school!" yelled Sano as he shook said person out of their slumber.

"…eeeehhh? Nanji desu ka?" squeaked Mizuki quietly, still trying to rub the sleep from "his" eyes.

"ASHIYA, IT'S 7:30. We need to be at breakfast to check in with Nanba by 7:40, so get your ass in gear!" yelled Sano, grabbing "his" uniform out of the closet and throwing it at "him."

"GAH!" yelled Mizuki as "he" caught it and ran to the bathroom, now thoroughly alert of the surroundings and the time. All Sano could hear were crashing noises and random squeaks coming from the bathroom. He needed to tell her soon. He was losing control.

And he started to count down as he gathered Mizuki's schoolbooks.


Shirt on.












Wash face.


Brush hair.


Brush teeth.



"I'm done, Sano! Let's… Hey thanks for getting my stuff!" She smiled up at him, unaware still of what effect she had on his thinking.

Sano lightly konked her on the head.

"We need to hurry. We have about 9 minutes to get our asses all the way across campus to the dining hall."

"ALL RIGHT! RUN!" yelled Mizuki, as she sped out of the room.

Sano stood there for a second, forgetting how fast she was, before grinning and running after her. He never did catch up with her. He doubted he ever would. She'd have to let him…

---------------------------------Dining Hall----------------------------------

As the two "boys" came in, Nanba couldn't help but smile. They had exactly 14 seconds to get to him. Across a bustling dining hall.

Count down once more.


They jumped over a table.


Another table.


Stopped by Nakatsu.


Nakatsu flung away to land in the trash can.


Weaving through countless clueless male students.


Stopped by Nakao, who wants a note given to Nanba.

"Ugh... 8..."

Note taken in desperation before running again.


Halfway across the dining hall.


DUN. DUN. DUUUUNNNNNN! The breakfast line blocked their way.


No movement.


No movement, again.




Running full speed towards Nanba.


One table away...

"0! YOU'RE LATE! You two dopes have detention after school today! If you're not at the dorm by 3:30, I'll double it, got that?" said Nanba smiling happily.

Sano was pissed the entire day, and Mizuki actually cracked the wall, before returning to her happy smile when she saw okonomiyaki was the breakfast special. However, this changed when Sekime asked her what they were doing after school. Those karate lessons from Kujou weren't for nothing, as the poor innocent wall discovered. Nakatsu, Noe, Sekime, and even Kayashima were too afraid to go anywhere near them.

As said by Kayashima, "Th-they have the auras of killers..."

As the two rushed back to the dorm after school, Mizuki asked a very good question.

"What do we have to do for detention?"

Sano looked at her for a moment before telling her.

"Well... usually we clean the unused rooms in the dorm... although they're already really clean..." he said with disgust.

"Oh... that's it, huh?" she replied happily, smiling with her big brown eyes. Sano couldn't believe everyone around her was so stupid as not to notice.

'She screams "I'M A GIRL!" in whatever the heck she does. How the hell am I the only one to notice...'

When they went to see Nanba, indeed, they were told to clean all of the empty rooms, and to spend a good hour on each one at the least. Which meant 6 hours of work.

And then Sano thought of something which quite made his day.

'I'm the only one who knows, and I get to spend 6 hours alone with Mizuki...'

And he smiled his devilish smile.


Nanji desu ka? – What time is it?

Okonomiyaki – some people compare it to being kind of like a Japanese pizza.

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