The Way Things Happened

Summery: A missing scene in ROTJ: How Luke got captured by the Empire on Endor.

Luke ran out of the Ewok village, into the darkness of the night, leaving Leia alone on the bridge.

When Luke was growing up, he'd always thought that he was stupid, and still, throughout his years of service in the ranks of the Alliance, he'd done so many stupid things that he'd lost count of them all! But this was the most stupid thing that he'd ever done! Never in his wildest dreams had Luke ever thought that he would actually go looking for the Empire. Especially if it was to find his father (who happened to be the most feared person in the entire galaxy,) and see if he could try to turn him away from the Dark Side that he'd been serving for twenty years!

Luke knew this was stupid, and he was still doing it. He'd done a lot of stupid things on purpose.

Like when Han and Luke had saved Leia from the first Death Star, when he'd gone to Bespin, knowing it was a trap, when he'd gone to Imperial Center to save Leia again! But every one of those plans had worked! Just not the exact way he had planed.

Bespin had definitely not happened the way he'd planed it to happen! But everyone did escape imperial custody in the end. And when they'd rescued Leia that second time back on Imperial Center, they had followed a plan that Han would be proud of; get on the planet, sneak into Xizor's palace, find Leia and escape, blowing up the palace in the process. But after all that, Luke still felt that none of those things had been as stupid as this.

"Where are the Imperials?" Luke muttered impatiently.

He'd been running for what seemed like thirty minutes, and he hadn't seen so much as one trooper! How was this (stupid) plan going to work if he couldn't even find the Imps?

"Come on, idiots! I can't wait forever!"


Luke heart jumped. He'd found them?

Luke slowly turned around to see how many he'd managed to find. There were five troops, and an Imperial Walker. The walker wasn't turned on at the moment, or Luke would have heard it.

"Don't move," an officer said, walking up behind the troopers.

"Where have you guys been?" Luke asked in an exasperated tone. "I've been looking everywhere for you people!"

The troopers and the officer exchanged confused glances. What kind of rebel was this?

"Come here," the officer said, mostly to see what the rebel would do.

"Sure." The rebel was talking and acting so casual! Why was he acting this way? Was it some plan that he had in mind?

After the rebel moved into the light, everyone gasped.

"It's Luke Skywalker!" one of the troopers exclaimed.

"What's a rebel of his stature doing here?"

"Why boys, I'm flattered, really," Luke said.

The officer regained his composure. "Troopers, take cuff Skywalker, we have orders to take him to Lord Vader."

Luke walked next to the troopers with a humorous smile on his face. This, of course, just confused the officer and the troopers.

"Didn't you hear him?" Luke said indignantly, stomping his foot in a childish manner. "Cuff me and take me to Vader!"

"Uh… right."

After being cuffed, Luke was taken to the walker, and the walker was started up. While the walker transported them, the troopers eyed Luke curiously as he casually sat down on one of the chairs.

"Did… did you really go one-on-one with Lord Vader?" one of the troopers asked.

"Yeah!" Luke nearly laughed, as if remembering something really funny. "That was really stupid of me! But I do a lot of stupid things."

"We can see that!" another trooper exclaimed.

"How did you do it?" a third one asked.

So while Luke was being taken to Vader, he relayed the story of his dual to the troopers, and he continued telling the story as far as going to Jabba the Hutts' place to rescue Han while they were going up an elevator.

Then the elevator stopped and the officer said that Vader was waiting for them at the other end.

"Well boys, it's been real fun!" Luke said. "We should do this again some time! I never told you about the time I took on a Wampa back on Hoth!"

At that point, the elevator doors opened, and Luke struggled to maintain a straight face as he walked toward his father.

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