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Could Do Without

He's just a jerk.

A very attractive jerk.

With horrible fashion sense.

And pale creamy skin.

And he never says more than five words at a time.

And his gorgeous eyes always shine.

And his brooding could put even Cloud to shame.

But you have to admit, his smirk is pretty hot.

Uh, he has halitosis.

Could do without.


Stupid snow, I hate you. I hate you too, storm clouds. Don't think I forgot about you either, frozen lake. I hate you all. Except you, Sun. You melt all the ice away and you've got the Great Ninja Yuffie Kisaragi on your side. Gawd, why am I sent to Icicle town? The smallest one, the one that can produce the least body heat, the Wutain. Sometimes, I think Reeve is out to get me. Maybe he found out it was me who dressed Cait Sith up as a porn star… No! My plan was fool proof! All the evidence I planted was pointing to Cid! So then, why me? Oh Leviathan, why do you hurt me so? I'm not going to be the least bit happy when they find Vince. Why? Because he thinks he can pull this stuff all the time. Prick. Then, when we're on the plane, I'll just be like, hey Vince, and act like I hadn't even noticed he was gone. Oh yeah, that'll show him. I'll just have to be real smooth and pretend I haven't been searching like crazy, freezing my ass off and pulling my hair out worrying about him.

Gawd, I hate when my phone goes on vibrate.


"We found him."


"Yuffie? Are you alright?"


Could do without.


He's alright.

When he's not thinking about his dead chick.

Who's in the head of a younger chick.

That's supposed to be an older chick, but due to large amounts of mako,

Is still a younger chick.

Actually he's more than alright; he's close to perfect… except for the demons and all.

But… that can be fixed… right?

Vince Valentine, definitely something I couldn't do without, even if I tried.

Could do without? I think not.